4 AM Lifestyle: Benefits of getting up early

Throughout your life, you were advised to get up early in the morning, to be specific, to get up at 4 am. You were merely told to do that and never the reasons. There are numerous benefits of setting up a 4 am routine that you were never told or weren’t aware of.

Let’s see how a simple act (yes, it is simple once you get the hang of it) of waking up at 4 am helps you to become the best version of yourself!

First, check the number of hours you’re supposed to sleep according to your age here.


This has to be the most important thing for the majority of people. At an early hour, you’d get a good dose of peace as your family and most probably the whole neighborhood is asleep. This is your “me” time as there are no distractions and you are all by yourself.

This “me” time is so underrated, in my opinion. Because that’s the time when the whole world is silent and you can hear your own voice, which is way too important these days, as the population keeps advising you what you should do with your life or with your time.


Startup ideas

We all have goals in our lives and we all want to make it happen, and in order to achieve that goal of ours, we need a plan, a strategy. Use this peaceful period to sketch a plan for the day which will help you to realize your goal.

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The key is to be thoughtful while preparing a plan because you want to make sure that you prioritize things that actually matter. You should be willing to drop the unnecessary tasks, tasks that won’t help you to achieve your dream, and then prioritize things throughout your day. Just know the fact that there can’t be two top priorities, so plan accordingly. Just remember it’s not about focusing on one thing the whole day but getting rid of all the energy-draining habits that hinder your progress.


This is literally a life hack; you meditate for a few minutes in the morning and you get to see how your world changes right in front of your eyes. A mindful session of a few minutes can be, and is, life-changing. Successful people can’t stress enough how helpful early morning meditation is.


If you wake up early in the morning and meditate, you make that day much more manageable and can cruise through all your difficulties. Meditation combined with breathing exercises can help you in actualizing your potential. The pure/fresh air in the morning helps you with your health as well.


Exercising early in the morning can be the greatest favor you can do for yourself. A session of exercise will help you physically which directly affects your emotional state, which leads to a better day. It’s not supposed to be an intense one, though, a normal workout helps as well.


Exercising leads to greater energy levels, increased alertness, better focus, improved sleep, and many other benefits as well. It is also said to help you with your medical conditions such as blood glucose control and blood pressure management.[1]


You can get your best work done at this godly hour. This is the time with minimal to no distractions as everyone’s just asleep and it’s just you with your creative brain. There are a number of successful people who wake up early just for that sole reason, no wonder they’re amongst the 1 percent.

The amount of work you can get done is just unbelievable and to your surprise, the quality of the work is only good if not, better. You have to experience that magical moment for yourself and once you get the feel of it, you won’t be going back to your old routine no matter how easy and comfortable it was.

Religious take

In Hinduism, this time is referred to as “Brahma Muhurta” which is considered as the “time of the creator” or the “Creator’s hour” and is supposed to be a very important period for prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Meditating at this time improves mental performance and subdues mental irritation, hyperactivity, and lethargy.


At the time of Brahma Muhurta, the atmosphere is filled with high levels of Prana Shakti (vital life energy) which is required by the body and also the cheerful atmosphere has a good effect on the mind and the body. Waking up at Brahma Muhurta will help you with obesity, depression, insomnia, diabetes, and heart ailments. It also helps to develop a certain mental clarity that can’t be achieved at any other time of the day. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by waking up at Brahma Muhurta and following all the above steps.[2]

How to set up a habit

1. Don’t rush yourself to wake up at 4 am right from day one, as it won’t happen and you’re bound to give up easily. Instead, start with waking up 15-20 mins earlier than your usual time. Eventually, you’ll reach the 4 am mark. You should be flexible with the routine, you don’t have to be perfect from day one and make a perfect plan, as there is none. Just figure out what works for you and then try to execute it.

2. Do not hit the snooze button! You do that and you’re already back to your old ways. Here’s what you should do instead, wake up right away and start walking for a bit or any body movement will do the trick, it doesn’t need to be intense, though. And if you’re skeptical about your discipline, just place your alarm clock far from where you sleep, once the alarm starts ringing, you’ll be forced to walk to shut it off. Again, DO NOT HIT THAT SNOOZE BUTTON!

3. Sleep earlier as it’ll only cater to the habit. If you don’t sleep early and still wake up early, eventually you’ll drop one of the habits and most probably, the latter. You don’t have to scroll through your phone as if you were programmed to do that, there’s no need! Don’t give in to the urge, you’re supposed to be the master of your devices, not the other way around. Don’t completely quit it, just find a way to make it work for you.

4. You can also initiate the process from the night before. You should set up all the things in such a place which will make your early mornings easy. You’re more likely to follow the routine if it’s easy.

How do I know if I am a morning person or not?

If you’re a “night owl” and get your work done during the night, then it’s perfect for you. You should not change that, because if you force yourself to wake up early being a night owl, you’ll be prone to weight gain, diabetes, and heart diseases. But, if you’re not sure then you should give this routine a try. The ability to wake up early in the morning is hard-wired into us, you can read about it here.


You can watch all those motivational videos of getting up and conquering your day, but it won’t happen until you make those decisions for yourself. You can, of course, borrow some things from people’s routines, but if you don’t share the same goal with them, it probably won’t work for you in the long run. Make your own way, understand yourself better and then make a plan according to your needs. Your greater, stronger, confident, focused, and successful self is waiting for you in the future, make sure you follow the path to meet them.

Make it happen! Good luck!

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