Alert OSM Techno 32$ Jhingalala Scam Exposed

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. has migrated their old plan to a so-called international business plan from Dec 1 by the name OSM Techno where people can earn money in dollars.

In my previous blog, I had covered how Osmose Technology is making crores of money from Multi-Level-Marketing plan by their so-called Professional IT services. If you haven’t read that blog, you may not understand some of the points I am about to write here. In this blog, we will totally focus on their new website, Dollar plan, and an Imaginary office in Dubai in detail.

christmas- santa clause

Are you wondering why I named this title as Xmas special 32$ Jhingalala scam? Well, we are in December month now and Christmas is near and these Scammers have moved their earlier plan from Rupees to Dollar and they are calling this an “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS” by the name of OSM Software Solutions. Everything seems like “ALL IS WELL” but it isn’t. Still curious about Jhingalala? Then google it. They have migrated almost all the users to except those who were new users and haven’t earned up to 2400 Rupees will stay in the old website

osmose website migration whatsapp notification
Osmose website migration WhatsApp notification

Here in this part about migration, I will not go in deep. Instead, I am adding an image of their WhatsApp notification (you can see it above) and audio (Hindi) below which you can listen to yourself. He might be one of their member or team leader or company representative. Listen to every word he says carefully.

Audio about their new International Plan (WhatsApp)

At 11:30 minutes you can hear that he says people should share their earning proofs by which others will automatically join their MLM scheme. Yes, there’s a reason for that, you can see that in the below images. I have got this from one of my friends who is not a part of this scheme, but his other Facebook friend had shared these two pics about her monthly income.

Now, after looking at that amount above who will refuse to join this kind of plan isn’t it? for earning easy money. But that’s how MLM works, here not everyone is gonna make lakhs of money. Very few people who are at the top level of this pyramid and have many people in their downline earns lakhs of money. Apart from the earning, the government had previously stated proper guidelines for every MLM based companies which I had mentioned in my previous blog in the Regulators guidelines section. I will cover in short about MLM in the next and final blog on this scam.

I want to ask, to those people whom the company describes as so-called promoters (the company calls their subscribers/members as promoters. just think about it these people must be feeling like they are the promoters of some big company like RELIANCE .. WOW!!!!!) HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE EARNED 50 THOUSAND PER MONTH?? Hmm??

OSM Techno

If you search “OSM Techno” in google you will get this INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE named Now for god’s sake tell me what is an international website??? They are making their business to the international level, This is what they have been calling this whole drama of migrating from to, and you must have listened to that person telling the same in the above audio.

Google search OSM Techno
Google search OSM Techno

Website Details

In a worldwide web (www) every website is reachable in all the search engines whether it has country-based extensions like .in, .uk, etc or .study, .live, etc there are many types of website extensions are available for the businesses or to anyone. In most cases, people buy .com extension because it targets worldwide, it’s not specifically for any certain regions. You might have noticed all big media, news, businesses, etc have their domain name under .com extensions.

So the first question here comes is that why did they shift from to osm techno dot com?? The company has said that they had way more users which the website was not able to handle, and another reason they are specifically citing is to coming into International Business.

Let me tell you both the reasons are not logical at all if you have doubts about what I am going to say ask any IT specialist he will tell you that. If a website has increased its user base then they have so many different options, they could have upgraded their hosting plan and other changes could have solved that issue. And about the international website what they are talking about maybe their IT professionals don’t know that their old website had .com extension which could have no issue in using for their international purposes. And if you are gonna ask any real IT professional about the International website he may die laughing about it!!

OSM Techno website
OSM Techno website

Now, look at this image above. What do you see?? Its web archive age is 04/08/2018, which means this website was made somewhere around 2018. To get away with this lie they have made a sub-domain, this is used for user login purposes you can see it in the image below.

OSM Techno login page
OSM Techno login page

UPDATE: When I searched it in web archive this website has been used by someone else from Chennai in the year 2017, you can see that in the below images.

osm techno details Screenshot 2020-12-15 173040
OSM Techno in 2018
osm techno details
OSM Techno screenshot from webarchives

Let’s now look at some professional IT work, I had also pointed out in my last blog about their professionalism. They know nothing but to eagerness of earning more money.

SEO details OSM Techno
SEO details OSM Techno

Look at their website title “OSM – Soft”, now what is OSM -SOFT??? maybe they forgot to add “WARE” at the end (might be really busy counting money!!). My god, look at the website Meta description. Lewis – Creative Portfolio HTML Template has been used in this website building, which has been added by default. Maybe these professionals don’t know how to change that. If you google it you can see about HTML template from Lewis as below.

Lewis - HTML Template
Lewis – HTML Template

OSM Software Solutions

Till now we have looked at their website details, let’s now see their International Businsess in details.

about OSM software solutions
About OSM Techno software solutions

Just look at their “About Us” page, don’t laugh at them now there’s more to come. They have mentioned that the new office is in Dubai, UAE. WOW!!! In their previous business plan, they have been circulating all the legal documents like registrations, PAN, CIN, GST details, etc, then why no proofs about this new location? I have checked out with some of my friends in Dubai, there is no such company exists in Dubai at all. Maybe they have their own country now, who knows…

And what about this new website?? If this is their new business plan this must have also registered right? But I have checked about it, there is no mention of any company/organization under OSM Software Solutions. You can see in this image below.

MCA details on OSM
Ministry of Corporate Affairs details on OSM Techno Software Solutions

The reason I am stating about the registration of this company is that a company can not just come up with a different plan (so-called International Business of theirs) and make a new website (which also seems to be not a new website) and with the new name and do business and that too in international level. There are so many guidelines that have to be followed, and here forget about other guidelines they don’t even have basic registration of this website name under the company’s act.

Then who has given them the authority to work on the International level?? And not just that, they have introduced Cryptocurrency in this. can you just imagine the level of a scam they are up to?

OSM software solutions facebook page
OSM Techno software solutions facebook page

Do you still have any doubts after reading the above description of their new company? that’s why I was mentioning company registration details. Now, look at their mission and vision in the below image.

mission & vision OSM
Mission & Vision OSM Techno

Now laugh as much as you can. They want to become a global leader in the gaming and social media industry. Can you just imagine the level of a joke these people are becoming? And they are comparing to Facebook and other social media, in gaming they talk about PUBG, in E-Commerce, they talk about Amazon and Flipkart. You may have already understood their professionalism in IT services which I had mentioned earlier and these people want to compete with these Tech Giants. Phew!! I don’t want to talk about this anymore (Their PROFESSIONAL IT SERVICES).

International Business Plan

Let’s, now look at their International Business Plan. Maybe they have not made any 1000 crore scam by their old plan that’s why they have come up with this new $ plan where users have to deposit money in terms of cryptocurrency, not in Rupees.

osm software solutions 32$ plan
OSM Techno Software Solutions 32$ plan

Look at the image above, you can see now members have to subscribe for 32$ in osm techno, at the beginning company will give users their membership under the money they had available in their old plan in in rupees which will be adjusted in this new plan and the remaining balance will be available in their wallet. If you have listened to the audio at the beginning properly, you may have understood this clearly about migration and membership adjustment.

For the detailed plan of their International plan Pdf please click Google drive.

You can see every image related to their new international plan osm techno above. We will not go into every single detail here, it’s too complicated to explain it in this blog, so I hope you would understand how these people are making innocent people fool by introducing these kinds of plans where normally a lot of people would be like I just need my 40Rs daily. Keep in mind that nobody will get 40 Rs, it’s 0.45 $ = 33.75 Rs (considering $ = 75 INR). So now let’s get into the calculation part.


I will tell you how they are trying to fool people, by migrating into this new plan to earn more money than they were getting before. So, in the earlier plan subscription was 1200 Rs, now it is doubled which is 32$ = 2400 Rs. In my last blog, we considered around 5 Lakh subscribers, but from one of their youtube tutorial videos I have come to know that they had some 20 Lakh subscribers. Just imagine the amount there they were getting in the previous plan!!

money-Dollar- osm techno plan
Dollar- osm techno plan

In this new plan osm techno, they have made it really complicated not just by their plan but also by introducing cryptocurrency, and I think they are doing this intentionally to get away with a lot of their old subscribers who don’t know much of the technical terms related to cryptocurrency and all that. The biggest reason to introduce $ here is they can now manipulate the conversion of money from $ to INR. Dollar to INR keeps changing every day so if a person withdraws money they can easily make some 5 Rs behind that. So now multiply it to 10 Lakh users, that’s 5 Lakhs for a 10 Lakh user withdrawal.

I had already mentioned the daily earnings, consider if a user doesn’t do any other referrals and stays in the first level he will only get 0.45 $ for daily tasks. And 0.45 = 33.75 INR. (CONSIDERING 1$ = 75 INR). So if the subscription amount has doubled, then why daily earning has been reduced by some 6 rupees.?? And have you noticed subscription renewal in this plan is 99 days in osm techno? in the previous plan, it was 120 days.

So, in simple calculations if you are investing 32 $ = 2400 INR for 99 days, by just daily earning 0.45 = 33.75 INR

0.45 $ X 99 days = 44.55 $ Now lets consider you withdraw this money on 99th day.

44.55 $ X 10% = 4.45 $

with 10% withdrawal charge that comes to nearly 40 $ = 3000 Rupees.

Basically, people who will join them and don’t do any referrals and just do some tasks daily you get just 600 Rupees profit for 99 days. And don’t forget that there is cryptocurrency now, so withdrawals will not be in dollars you have to send these dollars from osm techno to any cryptocurrency app, they are giving Coinswitch Kuber app as a task so most people would be using that only. If you don’t know, cryptocurrencies are a very volatile market, you may get some profits, and some days you may lose all the balance. Keep in mind that. These fools won’t be telling you this, they just want to fill their pockets.

bitcoin to dollar
Bitcoin to Dollar

If you had invested this 2400 amount in any share market company can you imagine how much you would have got? for example Adani Green Energy Ltd was on 16th March had 117 Rupees per share, look at their share price now. On 24th November they had the highest price per share 1205 Rupees. That’s how the share market works you can make lakhs of money but with proper guidance and knowledge.

So just imagine how much osm techno will earn in dollars as compared to their previous plan. Even if they lose half of their subscribers from the last plan, they would make more profit in this plan for sure.

chest- gold coins

Final Conclusion

If you still need a conclusion after all these pieces of evidence against them, I would say that they are just using IT services as a way to spread MLM scheme to generate more money, and that’s the same money they are circulating from their new users. If by any means a person gets money from referring to more than one level, that’s what MLM is. They are not even following any of the direct selling norms by government guidelines. How can they follow? they don’t even have their own product to sell. Then just for referring how can a person get the money?

Another thing you might have noticed is that they have been changing their plan here and then, Yes, scammers work like that only to keep on changing the plan to get away from regulators.

And if any of their PROMOTERS/MEMBERS/SUBSCRIBERS wondering that, if this so-called international business company closes their new website and runs away then they can complain against them, you might NOT BE entertained by any police or regulator. As this new website, OSM Techno (dot) com is under the name OSM Software Solutions. There is no such company exists in India or in Dubai. You might be living in a LA LA LAND (google it for meaning).

Dreaming to earn Lakhs of money from OSM Techno

All I want to say is don’t fall for such easy moneymaking schemes. They will run away once they make enough money. Every scam starts like this in the early-stage, problem is that people fall for their emotional talks and starts to make members as much as they can. That leads to more income for this kind of scammers. And don’t forget that an MLM scheme without a single product to sell, will eventually fall for sure.

In my next and final blog on this topic, I will totally expose them, how they are using IT Services as an excuse to spread their MLM pyramid scheme. Please share this with your friends and family members, let them know the real truth about their IT service.

(NOTE: adding Santa clause images here is only for fun purposes, not to hurt anyone’s sentiments in any manner)

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