Amrut MLM Scam:

Just like Osmose Technology, there’s a new business plan has come up by the name Amrut. Everything in their business plan is related to Osmose Technology Scam.

You can see their business plan in the below pdf file, this pdf is made up by taking screenshots from a YouTube video, as there is no original pdf file of their business plan was available anywhere.

For pdf file of their business plan please click (Google drive link).

As per their amrut business plan you can see that the website they have mentioned is but when we tried to access the website it is being redirected to So we tried to find out whois details on both the websites, you can see that in below two images. It is being redirected to the new website that obviously means both the website is owned by the same person.

whois details on
Whois details on
whois details on
Whois details on

You can clearly see in the above two images of whois records that the website was registered on 18th October 2020 and registrant country is pa i.e Panama. Website was registered on 8th November 2020 and the registrant country is US i.e United States. Both of these websites were registered within a month period. Interestingly the country of registration is two different countries!! You can see the distance between these two countries on this link. Important thing is that if this website is registered in the US and Panama then how are running this scam in India?

Well, these people nonetheless are from India itself, but somehow have registered their websites from different countries so that if they get caught police may never be able to find them. And you know how it works in India, our lazyass system is not even able to stop the scams which we have tried to expose (Osmose Technology Scam) or some other scams happening in India, then what can we expect in scams like this.

amrut goa plan
Goa trip from Amrut

See this above Goa trip they are offering for recruiting 15 direct members under your downline, sounds familiar?? yes it is. Osmose Technology offered something like this in 16th to 26th January 2021. If you have noticed in above pdf file there is no company registration details related to this company. We don’t even know the people involved in this business plan. We tried to find company details in MCA portal but there is no company related to this.

mca details on amrut
MCA details on Amrut
amrut plan signup page Amrut business plan sign up page

You can see even though both the websites are registered in foreign countries the people involved in this scam are definitely from India. On the above signup page also they are asking for PAN CARD and Goa plan and especially there is no cryptocurrency in this plan. They are asking for 999 INR as a joining amount. They have mentioned that they will give 2000 worth of discount coupon which is nothing but bogus just like in Osmose Technology we have seen.

Other things in their plan are the same as Osmose Technology and any other scams are happening in India right now. From a Multi-level-marketing plan (20 Rs daily payout) to giving rewards as a car, bike, bungalow, etc, and admin charges everything is the same with a few changes here and there. If you come across any business plan like this please report it to the nearest police station.

These kinds of Scams are increasing day by day especially since the lockdown and none of our media, newspapers are covering it. That’s the biggest problem in our country, we only wakeup when these scammers run-away by fooling innocent people. Another most important problem is our opposition parties, they will not ask for solutions to the present problems, instead, create new problems by protesting over spreading their propaganda. You can see we the Common people of India are alone in this fight until we demand some strict action against these kinds of scams, there will not be any actions by State or Central Governments.

Thank you for reading. Share these blogs for awareness amongst people against these scams.

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