Career opportunities in Aerospace & Aeronautical engineering

Do you want to become an Aeronautical engineer or Aerospace engineer then you are in the right place to know about what it takes to become one.

Recently NASA has landed Rover Perseverance for the study of extraterrestrial life over Planet Mars. This news catches eyes around the globe and with this news question comes to mind that how we can be a part of such a great mission?

USA Space Shuttle

There are multiple ways to do a career in the Space Research Area, but in this segment, we will discuss a very interesting field of engineering.

In the highly competitive world, every student from schooling days wishes to become a successful person in his/her career. Many graduates observed that if they choose a career different from regular streams then their life will be different whatever it is today. So we are taking you on a new journey of careers which will give you detailed information of careers which not only gives you a better life but also wealth, respect and knowledge beyond the imagination.

Everyone has seen the Airplane, Helicopter, Rocket in the sky, but do you ever think about those people who are actually involved in designing, manufacturing for this industry. Well, these people most commonly come from the field of aeronautical & aerospace engineering. So now let’s check out the path which will take you to become an Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineer.

What is Aerospace Engineering?

The field of Aerospace engineering is a much broader term compared to Aeronautical engineering as it focuses on designing both aircraft and spacecraft and the study of all the spacecraft used within and out of the earth’s atmosphere. This is a part of Aerospace Engineering that involves the study of controlling machinery in space using human automated systems.

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Aerospace engineering is an advanced subject and requires higher expertise and gives more exposure to a flourishing global career. If you are more interested in the Space industry it is better to choose Aerospace engineering. In this stream you will learn subjects like Introduction to Astronautics, Fundamentals of Jet Propulsion, Orbital Mechanics, Spacecraft Dynamics, and Spacecraft Design, etc. If you pursue a course in this stream you will get knowledge of both aeronautics and astronautics (space) i.e you will not only learn about aircraft but also about spacecraft.

Aerospace engineers develop new technologies for aviation, defense system, and spacecraft.


Prerequisite: Class 10+2 in Science Stream with minimum overall aggregate of 60% along with Entrance Exam for Degree Courses.

What is Aeronautical Engineering?

The Aeronautical engineering field involves working on techniques of designing and manufacturing aircraft and air-flight capable machines which are operated within Earth’s Atmosphere. It is the sub-division of Aerospace engineering. If you are more interested in the commercial aircraft industry then it is better to choose this stream.


In Aeronautical engineering, one can learn to design aircraft, helicopters, airplanes, and subjects like Thermodynamics, heat transfer, aircraft structures, flight mechanics, aircraft stability, and control.

What is the difference between Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering ?

Aeronautical Engineering involves the design study of aircraft which is used in the earth’s atmosphere whereas Aerospace Engineering involves advanced technological development of spacecraft in outer space.

Subjects such as dynamics, propulsion and fluid mechanics, etc are common in both the streams.

Courses available After 10+2:

  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engg.
  • BSc in Aeronautics
  • B.E/B.Tech in Aeronautical Engg

Entrance Exams for Degree Courses :

  1. JEE (Joint Entrance Exam)
    • (Website:
  2. Hindustan University Entrance Test (HITSEE)
    • (Website:
  3. The Indian Institute of Aeronautics Entrance Exam(IIA) 
    • (Website:
  4. IISAT Admission Test(IIST, Thiruvananthapuram)
    • (Website:
  5. SRM Engineering Entrance Examination (SRMJEEE) 
    • (Website:
  6. IPU CET 
    • (Website:
    • (Website:

Colleges in Maharashtra :

  • IIT Mumbai
    • (Website:
  • Amity University, Panvel, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engg. & Information Technology, Pune
    • (Website:
  • Annasaheb Dange College of Engg. & Technology, Sangli
  • Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur
  • Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur
    • (Website:

Career Opportunities in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering :

After completing 4 Years of degree course from reputed engineering college/University. Following options will be open for you to become a professional Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineer in Government sectors.

  • Indian Air Force
    • (Website:
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
    • (Website:
  • Defense Research & Development Organization
  • Indian Space Research Organization
    • (Website:
  • Air India
    • (Website:
  • Helicopter Corporation of India
    • (Website:
  • Civil Aviation Department
    • (Website:
  • National Aerospace Laboratories
    • (Website:
  • Aeronautical Development Agency
    • (Website:

List of Private Companies for Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering :

  • L&T Defense
  • Airbus India
    • (Website link here
  • Mahindra Aerospace
  • Tata Advanced Systems
  • Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
    • (Website:
  • Boeing India
Career Positions for Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineer :
  • Aerospace Technician
  • Aerospace Designer
  • Airman
  • Satellite Design Engineer
  • Pilot or Crew Members of Spacecraft
Greatest Indian Aerospace Engineers from India:
  • Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  • Kalpana Chawla
  • Dr.Satish Dhawan
  • Dr.N.K.Naik
  • Ram Narain Agarwal
  • Dr.K.Sivan
  • Dr.K.N.Shankara

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