Characteristics of number 1 to 3 in Numerology

In our previous introductory post on Numerology, we had seen how to do numerical analysis by a person’s date of birth, name, to get a single-digit number, and planets representing each number. In this blog let’s see what one, two and three single-digit number means for a person.

Number 1 traits:

For people who have born under dates 1,10,19,28, their single-digit number is 1. Surya/Sun is the adhipati for number 1. Sun is considered the King of Navagrahas (Nine Planets). People who belong to this number have Courage, and also like to be accountable as their prime nature. Anger, obstinacy is also can be the nature of these people. They are less likely to listen to other people’s opinions, don’t like to ask for any help. If these people have given any loan to anyone they are less likely to ask for it. It is better not to involve in any kind of loan with other people.

Shri_Surya_Bhagvan_bazaar_art,_c.1940's number 1

They get high status in society. Heat body, eye, head, heart diseases are more likely in these people. They like to be in politics, government jobs, business, and social work. They are most likely to get well-settled jobs.

Things people who belong to this number should do,

  • Wake before the Sunrise.
  • Do pranama/namaskara to Sun every morning.
  • Go to Shiva Temple to get a good phala.
  • Shiva Panchakshari Japa/stotra.
  • 1,10,19,28 are the good dates to do any new work.
  • Less happiness in the family, try to deal with it with patience.
  • Financial status will be medium, must focus on savings.

➤ Direction related to Sun is East. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Ruby. ➤ Colour – Orange.

Number 2 traits:

For people who have born on dates 2,11,20,29, their single-digit number is 2. Moon is the adhipati for number 2. Moon is meek, is also cold in nature. Moon has no ability of its own, it gives us light because of Sun rays falling on it. For 15 days Moon stays in the full moon and for the next 15 days in the new moon and the cycle repeats.

Chandra,_The_Moon_God. number 2

Moon has less courage. People who belong to this number are anxious in nature. These people always need someone to help out in doing things. They think a lot even about small things. These people are very talented, have the ability to do certain big things. Less likely to benefit from Business, may see up-downs in it. Moon affects one’s mind, therefore these people have less self-confidence. If in the time of birth, Moon is on the good side i.e Full moon, then it is not a problem.

These people should do Yoga, Meditation for self-confidence. They have more imaginative abilities. 2,11,20,29 are the good dates for these people to do certain things. Going to any Devi Temples will give good phala, especially on Monday and Friday.

➤ Direction related to Moon is North. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Pearl. ➤ Colour – White.

Number 3 traits:

3,12,21,30 dates of the month give out single-digit number 3, people born on these dates belong to number 3. Jupiter is the adhipati for number 3. Jupiter- (i.e Guru the Vedic word) is the teacher of the gods and represents knowledge.

Brihaspati_graha. number 3

They are more interested in religion and devotional worship for deities. These people like to give a talk about education, tend to do Benevolence for others. They are most likely to work in educational platforms, religious, judicial systems. They are courageous so Military and government jobs also suit them. They don’t like to listen to other people’s opinions. Always like to take decisions themselves.

They like to make money in legal ways only, through hard work. Going to any Guru Samadhi gives good phala for these people. 3,12,21,30 are the good dates for these people to do certain things.

➤ Direction related to Jupiter is North-East. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Kanak Pushyaraga/yellow saphire. ➤ Colour – Yellow.

In the next blog we will see on no. 4,5 and 6. Thank you for reading.

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