Characteristics of number 4 to 6 in Numerology

In the previous blog post we had seen the numerological meaning of 1 to 3 numbers and today we will see numbers 4 to 6 numerological traits.


Numerological meaning of number 4

For people who have been born under dates 4,13, 22, 31, their single-digit number is 4. Rahu is the adhipati for number 4. People who belong to this number have Courage, Anger, and stubbornness as their prime nature. In ancient Hinduism, Rahu is being called a demon. These people have less belief in God. They are more interested in Travel, Singing, and dance. Good taste in foods and especially they like to eat meat.


In some people, there is a chance of bad habits as they grow up. Vata-related health issues are more likely, as they like to eat more meaty foods. They will get good results if focus on good healthy eating habits and more belief in God. These people are good at business. More cohabitation with friends. These people have a tendency to both being Fear and confident.

If they go on a good path, that is doing good work then they can become good human beings. People who belong to this number have more chance of Love marriage. 4,13, 22, 31 are important dates of the month.

➤ Direction related to Rahu is Southwest. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Gomedhikam (Hessonite Garnet). ➤ Colour – Chocolate (Dark Brown).


Numerological meaning of number 5

For people who have been born under dates 5, 14, 23, their single-digit number is 5. Budha is the adhipati for number 5. Budha represents intelligence, is well talkative, and likes to be in touch with people. He is adjustable with any type of person. People who belong to this number like to work quickly, and on time. Earning money is the prime goal for these people. These people are good at business.

Budha Graha

People belonging to this number are more likely to choose as a Doctor, Lawyer, Charted Accountant, Artists as their career path. These people may face weak nerve-related health issues. 5, 14, and 23 dates of the month are good for any new work and important work. They may have a successful life after 32 years of age. May earn good money in life.

These people need to have a well-balanced diet, (exercise) workouts, and proper sleeping habits. Indigestion, skin related problems may come. Going to Venkatrmana Temple will give good benefits especially on Wednesday.

➤ Direction related to Budha is North. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Emerald (Panna). ➤ Colour – Green.

Numerological meaning of number 6

For people who have been born under dates 6, 15, 24, their single-digit number is 6. Shukra is the adhipati for number 56. Shukra Graha represents happiness, indulgence, and prosperity. People belong to this number, even if born poor and have ‘Shukra’ in a good place or have Malavya Yoga in their Janma Kundali then they may become a wealthy person in the future. They are good-looking and more interested in singing, cinema, and being an artist.

Shukra Graha

They live a heavenly life, and have good-looking and attractive to others but may lose over love. These people are very open-hearted (honest). They never like to gossip about others and don’t like to fight with others. Less anger, cleanliness at home and may own a big house. Wealth may increase day by day, but they don’t know the value of money. Likely to spend more money on unnecessary things. They spend money in expectation of happiness.

Going to any Devi Temple especially on Friday gives good results. These people should do Devi puja, and lightning Diya with ghee is also good for them. To do any good or important work – 6, 15, and 24 are good dates of the month.

➤ Direction related to Shukra is South East. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Vajra. ➤ Colour – White, Blue (light color).

In the next blog, we will see the remaining three numbers 7, 8, and 9. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share.

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