Covid-19: Online Education – Is It Really Going On Well?

Ever since the lockdown had been implemented in our country because of the Novel Corona Virus on March 22nd, 2020, our education system has taken a drastic hit as schools, colleges had to start as Online education.

When I was a kid, I was always excited about computers and I was thinking about how It will look like if we all children would studying on a computer instead of a notebook, textbook in the classroom, or in our home. Cartoons like Richie-rich made me think about it. As I was growing up, I began to realize that this was not possible in my generation. And the rest of the present scenario is on your table.

Online learning Education
Students Learning Through
Online Education

I never thought that would happen so soon and in this way. It is so shocking. Actually, we should be happy, I mean it is like a dream come true. Am I right? But we are not. Why? Because Online education is not going that way as we all were expecting.

Our education system & management including teaching faculty, non-teaching faculty was never being trained for online education. Even students have never been taught about study online. We lack education policies, rules, and regulations. 

Is there something that we missed out on?

Schools, colleges have affiliated with their respective well-reputed, recognized boards, universities but their godfather universities, boards have forgotten about moderating, auditing schools, colleges as they were doing for offline education before the pandemic. The education ministry has designed exams and grading systems only. There are multiple parameters that they are forgotten to design.

There is no dedicated online learning platform software have made under the education ministry. Even the education ministry hasn’t made any guidelines about making learning tools. 

What we have is only Google Meet, Google form, Google classroom, Zoom, and Gmail. They are great tools and easy to use. We should be very thankful to Google for the way it provides us unlimited free access to their applications. Sometimes I think about how it will be if Google never been part of life? But still, they aren’t recognized and dedicated tools for our education system.

Many schools, colleges are taking an online exam on Google form. Some of them ask their students to join Meet to turn on their camera during the exams. But It hasn’t stopped students from copying in the online exams.

There are software companies that made online learning and exam software and they sell to colleges and schools. That’s good, but these softwares are made in very little time and they are not tested properly and debugged. Companies launched it as early as possible in the market.

Many teachers are lack literacy in using electronic devices and the internet. It puts a huge impact on student’s education year. 

(The post is not made to blame anyone but made for showing the ground reality of the so-called smart online education system.)

Problems that students are facing while giving online exams?

The college is using third-party softwares for conducting online exams. By default, the camera remains turned on while logging in to the software.  Students haven’t been given access to turn off the camera which is good. During the exams, teachers are sitting in the college computer lab and they monitor us through that software. If we are moving too much, they send a warning to us. Multiple warnings will lead to disqualify the exam. They have full access to discontinue our test.

student online exams frustration
Online Education:
Students Online Exams Frustrations

They arrange mock test one day before the actual exam. It may looks like a proper exam conducting plan, but it’s not.

Many students are unable to log in to the software during a mock test and their issue gets resolved when few minutes are left for the exam to start. It’s very frustrating. We always have to look to solve these problems instead of studying. When log-in issues have been solved, another problem is that the test start button doesn’t get visible. It gets visible to some students; it doesn’t get visible to some students.

When this issue has been solved, another problem is that the software server gets slow to load. Sometimes it takes 5,10 minutes to move to the next question. It is wasting our time. We don’t get time to think about answers. The only thing we care that our internet connection should function properly, electricity should function properly, software should work properly.

Another problem is that the camera stuck at a certain point. It is the software’s glitch, not our device issue. In that situation, teachers are unable to watch us. So they give a call on our phone in the middle of the exam to ask what is happening here. They doubt that we are doing something for cheating in the exam. How is that a student’s fault!?

Once during the exam, I was standing to scan my answer sheet as I had to upload it on that software. I was unable to hold the phone camera to scan properly, so I did this by standing. The teacher took this scenario recording and posted it to our official class WhatsApp group and she doubted that I was doing something suspicious activity.

My issues regarding Online exams and mark sheet which I am facing currently

I am sharing my issues regarding exams and mark sheets which I facing currently. There are four issues I was facing. Three of the issues have been resolved and one issue is in process.

(I am not the only one to face such exams and mark sheet issues.)

Issue 1- 

I gave a unit test in December 2020 and when the result was declared I found that there is an absent mark have shown in one subject. I contacted immediately to exam cell. 

I found that a teacher who was conducting my unit test on Google form hasn’t sent my answer sheet to the exam cell

Because of this, the exam cell declared I was absent from the unit test. I contacted a teacher who took my exam and resolved this issue.

Issue 2- 

When the ATKT result was announced, I found that the subject I had cleared on the first attempt was showing a fail mark. I never had ATKT in that subject. The issue was resolved later.

Issue 3- 

The result has mentioned I failed in a subject in which I was much confident about passing. I had contacted to exam cell and they found out I have passed this subject.

Issue 4- 

This is a major issue currently I am facing. When I got to know about this I was very shocked. I gave an ATKT exam on our college software. The exam was divided into 2 parts. The first part consisted of MCQ questions and the second part consisted of descriptive questions

For the descriptive part we had to write answers in sheets and by scanning, we had to upload them on our college exam software platform in a given time as well as we had to email it to our exam cell email id. 

While uploading, the software got stuck and I wasn’t able to upload my answer sheet on the software, so I emailed the answer sheet to the exam cell at right time. 

I had also confirmed from the exam coordinator that the answer sheet is successfully received by the exam cell. My result announced and it showed a fail mark in that subject. I was very confident about passing so I contacted to exam cell again. 

Exam staff while checking exam documents that were saved on Google drive. He opened one sheet in which my name and details of marks in the subject had mentioned. Marks have been given for the MCQ part only. Marks hadn’t mentioned the descriptive part. 

Columns were left blank, even zeros haven’t been mentioned. He opened the exam cell email id, and we found that my answer sheet email was didn’t even got opened. My answer sheet hasn’t been checked. The resolving process is still going on. 

I am a final year student, I would have wasted a year if I had never known about it, just because they didn’t find my answer sheet email.

(I am not the only one who is facing such exams and mark sheet issues.)

What About Online Education Fees?

None of the single institutes cares about people’s financial conditions. They are literally blind. They act like nothing is happened with this world. No one decreased their tuition fees. No one is providing some kind of concession or special financial aid. All are selfish. Everyone taking advantage instead of offering a helping hand.

stay home online education
Covid-19 aka Corona Virus
Online Education Tuition Fees

In my college, they only provide us with a 3-month installment facility when some political party forced them to do this. One of my subject teachers threatening students in the WhatsApp group that students who haven’t paid full fees are not allowed to give unit tests and if they failed to pay fees to that day, their ERP, exam software account will be suspended. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened. none of the student’s online examination account hasn’t been suspended. But some students had to go through such stress.


It has been a year since the COVID pandemic came. This pandemic situation has been old now and now we should do something for a proper education system (Online Education). News media is showing online education problems in rural areas. But if this is the case in the urban metropolitan cities, how will it be in rural areas? Just think about it!

Let us know in the comments section if you are the student what issues you are facing in your schools or colleges. What solutions you think governments, universities must take for a proper online education system.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share.

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