Baseline Torpor-Enabled Habitat Design Internal View. Credit: NASA.

Cracking the Cryogenics: The next big thing!!

Day by day the world is emerging with new technology, new inventions, discoveries that are just astonishing for mankind. From micro to macro to mega, scientific discoveries are changing the world around us, one such scientific technology that we are going to talk about is known for freezing the faith of mankind.

Before getting into details, one must know what cryogenics stands for and why is this a technology that can be said as frozen faith for mankind. Cryogenics has been derived from the Greek word ‘KYROS’ which means cold, which is combined with the abbreviated English word ‘TO GENERATE’ which makes the word we know as cryogenics. Cryogenics is the production and behavior of the material at very low temperatures (ultra-cold), approx (-150 to -273 degree Celsius).

The cryogenic temperature range, Credit: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
The cryogenic temperature range
Credit: Encyclopædia Britannica

While water transforms from liquid to solid at zero degrees celsius, cryogenic temperature ranges much lower, at this temperature the atom of all molecules stops, causing them to be at the lowest possible energy state. Liquid gases at or below (-150) degrees celsius can be used to freeze other materials. Once a gas begins to liquefy the environment is considered cryogenic. The most common cryogenic gases are oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium.

Cryogenics around the World

With ever-increasing popularity and demand, cryogenic freezing is becoming a great demand across the technological, industrial, biomedical sector. The application of cryogenics ranges from:

Cryogenic Storage

AERONAUTICAL INDUSTRIES: The cryogenic liquid is used as a fuel for a rocket and spacecraft. liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are both produced using cryogenics.

FOOD STORAGE: In the food industries the food is kept under the cryogenic condition to ensure that the food stays fresh. this is very much useful for long cargo journeys across the seaway and various modes of transportation.

FREEZING HUMAN/ ANIMAL ORGAN: Cryogenics has a great demand across health industries. human and animal organs are kept under a cryogenic condition so to maintain the vital functioning of the organ for a long time.

Cryosleep: the next big thing!

Cryogenics has several practical applications, and cryogenic sleep will be one of its kind of mankind’s inventions. The faith of humanity will be cryogenically frozen. So let’s first understand the concept of cryogenic sleep.

Cryogenic sleep or cryosleep is referred to as deep sleep at super low temperature, where the body is kept in a cryogenically stable condition so that the metabolism of the human body is reduced at a minimal functioning level. the idea is that the low temperature will keep vital functioning intact with the rest of the body. the body will be in a hibernated state regardless of the outer environmental conditions.

But, what is the purpose behind cryosleep? Cryogenic sleep can be used by aviation and space travel agency for long space travel for human, also the cost of space travel be reduced by 40% as a hibernated human body does not require much food, water, oxygen, and human activity is also reduced, which stands as a cost-cutting factor.

cryosleep - cryogenics

Deep sleep in cryogenic condition can be used as time travel where the human body under hibernation can travel in time without consciously knowing for a far longer period, also it can be used to lower the ageing of the human body, where the process of ageing is reduced by lowering the body’s vital function to a minimal level. Space travel can be made easier as a human body cannot handle the outer space atmosphere for a longer period of time, which can be made possible through cryogenic hibernation pods.

But, when will be this cryogenically advance technology available for mankind? well, the answer lies in the future but ongoing research is in progress by ‘NASA‘ and ‘SPACEWORKS’ jointly [Torpor Inducing Transfer Habitat For Human Stasis To Mars – {link}] to develop cryogenic pods which can be used for space travel for astronauts for the journey to Mars and other planets. If you want to read all the details of this mission, you can read it here.

Surely the development of this technology is going to take time, as it serves a special purpose to humanity and human space travel. But it’s for sure the faith of humanity is going to be cryogenically frozen for the future, and the day is not far when such a Science-fiction movie thing is going to turn into reality.

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