Did Angel Broking had a Partnership with Osmose Technology?

Osmose Technology a so-called IT-Company (Pune), has done near 300 to 500 crore scam by doing a Ponzi Pyramid money circulation scam. In this post, we will see about the Angel broking task.

As we have seen in the previous post about Upstox, how this company made their users create a Upstox trading account in the name of tasks in their national plan. Later they had to discontinue the national plan as their bank accounts were freezed for suspicious activities, and still, they managed to get away with that and started a new so-called international business plan to introduce cryptocurrency in that with already having MLM-based business model.

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Don’t forget to read about their so-called fake advocate Anand Bhagat and mastermind of this scam Vaibhav Pataskar. In the national plan, they used the osmosetech.com website and then migrated to osmtechno.com for so-called international business with cryptocurrency + MLM. And in this international business other than some useless tasks one of the tasks was given to their users was to open an Angel Broking trading account.

Angel Broking Task

Angel Broking Task OSM Software Scam

You can see in the above video one of their user is showing how to complete the Angel Broking Trading account opening task through their osmtechno.com website. There is another user’s video you can watch below, for proof that this company was actually giving this as a task.

Angel Broking Task OSM Software Scam

Now, the same question arises here as we have seen in the case of Upstox, how did this company Osmose Technology aka OSM Software Solutions managed to do such a trading account opening process in the MLM-based business model? Did this company had any legal binding with the Angel Broking? to do such a thing in their MLM business, if yes didn’t the Angel broking knew they were actually doing MLM business, then how come this company got to do such trading services to their users.

And the same thing happened in this case too that they haven’t given any basic knowledge to the users for share marketing, trading, etc as we have seen in Upstox. Forget about giving the basic education about trading to the users. It is not at all legal to do such things in the MLM-based business model. We have seen in the previous post about the referral, and in Angel Broking normal referring benefit gives up to 5000 rs for successful referring. But we don’t know how much this company Osmose Technology would have got per person successful referral. So, we can’t guess the exact amount they would have made through the Angel Broking task.

angel broking refer and earn
Angel Broking refer and earn

But, whatever this company has done is a serious matter, it’s not just about the Ponzi Pyramid scheme they did in the name of gaming subscriptions, they made users do trading and even Kotak Mahindra 811 bank account opening process in the name of the task, this itself is a big – another level of a scam they have done. These companies Upstox, Angel Broking, Kotak Mahindra Bank they give referral programs to normal citizens like you and me. You simply refer someone you get the benefit that’s it.

But, how can a company which is actually doing a Pyramid structure an MLM business gets something like these services to run in their business? If this is the case then everyone will start taking some subscriptions and then start to give tasks and some affiliate marketing and earn crores of rupees monthly just by sitting at home, this is not the way affiliate marketing works whatever this company Osmose Technology has done.

This whole scam needs to be investigated very seriously, this is not some joke to make some immature users fall into the share market just because a company wants to make some money to fill their pocket!! Ohh!! wait, probably you haven’t read the previous blogs?? Did you? you should definitely read it. Then only you are going to understand this whole money circulation scam, that how in the first place it actually started. That is a subscription amount of 1200 Rs for 4 months (120 days) it was a renewal plan, and their users were getting 20Rs daily for nothing.

Later this company made mandatory tasks, which you can read in the previous blogs, but in the next 2 days, we will be publishing a new post in which you will see that how this company in the name of advertisement revenue fooled every one in the name of tasks and there were even some adult ads were shown in their website, obviously just to make some money.

OSM Software Solutions International Business Plan
OSM Software Solutions Scam (Osmose Scam)
International Business Plan

See, this whole scam is a very different level of scam you may have seen till now, it will be a little difficult to understand but we have actually given a demo of the scam in the dedicated post on that Fake Advocate, you should at least try to read that to simply understand this whole scam.

We hope Angel Broking will definitely clear things out by telling the actual truth about how this company managed to do such trading tasks to their users under MLM business, and SEBI, RBI, or any other investigatory body should look into this Ponzi Pyramid scam did by Osmose Technology because it’s not just banks, they also had cryptocurrency in their international business to manipulate everything.

To be honest, we may never get the actual figure of the amount this company did scam or managed to collect illegally from their users, they had near 30 to 40 lakh users including both the national and international plans. We believe this scam is somewhere between 300 to 500 crores.

We had made complaints everywhere except the police station, as this scam has been done online through the website. By the time police may act these people will already cover-up this entire scam. Unfortunately, that’s the story of every online scams in India. Even after providing every proof against this company through our blog posts, nobody seems to be even bothered about exposing them and investigate the company and yes don’t forget about the FAKE ADVOCATE.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share, we will always work hard towards making a better society by providing every information we can through our website be it a scam, fake news, environment, technology, lifestyle, etc so don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels.

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