Did Upstox had a Partnership with Osmose Technology?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd a so-called IT-Company from Pune has done near 300 to 500 crore scam by doing a Ponzi Pyramid money circulation scam. In this post, we will see about the Upstox task.

Back in the month of November 2020 in their so-called national business plan, they started to give users mandatory tasks to complete and one of the tasks was to complete the Upstox trading account opening in their MLM-based business model!!

Osmose Technology Old Plan
Osmose Technology Scam
National Business Plan

If you are wondering what this scam is all about please don’t forget to read it in detail (all the parts are in one place). Don’t forget to read about their so-called world-famous Advocate Anand Bhagat and this scam mastermind Vaibhav Pataskar who was seen with a cabinet minister Mr. Prakash Javedkar Ji. These people have used everyone to gain user trust. And maybe that’s the reason police haven’t taken any action yet because they were seen with some politicians.

Upstox Task Osmose Technology Scam
Osmose Technology Scam
Upstox Task in November 2020

You can see in the above video that they were instructing their user’s how to open a Upstox Trading account.

In the beginning, there were no mandatory tasks given to the users of this company, and users were getting 20Rs daily for just having a gaming subscription of 1200Rs which is actually bogus you will understand all this in the previous blogs. But when they realized that they were getting out of money circulation they started to give users this UPSTOX trading account opening in their MLM business.

In the month of November, they had near 10 to 20 lakh active user base in their bogus business. And we have one of their Director’s payout details, Avinash Asabe was getting up to 2.5 lakh rupees per day you can see that in the below image. Imagine how much they would have got in the month of November. And this person’s payout is nothing in front of their other core members and directors, they had more downlines that means more money than Avinash Asabe per day.

avinash asabe payouts from osmose technology2
Avinash Asabe Payout details
avinash asabe payouts from osmose technology
Avinash Asabe Payout details
Avinash Asabe Payout details

Upstox Task

Let’s come to the main point here, that how did Osmose Technology managed to give users Upstox trading as a task? Did this company had any legal bindings with Upstox to promote their trading app? And if yes then how come any MLM-based business model can run such a trading account opening process? Go and ask any Professional trader this is not at all legal what they have done!!

We are not dragging Upstox into this mess (Ponzi scam), we are asking a simple question is that, Did Upstox had any connection with this Ponzi Pyramid scam? If not then how did this company Osmose Technology was managed to do such things in an MLM model??? If you don’t know, Upstox has a referral program of its own. 400 Rs per successful referral back in the month of November 2020, it might have changed now. Maybe these would have been some reasons that more immature traders have joined the trading so that we have been seeing so much volatility in the share market?? The possibility is less but, there might be chances. Trading experts can tell this.

Upstox Referral Calculations
Upstox referral program
and possible earnings

Just think about it, forget about the 10 to 20 lakh users, even if we consider 10,000 users were successfully joined Upstox through the Osmose Technology website they would have made some 40 lakh rupees (this screenshot was taken in the month of November and at that time 400rs was referring benefits). Even you can refer to your friends and family members, but how did an MLM-based company manage to do such things under a pyramid scheme? that’s a very important question.

The most important thing is that there was no education given to the users they simply used these referral/affiliate benefits to just fill their own pockets, and there might have been so many users who would have lost their money in the trading without having proper knowledge base. They have done this in the MLM structure don’t forget that!!

Now that this company has been caught red-handed, they have stopped the whole business from last month, because they are now coming up with some new trading educational portal within this system which they are doing just to cover up the whole scam.

about OSM software solutions
OSM Techno – OSM Software Solutions
Fake International Business

You may not understand the whole scam here, that’s why you should read the previous blogs. They also had their so-called International business plan, which they said was established in Dubai, but there is no such company in Dubai they fooled everyone. And in this so-called international business they were dealing with cryptocurrency, now just go and ask any professional legal person that, can anyone do an MLM business IN CRYPTOCURRENCY?

MAHA Gov on Direct selling
Maharashtra Government 2019
Direct Selling Act

Hope the above act will solve your doubts, this is indeed the biggest scam of the year 2021 in the name of Gaming subscriptions and ended up with the trading app referrals and all kind of tasks, you will definitely laugh at the things they have done in this scam in the name of tasks and even though we have given all the proofs through blog posts nobody seems to investigate these people. If you are thinking about why we haven’t complained to the police, for that you should definitely read the previous blogs.

This connection between Upstox a trading platform and Osmose Technology which actually did a Ponzi pyramid scheme need to be investigated fairly and SEBI, RBI, NSE, or any other regulatory which governs trading platforms must look at this very seriously. This is not some joke to make membership under the MLM scheme. Not at all!!!

osm software solutions 32$ plan

This Upstox task was given in the National plan, which they later discontinued because banks had freezed their accounts for suspicious activity, then they started the so-called international business plan in which there was not Upstox trading app referral program, but an Angel trading referral program was given to the users.

If the police are not able to catch them for what they have done, then actually I have a suggestion for all of Indians that we should actually give course to the students “How to successfully do a Scam?” let everyone earn some lakhs per day, there will not be any poor people in our country!! don’t you think soo… Make it legal to some point that anyone can do up to 500 crore scam and later they can just change everything to cover-up. SIMPLE AS THAT.

Follow us on our social media channels, to get new updates about this scam and other scams and some interesting topics. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share. We need to catch these scammers before they cover-up this entire money circulation scam.

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