Do you want your future generations to wear Oxygen Masks?

Oxygen (O2) as you know the most essential part of all the living organisms on our planet. Without oxygen we will never be able to survive on this planet Earth.

It’s been almost a year isn’t it? LOCKDOWN!! Yes, because of the pandemic. Covid-19 aka Coronavirus has made our life a mess, how are you coping with it? I hope you are doing well. Do you feel suffocated by wearing masks? Of course, everyone feels suffocated with face masks, but Introverts may not feel so hahaha, just saying.

Some women are not able to show their beautiful faces?? no not at all some of them are enjoying with different colored masks, isn’t it? But, obviously, men are so eager to get rid of this Coronavirus, to flaunt their Beard. Jokes apart nobody wants to wear masks and we all want this pandemic to end soon. That’s the end goal, we all should have for now.

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We all know, what Photosynthesis is, right? Because of this process, we get Oxygen. YES!! for free. And we humans take it for granted, don’t we? Can you just imagine, That how many years of evolution it took for this earth to have creatures like us Humans, Animals, Mammals, and all the other living organisms which depend on Oxygen, Some Millions of years?

(You can read about Photosynthesis in detail here)


In simple words what Photosynthesis does is, these trees you see around take your waste yes the Carbon-dioxide (CO2), and gives us the OXYGEN, these wastes from the trees on which our lives are dependent. Exactly, whatever talents, skills, achievements in your entire life you have is nothing in front of trees. Because they are the reason we are living this life because trees give us Oxygen. The essential life support.

Other than Oxygen to breathe we also get various types of fruits, isn’t it? And the roots of the trees are the reason for the firmness of soil, and the quality of the soil. The weather also depends on the temperature, and trees have an important role in that too. But, what we are giving back to nature? nothing!! There are no other selfish creatures than us Humans on this planet earth. We are destroying nature in the name of surviving.

(Read About: Evolution of Photosynthesis)

Oxygen Depletion

The atmospheric Oxygen which we have got from nature as millions of years of natural processes are declining at a faster rate than it should be. Especially in the last 50 years, the global population has increased in a faster way, and as a result, we have seen globalization, industrialization for our own needs.

Industry smoke

Globalization has lead to many Big metro cities, and people try to migrate into the cities in search of jobs and many more self goals. This leads to more population density in a smaller place, you can see such examples in all the Metro and small cities in India.

There are various reasons for atmospheric oxygen depletion, 1st is we humans consume oxygen for respiration of course to live we need it. Other reasons are fossil fuel combustion, Fire, etc and the biggest reason for decreasing oxygen level is trees are being cut for our needs and increase in Human population which leads to more consumption of oxygen than nature has the ability to give. We might not feel these problems at the moment but the Global Warming trailer has already started and we can see in a lot of cities, senior citizens are facing breathing issues for quite some time now.

We will see a lot of separate blogs on these issues in the coming days in a more simple language rather than all the scientific and technical terms which will go bouncer in your head. Stay tuned for that, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages.

A Modern Dilemma

Are you living your life or just surviving? This question you need to ask yourself. Yes!! the so-called modern life we are in right now with all kinds of competitions, comparisons, and the blah, blah, blah things you may want to add to the list. We are just living for the sake of showing off. Just look at the people around you, from the day you are born till the day you are going to die everyone has some expectations from you. People will show you the goal, set standards for you. They want you to become someone you don’t even know from childhood.

We are so lost in our own lives is that we are just focusing on our own future. You want to secure a seat in a good college, then you want a well-settled job, then home and obviously the marriage part – The Family. Then all kinds of insurances, for what? Yes!! for the future. Then you will have children, insurance for them too, isn’t it? We are so much concerned about our own goals that, we can’t even look at the threat this entire planet Earth is facing. If you are wondering am I lost what I am writing about? No, I am not.

The question of this post was Do you want your future generations to wear Oxygen Masks? Yes, this is the question. So, you want your and your children’s future to be safe, but not nature and the generations to come? maybe 3rd, 4th, or 5th generations from now. Nobody can predict the future, but we can see the impact of our destruction, the damage has done to the environment in just the last 50 years. Imagine a life in the year 2200 i.e 180 years from now, what it would be like?

And especially in the last 20 years, we have done remarkable things in the advancement of Technology but can’t you see the damage it has done to nature? All of the humans living right now are going to die, even considering the children born today are going to die in the next 100 years. So, whatever the resources this earth has to provide us, is decreasing day by day. Then why shouldn’t we concerned about it? for the future generations!!

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The suffering we are having right now from the coronavirus for the last one year, then imagine how it would feel like in the future to have an oxygen supply because of the toxic air, the lesser atmospheric oxygen level in the air. You are more concerned about PETROL now, right? There would be a day in the future people may have to pay for the OXYGEN the atmospheric – NATURAL oxygen we are talking about not the one you get in hospitals!!

Just imagine the frustration of those people would have in the future, and whom would they be blaming?? Us!! don’t you think?

Welcome to our environment section in this category we will most often look at the environmental issues and how we all together must take action on it. Our tagline for this category is “WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION together BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.” – FOR THE FUTURE

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