Google Playstore & other services server down issue

Google playstore appears to have a server down issue since 4:49 PM IST as per Some users were also complaining via Twitter about the server down issue.

WhatsApp Image google playstore
Screenshot Google Playstore

When we tried to check all the google services only Google Playstore was giving server error, other services were working fine. As some users mentioned they faced server issues in Gmail, Google Search, etc. Another thing we noticed was while trying incognito mode in chrome we were able to use Google playstore without any server issue.

For now, everything seems to be working fine, as there’s no server issue showing in any of the google services. As per downdetector servers were back to normal around 6:30 PM IST. Most of the users started facing these server issues at 5:25 PM IST. Downdetector recorded over 1,20,00 issues on YouTube and nearly 40,000 on Gmail.

Updated (15/12/20): Most of the Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Playstore, Google Drive, Google Meet, Docs, etc. were globally affected on 14th Dec for over one hour due to a mass server outage issue. Across the world, users complained they were unable to access emails and some users were logged out of their ongoing Google Meet sessions.

Google spokesperson stated ”the outage of approximately 45 minutes to an internal storage quota issue and services requiring users to login experienced high error rates during this period”. The spokesperson also said ”all services are now restored and apologized to everyone affected and promising a thorough follow-up review to ensure this problem cannot recur in the future”.

As google offers many services, there are billions of people who depend on Google for their daily usage. Whether it is businesses or say a regular person everyone uses google at some point in day-to-day works. Gmail and YouTube together hold nearly 3.5 Billion global users and increasing every day, so you can imagine how many user’s data must have been stored in multiple servers across the world including other google services data.

For the same geographic region, user’s data are hosted in multiple servers across the world, and that’s why these kinds of server down issues doesn’t affect all of the users. And these servers have backups that act quickly if something goes wrong, like in this case. But this outage gains importance given that there has been increasing in users across all online services especially after the pandemic a lot of users/businesses are dependent upon Google services. There will be questions on whether the backend infrastructure of these companies is reliable for future needs.

Maybe this is another reason why Google has been ditching out some services in past like Google+, Google Play Music, and recently Google has also changed its policy on Google Photos for free unlimited storage to 15 GB storage from 1st June 2021. This clearly shows their effort towards providing reliable user usability. We should not forget that most of their users who are in billions use services for free. Hosting this much amount of data in servers is not an easy task, it costs them millions.

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