How Indian Culture; Lifestyle is affected by Modernization?

We all want to live a healthy, balanced & peaceful lifestyle. Most of us do know the ways to achieve it. We all enviously follow or dream for a successful career with a balanced lifestyle. But the real question is, are we all aware & prepared to make efforts in what is simple but necessary to achieve it?

We don’t!!!

We know all the operations of Machines, Instruments, Automobiles & how to operate them. But we forget the simplest methods & mechanisms of this Ultimate Machine that consists of the physical body & mind. This is where the term ”Dharma” comes into the picture. Though the meaning of this word has more depth than oceans, we are just scratching the surface here for our good. One of its simple meaning of it is “Lifestyle” which is Ideal in all aspects.


Our Ancestors have thought this through & presented (preserved) this precious knowledge in the form of simple techniques, methods, stories to further generations. Do we know that in our Mythology moon has 27 wives which represents its 27 constellations & its effect on earth?

As the effect of Modern & Western Lifestyle on our culture, we have accepted unlike habits in our day to day life which are leading us to diseases. Due to our inferiority complex, we don’t even appreciate what we have been offered by our culture & we blindly go after what comes from the west. We ignore gifts of inherent knowledge evolved & rectified in thousands of years in our culture & we tend to attract which is presented to us, developed in a couple of hundred years.


For example, Yoga was considered as hocus-pocus until the last 10 years in western countries. But now they have accepted it as important as body workouts. They are marketing this ancient technique with star models & actors. By copying them we also started Yoga in western style by paying enormous fees to instructors. In short, irrespective of the fact that it has originated by us we follow only if it is practiced by westerns. This inferiority complex we have to overcome.

Earlier it was the common modern mindset that the ”Fasting” is crook & we should eat in every 3 hours. We must not keep our stomachs empty. But with ”Billion dollar research in Oxford, they have come to the conclusion recently that frequent consumption without complete digestion in the stomach increases cancer-causing agents in our body & one must keep the stomach empty in a particular period in order to clean our body system naturally. This was the main reason behind Fastings in our culture which was attached to Godly devotions & followed by people from Generations with faith.

Here point to keep in mind that I am not opposing what we have been offered by Modern science. But modern Science only considers the health of our physical body. It doesn’t consider the simple as well as a complex relationship between body & mind. Some great scientists have said that if we use our most brainpower in a lifetime we can only use 10% of our full brain potential. It means 90%, most of our brain remains unconscious or unexpressed. Modern science neglect the strength of this unconscious mind.

The basic difference between science & spirituality which our culture offers is that science demands that you first do it, get proof & then believe it which is correct in its place. On the other hand, our culture or spirituality asks us to believe (start from having faith) first & then you will get its proof. Now the time has come to introspect what our culture has provided us & apply to our current fast lifestyle with rational meaning not blindly. In short following ”Dharma ” will cover everything from your diet habits, day-to-day activities, beliefs, thought process, attire, prayers, etc.

meditation -

Now the next question arises: should we follow the rituals/cultures inherited from thousands of years as it is? The answer we may conclude is NO!!! WHY SO? These practices, rituals, or followings, though are most effective but were designed thousands of years ago for the community. The needs, lifestyle & thought processes years before were totally different as of today & we cannot follow them blindly in our current fast lifestyle. It will again create a mess. The only middle way is to check these practices on the basis of simple logical science & apply them to our current lifestyle. It is the only middle way towards a better lifestyle.

We have barely scratched the surface on this deep subject. In future blogs, we will dig deep to see some simple & effective practices for a balanced lifestyle. If you feel our blogs are helpful please do comment & share with others who may require it.

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