How Modernization is Transforming our Lifestyle?

While reading this, I want readers to introspect this article with their Lifestyle… There is always a scope for improvement in everyone’s life.

I did an experiment One night, I sent a message to all my friends & family members with a simple question… What do you want to achieve in your lifetime? What answers I received till morning was very interesting.

That night I came to know the actual behavior of humans. Some answered that they want to be very Rich, some wanted Luxurious houses & sports cars, some want to achieve a professional position in their field, some want to achieve dream turn over of their business, some want to build a small house in the village & stay with family happily, some want to do social charity to orphans & old ages, some want a dream physique, some of them didn’t even know what they want.

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That night I understood that we all have different views of dream life, but we all run on the same track. We all want to cook different dishes with the same recipe. It is just like that story in which Tiger, Monkey, Fish, Frog are told to climb a tree. And fish spends its life thinking it cannot do anything. That’s where it creates a mess. There is nothing wrong with dreams but in the methods to achieve them. It should be like a fairy tale but with a calculated plan & milestones. Only dreaming without any actions only kills our potential & lowers our self-respect.

We all have different interests but we run on a single stream. That is what leads us to frustration. Because we do not know where to focus & how much.

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We dream of a lavish lifestyle with all facilities in smaller rooms, flats (I called it cubicles). We surround all our day around electronic gadgets. If we can observe we will find that we cannot spend even a few minutes without checking mobile, chats, email, etc. In the morning or night, we could not bear without checking a friend’s activities on social media. Unconsciously we became attached to it. Checking on Friends on Facebook or Instagram is like allowing 100 people in your bedroom through mobile.

This is an uncommon behavior we got with our lifestyle & has become a new normal. It is what creating stress, and to fool ourselves we go once a month to a Sanctuary or Tracking to find ourselves peace. Mostly we mixed up Pleasure & Happiness. Pleasure is a materialistic thing, which makes us dependable on external things like phones, Whereas Happiness is a state of mind. It need not be dependent on any external thing it comes from inside, the moment you decide to be happy where you are.

It comes from understanding & Knowledge of what is enough. If people around the table put their Problems on the table & are given choice to interchange. After some time everyone will take back their own problems. For e.g. if today you and your 55 years old boss would be given choice to interchange life, who do you think will be luckier? You or your 55-year-old boss!!!

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We are continuously running & running without knowing where we want to reach. We run behind Money, Health, Relationships, Ambition without knowing what we actually want. Although everything is necessary for sufficient amounts, but running behind without knowing where to stop, is nothing but Greed. It is never-ending. We cannot achieve peace with this state of mind. We will always have something to run behind. Always there will be someone who we will find luckier than us. But that doesn’t make us less fortunate.

What is enough for me? is the real question to be asked, Whether it is a Professional, Personal, or Social part. For example, One may want to be a Billionaire. For this, one may have to work day & night in his Business. That will compromise his time with family, friends, and health. We should always know what we want in our life & how much! Ultimately, our choices shape our lives. There is a quote “Best thing about knowing yourself is having knowledge of what is enough for you’’.

In short, we all have Dreams, not Aims… we all are seeking Happiness but settling for Pleasure. In future articles, we will look into how more effectively we can take charge of our life & simple but effective tools from various sources.

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