How Osmose Technology fooled everyone with Tasks?

Osmose Technology scam, may be the weirdest scam you may have ever heard or may have seen in your entire life. We will see how with the help of Tasks they fooled everyone.


Bonus: A very important video (about the bogus revenue model) is at the calculation part. Pune Police knew about this scam yet they didn’t took any actions against these scammers …read more.

Innocent people from all across
the Country were fooled
by Osmose Technology

If you are still wondering what this scam is all about then don’t forget to read Osmose Technology Scam. We hope you might have already aware of the (MLM) Direct selling guidelines, below is the image of the Maharashtra State Government 2019 Act. Everything this company did was level income, for more downlines/members = more money which is a totally fraudulent (Ponzi pyramid) way of earning money.

MAHA Gov on Direct selling
Maharashtra State Government
Direct Selling 2019 Act.

One of their Team leaders was openly challenging anyone to file FIR on Osmose Technology. “Agar MAA ka Dudh Piya hai to Osmose Technology pe FIR Kar k dikhao” this is what he was saying in the below audio.

One of their Team Leader Openly Challenging to
file FIR on Osmose Technology

Time Frame of this entire scam

This scam started in the name of Osmose Technology somewhere in the month of March 2020. Circulating their companies legal documents etc to gain user trust and their bank account details for paying 1200 Rs subscription amount. In the beginning, they were taking subscription amounts directly into their bank accounts (users had to send 1200 Rs directly to their provided bank account).

Osmose Technology Bank Details
Osmose Technology Bank Details

As user subscriptions started to increase day-by-day in the name of 20Rs per day for a lifetime, they started to get some issues with banks and especially for the withdrawals they were giving to users. Their bank accounts were then freezed for suspicious activities, that’s when they started this so-called international business by the name OSM Software Solutions which they said was established in Dubai in 2020 (but it was fake there was nothing in Dubai).

Later when they stopped taking subscriptions through bank account, and they started to give users new options to top-up new users account within website, we believe by this method they have evaded taxes in crores, as we will never come to know those transactions from the bank because they were happening within website transactions for new subscribers. You can see this proof in the below video.

20Rs for a lifetime was available in their so-called national plan in which they fooled everyone by giving 1200 vouchers for their so-called e-commerce website you can read this in detail in the 1st blog. Shubhangi Pataskar (Vaibhav Pataskar’s wife) stepped down as Director of Osmose Technology in the month of October 2020. The point to note here in this time frame of March to October is how did they managed to earn money in 2.5 lakhs per day in this period without any apps??

They introduced apps in the month of November by Mindskill Pvt. Ltd (Owner of the company is Vaibhav Pataskar who is actually the mastermind of this entire scam) in which they were claiming their revenue model is based on advertisements which we believe is totally bogus (you will understand it in the calculation part below). Then how did they managed to earn that much amount of money in the month of September? Obviously, the money they were collecting from users that’s what was circulating within the users. See, that’s a money-circulation scam.

Former Director Avinash Asabe’s
Earning proofs

Don’t forget to listen to this audio of Pradip Shevale who is a member of their core team in this company. They were possibly earning 5 Lakhs per day at that time and we have Avinash Asabe’s details that he was earning 2.5 lakhs per day.


In this below video, you can see this person Pradip Shevale talking while launching their bogus international plan, and also Vaibhav Pataskar is talking by call.

In the month of February, 1st week, they suddenly stopped giving payouts to users and we believe their cryptocurrency wallets were freezed for suspicious activity just like we have seen in ICICI, and HDFC accounts were freezed in November 2020.

This company’s national plan was a total money-circulation scam, and the so-called international OSM Software solution was money circulation + money generation through illegal ads click. This whole scam can be named not just money-circulation but also gaming subscription scam.

Tasks to fool

In tasks we don’t have to say anything, you can see by yourself in these below videos that how they used users to increase their social media user base (users were getting paid for this because tasks were compulsory from November 2020) and made them play games which are also illegal in every way. In one of their tasks, there were even Adult ads were shown to the users.

Task Video 1
Task Video 2
Task Video 3
Task Video 4
Task Video 5
Task Video 6
Task Video 7

A Final Calculation

This will prove not just about this scam being money circulation but also the fact that this might be more than a 500 crores scam, as per valuation.


We have seen in the above time frame that they were taking 1200Rs in National and 2400 Rs in International plan both plans had 120 days auto-renewable subscriptions means whatever money you used to earn after 120 days again 1200rs/2400 rs used to get deducted from the users account. Hey, we hope you are smart enough to understand this!! Don’t you get this? Don’t scratch your head!! other than being the money circulation just by 1st subscription after 120 days again they had taken 1200Rs then how much is that?

That’s why we believe this scam is more than 500 crores, we are not going to explain it in detail now. As it seems our hard work for exposing this scam has already been wasted because of political support to these scammers, then it’s of no use. But you can calculate this by yourself.

In the below video this Avinash Asabe is explaining how they were earning money from games (by ads), it is bogus. In this video, he seems to be showing ad revenue of Boo’s adventure which is one of their game, you can see the maximum per day earning seems to be 11 $ i.e 792 Rs right? Then say for other 5 games too if we take same maximum earnings then by multiplying 792 x 5= 3960 Rs. Hey, you still there? See, this is what they were actually earning per day from ads in games, let’s say YouTube and all other website earning be 10 thousand per day, then that’s total near 15 thousand. Let’s even consider 20 thousand per day was earning from whatever ads they were showing.

Then how for god’s sake were they giving payouts in lakhs per day?? Don’t you get that? There was never enough revenue through ads yet users in the name of easy money earning opportunity got fooled by these scammers. Whatever they did was such a low level of scam we have no words for that.

Edutrade coverup

Now, that they have caught red-handed in Osmose Technology and OSM Software these same people with different directors have come up with this new company named Edutrade. We had already mentioned this in the Kotak Bank task (audio proof is at the end).


You can listen to the audio below about this scam cover-up.

In this below video you can see OSM Software official channel is showing how to use coupon code given by their website for Edutrade.

To be honest, we are not saying this is a scam, but afterall people are the same so it’s up to you if you want to join them. Again we are not saying Edutrade is a scam but if you want to see what they are doing in this, then look at the below video.

You can earn up to 9 lakh per month in this new made-up coverup of the previous scams, they had already made crores of money per person (core members and directors) in their previous 2 bogus Osmose and OSM Software, and they are just manipulating innocent lower-middle-class people in the name of easy money earning opportunities. May God save this country.

We have no more interest in writing on this scam and the people behind this scam anymore as even after presenting all the proofs, Pune police are not able to take any action, because?? of the shitty politics!!. This is the last part of our blog series in which we tried to add as much audio and video proofs that how Osmose Technology fooled innocent people of India in the name of “get rich quick schemes”.

You can read about the comments we are getting on our Facebook page, some of them seem to lose money in this scam. Who is going to pay them? hmm? These politicians who are supporting these scammers? Pune Police? Government? who?? Nothing makes sense in this country anymore. Police Judiciary is below politicians that’s what we are seeing nowadays. Politicians will decide who is guilty and who isn’t?

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share as everyone should know about this scam so that in the future nobody should fall for such low-level scams in the name of easy money earning.

The Osmose Scam 2020.

The end.

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