How to stay fit and lose weight without exercising

Are you hearing me out? Losing weight without exercise! Yes, indeed this is true. Most people spend their time at a desk for work or studies. You may not find much time to exercise or go to a gym to stay fit. You can burn calories by a good workout but without exercise is it possible?

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Exercising is a way to lose weight but it is not the only way to do it. Without exercising you can still control your weight and improve your health. We are here for you to find the best solution to your problem. We have prepared a well-planned routine for you to follow. If you are eager enough to lose weight you must check out our list given below. 


Quantity meal- Eating a healthy and balanced diet is what people follow. But they often don’t pay attention to the quantity of food we eat. Eating a heavy breakfast can keep you active all day long. For a good start to the day, you should never skip your breakfast. It is recommended to have a light dinner for a good sleep a heavy tummy is not a good sign. Also, for better digestion eating a heavy meal in a day is better as compared to having it at night.

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Eating habits- People usually watch television, use mobile phones, work, or get engage in other activities while having their meal. All these are a distraction that should be avoided while eating. Eating quickly may also cause weight gain thus you should slow down and chew thoroughly. If you are eating unhealthy food you can use small plates for fewer portions. Eating on a red color plate may also help you to eat less as it is an alert signal color. Eating regularly on time will also help to maintain fitness. If you are eating unhealthy food, you can use small and red plates.


Avoid stress- Stress is also a valid key factor in gaining weight. People are stressed with work pressure, life problems, and whatnot. Taking stress is not going to solve any problems but it will affect your health. Stress leads to irregular diets, an upset mind, and various health problems. The more you take stress, the more it will affect your life. So simply avoid stress and stay healthy and happy.

Sleeping habits- A person should sleep at least 8 to 9 hrs for a healthy lifestyle. If you are not doing so it is going to affect your health. Lack of sleep may lead to stress and that will make you unfit. Due to irregular sleeps and stress your health may be at risk of several diseases.

Cook your food- You are always welcome to eat in restaurants but you should start to learn to cook. Cooking your food is the way you can prepare a meal of your kind. With less oil, spices, and quantity you can easily cook food that suits your appetite. This is a possible way to lose weight and maintain good physical health. Cooking your food could be a good hobby or a good time to enjoy yourself.

What to eat- Your plate should have the following food items:


Protein- Protein is a major element that completes a balanced and healthy diet. It has powerful effects on your appetite. It helps to gain fewer calories and also reduces hunger. You should eat eggs in your breakfast as they are high in protein and serve you a heavy breakfast. Other protein-rich food items like meat, fish, seafood, poultry are good to consume once a day or two days. Even dairy products or probiotics like yogurt, milk, cheese should be included in your meal.

Fiber- Food items rich in fiber are not to be skipped in a healthy meal. Fiber-rich food helps you feel fuller for a longer duration. Food items like lentils, sprouts, grains, fruits, and vegetables are highly rich in fiber. Even white potatoes help to gain weight, thus you should replace them with sweet potatoes. At least once a day, you should have a meat-free meal. These items along with more amount of protein make your diet healthy and help you lose weight.

What not to eat-  Avoid the following food items in your meal:

Bread- Bread is high in carbs and contains a lot of added sugar. Eating white bread daily has a risk of gaining weight and obesity. If you are on a low-calorie diet that includes whole grains, you can eat brown bread which is prepared from 100% wheat. But brown bread can add some pounds, so the best advice would be to avoid bread in your meal.

Diet food- Diet food has a high amount of added sugar which is bad for health. Even your breakfast like cereals, oats are nutritious but they have sugar more as compared to sweets and desserts. It would increase the risk of weight gain, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Thus, avoiding diet food is a must.

What to drink- Drinking water regularly is one of the most essential elements. The more hydrated you are, the fewer health problems you get. You can drink black coffee, vegetable juice, ginger tea, green tea, or high protein drinks. These are some healthy beverages you should have in your diet plan.

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What not to drink- You should eliminate sugary drinks or soft drinks like soda, diet coke, powdered drinks, sports, and energy drinks. These drinks are associated with an increased risk of many diseases. If you stay away from these beverages you will be already losing weight and it is also a part of a good health plan. You can replace them with fruit and vegetable juices. You should avoid drinking alcohol. If you want to drink, stick to wine instead.

I hope this blog helped you out well. If you follow it regularly, you might see changes in your body weight as well as improved health. I wish you a healthy and better lifestyle. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and family.

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