Iamonmedia Scam was promoted through News!!

Iamonmedia Pvt Ltd. a Mumbai-based IT company was being promoted in the name of Make in India from a number of national News media channels like DD News, ABP News, and some local news channels.

We have seen many scams going around in the name of Make in India / Made in India / Atmanirbhar Bharat in India and in reality these so-called IT-Company’s have been doing some Multi-Level-Marketing to lure financially vulnerable people in the name of advertisement revenue model. We all know how pathetic our system is and even after exposing them none of the so-called big media houses are even interested to show these scams happening in India, why would they even show it after all victims are some lower middles class families.

It’s a trend in India that when people come to the streets demanding some justice and do protests over scams then only these so-called Media channels will show that to run their own propaganda. (Exclusive – Super-exclusive – Breaking news) to gain their TRP ratings, what we are writing here is only concerned with some poor people who lose their hard-earned money for these so-called scammers.Anyways we will always try to expose scams be it some 1 crore or thousand crores, and be it politicians or some big influential person, we don’t care.

If you notice in all the 3 videos here in which this person Dileep Mishra who is the director of this company nowhere he mentions that his company was doing some ROI/MLM kind of plan in his business, he is only talking about the app details and all features (which seems to be copied, even logo’s) how Indian’s should earn from these apps (Made in India).

(Read: Iamon Social Media Scam)

Just look at the number of views in this YouTube video from ABP News had, near 34 thousand, and imagine how many people would have seen it on Television. Don’t you think when you see an ad on the television or somewhere else you will trust it the most? This company and this person just used this medium to gain common people’s trust. Which then led to trust a Ponzi Pyramid scam? There were two options though in this company which was not in the case of Osmose Technology scam, that they had working and non-working plans.

iamon social media scam business plan

Working means you will have to pay for 1500 Rs subscription for 120 days and you will get 25 Rs daily for a lifetime and more the people you refer and then it goes on like a chain-network i.e more the downlines you have more the money you get from it, You can just think about it from the above image which is their plan (this company calls it ROI – return on investment). And in the non-working plan, you don’t have to pay anything, you can just use apps. We can’t be sure how much money he has raised through this ROI plan, but what we can do see that this was indeed a scam in the name of Make in India apps.

IAMON Scam MD Dileep Mishra ON DD NEWS
Iamon Indian social media (Scam) DD news

You can see in all these videos above nowhere he mentions the plan they were running behind the back. We hope the government and investigation authorities will soon take action against such scammer companies. These people have no true intentions of running the business but to generate some easy money and then just ditch it, that’s what it looks like in all the scams we have seen till now.

We, request you not to fall for such easy-money-making schemes in the name of (MLM) marketing and especially in the name of Make in India / Made in India /Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share, all these scams which have been started since the lockdown need to be exposed soon or these people just get away with the common people’s money and some more new scammers will come up with such business plan as our authorities are lazy enough to find these scams. If we can find these scams through the internet then why can’t the police can do it? We need some educated people to be in the Police or the government must come up with some new solution to curb these kinds of scams in India.

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