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In the search of Higgs boson – The God particle

HIGGS BOSON – The GOD PARTICLE, some of you might know about this and some don’t… so today we are going to know something new, something interesting about particle physics and the significance of the Higgs boson also known as god particle.

We all know that matter is made of atoms and that atoms are made of smaller ingredients such as the proton, neutron, and electron. Proton and neutron are made of quarks, but the electron isn’t. So far we can say quarks and electron are fundamental particles.

So what is this new thing called Higgs boson (God particle), does it has any significance in particle theory? or is it going to change the perspective of people about the elementary particle. So let’s get started with this informative and interesting blog.

Firstly it is necessary for all of us to let this know that the Higgs boson is wholely related to the mass of the elementary particle. The main purpose of the Higgs field is to provide each fundamental particle with its own mass. A particle mass determines how much it resists changing its speed or position when it encounters a force. The photon which is the particle of light and carries electromagnetic force has no mass at all.

What is Higgs boson?

MuonRayCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

MASS- 125.10 GeV/c2

DISCOVERED- LHC (2011-2013)

MEAN LITEFIME- 1.56*10-22 sec (predict)





The Higgs boson is the fundamental particle associated with the Higgs field, a field that gives mass to other fundamental particles such as electrons and quarks.

Higgs boson was proposed in 1964 by Peter Higgs and four other theorists to explain why a particle has mass. Scientists confirmed its existence in 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Switzerland.

So how is Higgs boson created? When two protons collide within the LHC, it is their constituent quarks and gluons that interact with one another, this high energy interaction through a well-predicted quantum effect produces a Higgs boson that would immediately transform or decay into lighter particles that ATLAS and CMS could observe. This is how the Higgs boson is generated or we could say this is how we can come to know about the existence of the Higgs field in which all this takes place.

What is Higgs field?

Mecanismo de Higgs PH
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The Higgs field is a field of energy that is sought to exist in every region of the universe. The field is accompanied by a fundamental particle known as the Higgs boson, which is used by the field to continuously interact with other particles, such as electron particles which interact with the field are given mass and in a similar fashion to an object passing through a track will become slower as they pass through it.

The result of a particle gaining mass from the field is the prevention of its ability to travel at the speed of light. mass is however gained by the particle via their Higgs field interaction with the Higgs boson. Higgs boson contains relative mass in the form of energy and once the field has endowed a formerly massless particle, the particle in question will slow down as it has now become heavy.

If the Higgs field did not exist particles would not have the mass required to attract one another and would float freely at the speed of light. Also, gravity would not exist because mass would not be there to attract other masses.

What is the Large Hadron Collider?

Views of the LHC tunnel sector 3-4,tirage 2
Views of the LHC tunnel sector 3-4
Maximilien Brice (CERN)CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LHC is the worlds largest and most powerful particle accelerator, it is a 27 km ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of particle along the way

Inside the accelerator, two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide. the beam traveling in the opposite direction in separate beam pipes at ultra-high vacuum, they are guided around the accelerator ring by a strong magnetic field maintained by superconducting magnets, which is cooled by liquid helium at (-271.30c).

All the control for the accelerator, its services and technical infrastructure are housed under one roof at CERN control centre.

So we can say that LHC is an eye-opener when it discovered the famous Higgs boson and confirmed its position in the standard model of physics. It proved the existence of an invisible process that performs the fundamentally important role of giving all other particles their mass or substance. It is a big step on a journey towards understanding how the universe varies and there is much to come.

The next collision of proton may reveal something about the majority of matter that exists but yet not seen, the stuff known as DARK MATTER.

To read in detail, you can visit the official website of CERN here.

Please let us know your opinion on Higgs boson (God particle) and don’t forget to share if you like this blog.

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