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IPL 2021 Postponed due to Covid-19 Surge in Bio-Bubble

The remaining IPL 2021 matches have been indefinitely suspended by the BCCI this afternoon, recent developments in the bio-bubble have led to this decision in the emergency meeting held by the BCCI.

BCCI has officially stated in its blog on IPL’s website here about postponing the event.

It was certainly clear that after the news of Wridhiman Saha being Covid positive the whole SRH team was slated to be in quarantine and today Mumbai Indians match was to be played with SRH which might have led to an urgent decision by the BCCI for postponing the IPL 2021. An earlier breach in the KKR camp had also led to the postpon of the match between KKR vs RCB.

Other than that CSK camp has also been confirmed of the covid case in their team, to bowling coach L Balaji. Amit Mishra has also been tested positive for covid-19. These increasing cases day-by-day in the bio-bubble have also raised the question that how come even after BCCI promised to protect every player these breaches were possible in the bio-bubble.

IPL 2021 Mismanagement?

BCCI is the governing body of IPL that had earlier promised every safety protocol for the covid-19, but we can clearly see that it was not enough whatever was done for the safety procedures. This is not for the first time any sports event was being organized under the bio-bubble. But one thing we should also accept that it’s not easy to conduct IPL itself, especially in this pandemic situation given the fact that there are 8 teams and every franchise has so many players, staff, management members, and some of their family members.

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It is really tough to even give this whole tournament a Green signal, but the question is, why did IPL 2021 was started at the time when our country was started to get more number of daily covid-19 cases? As we were in the 2nd wave of covid-19 since March 2021 and IPL 2021 was started on April 9th.

We can say that this decision to give a green signal to have a big tournament like this at the time of the pandemic itself was wrong. There is clear mismanagement by the BCCI in this case. We should have learned something from the previous edition of the play in Dubai which was successfully held in the previous year.

IPL 2021 Bio-Bubble Pressure

It’s easy to say, by sitting on your couch at home that these players play for the money, what else do they care?? But, that’s not the case. To us, it may be easy to say these things to those players in the bio-bubble, but what do we know what they might have been going through mentally? Ask the simple question to any IT worker (or you might as well working from home) don’t you feel some difference in working pre-pandemic and now. How, you are dealing with this don’t you care about the money.

The same goes for the players, even though some of the players might not have wanted to play in this tournament, but may had to play for the reason. But the question what we should ask is why we have to risk these players’ life for the mere Entertainment of ours???? And we have also seen some players left the tournament citing personal reasons.

It is not at all easy to play an entire tournament in the bio-bubble for so long time, players do go through mental illness but who cares, Right?

Are players mere Entertainment?

Some people or say even the government was saying that IPL 2021 was being held for entertainment for the people in this pandemic situation and people to stay at home. Do you see any logic in that? Why do the players need to risk their lives for our entertainment? Besides don’t we have some other sorts of entertainment?

Why don’t we should accept the fact that the Lockdown in our country itself is like the wearing “Lungi”. Upar se tight, niche se dhila.

We should accept that we have failed in stopping this 2nd wave of Covid-19 rather than getting behind a Sports Tournament citing Entertainment. Whether it’s the Central Government, State Government, and citizen of this country (only those who don’t follow the guidelines).

Even Sports players have their life like us, families like us. Why shouldn’t we care about them too?

If for some reason you believe that the government wanted this tournament because it will give some job opportunities to some people, then why do we have PARTIAL LOCKDOWN in some states? Everyone should work then, don’t you think? Who cares about the people who are solely dependent on daily wages? Are you willing to support them financially? No, why should anyone do that, right?

See, this debate will go on, some saying IPL 2021 shouldn’t have canceled right now, or it shouldn’t have started in the first place. The important thing we should care about at the moment is the safe returning of every player and franchise member to their home, especially foreign players. Just think about it!! what may have been going through the foreign player’s families right now seeing the Covid-19 daily cases in India.

Let us know what you think about the IPL 2021 in the comments section below.

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