Is Kotak Mahindra Bank part of an MLM Scam?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd a so-called IT company from Pune has just used its users in the name of tasks and one of the tasks was opening Kotak Mahindra Bank 811 zero balance account.

If you are wondering what this scam is all about, then please read all these blog post parts we have written against this company. Osmose Technology Scam Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. And most importantly don’t forget to read about this person a so-called Advocate of this company Anand Bhagat urf Ananda Devidas Bhagat, he is a world-famous Advocate, Attorney, Lawyer every title is applied to him. Even Shani Dev has an eye on him.

This company started taking gaming subscriptions 1200 and later 2400 Indian rupees, and used all of their users to like, subscribe, to their social media channels and all kind of things in the name of tasks (you will understand this part in previous blogs) and when they realized that this MLM based structure won’t survive with just Advertisement (which is actually bogus- this goes against Google Adsense policy) revenue they started to promote Share marketing apps (Upstox, angel trading) and especially Kotak Mahindra Bank account opening task to their users. You can see below in a YouTube video one of their core members giving instructions through their YouTube channel.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Task Osmose Technology Scam
Kotak Mahindra Bank Task Osmose Technology Scam
Kotak Mahindra Bank Task Part 2 Osmose Technology Scam
Kotak Mahindra Bank Task Part 2 Osmose Technology Scam

In another video below you can actually see one of their user showing how to complete this Kotak Mahindra Bank account opening task process through their Osmose Technology website. At the beginning at exact 0:15 seconds, you can see other tasks which we mentioned above (this company just used everyone to set up their own social media presence as nowadays people judge anything by social media presence of a company or a website, for instance, nobody will trust us because we are a new website and new to blogging world & most importantly we don’t have a strong social media presence). You can clearly see there is a Category – Account opening and Link – Click here. option in that web page.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Task: user completing task Osmose Technology SCAM
Kotak Mahindra Bank Task: user completing task
Osmose Technology SCAM

So, what do you think what this link means to Osmose Technology. “Of course MONEY“. The only thing they care about.

Kotak Mahindra Bank marketing

Just like any other banking or apps (Upstox, Angel Broking), you might have seen some referral programs and affiliate marketing programs. For affiliate marketing amazon is one of the best examples, in both affiliate and refer and earn for example – The company ‘X’ promoting product or service > we being the middle man who tries to promote a company’s product or service > to you who purchase the product or uses the service of the company, then we get a certain commission for referring you to the company as simple as that. There are no more people are involved in it. You might have already referred many people to Google Pay, Phonepe, etc there is no MLM structure in it. Right?

Just like that Kotak Mahindra Bank also has a referral program through which one can earn 250 Rs per successful new bank account opening for 811 zero balance, now this can either be done if a person is already their member or we have seen some website promoting Kotak Mahindra Bank as an affiliate marketing partner you can visit the websites from these provided links – link_1, link_2, link_3, link_4, link_5, link_6, link_7, link_8, link_9.

There’s one more app we have seen doing the same by the name OneCode which is available in the Google play store they actually give you 275 Rs per referral, you can just search it on YouTube you can see there are many videos available on Kotak Mahindra Bank referral 275 Rs benefit. We are not questioning any of these above-mentioned apps or affiliate programs neither we are accusing Kotak Mahindra Bank of anything illegal for having referral or Affiliate marketing.

But the question we are asking is how come this company Osmose Technology is generating revenue through the Kotak Mahindra Bank referral program? As there is an MLM-based model of working and this company is just making fool out of every user by saying to complete the task to get per day earnings. These above-mentioned websites don’t work on some MLM-based model they are providing affiliate links/ codes through which you or anyone can earn money, then how come this company has it in its MLM-based model and running some other company’s affiliate marketing?

Do this Osmose Technology and Kotak Mahindra Bank have any legal bindings, partnerships that they are promoting Kotak Mahindra Bank account? If yes then Kotak Mahindra Bank should tell everyone on what basis they have given permission to a so-called scam company this marketing work, or if no then Kotak Mahindra Bank must officially give a statement that they don’t have any link or partnership in the marketing of their services with Osmose Technology. Which will then left us with the question that who is paying Osmose Technology for promoting the Kotak Mahindra Bank account opening?

Scam Cover-up

Here comes the new twist in this money-circulation scam (Osmose Technology Scam). In the month of February 1st or 2nd week, this company had suddenly stopped giving payouts and told their users that they are now working on something new model (it’s a cover-up actually) so they stopped all the tasks and everything, saying their website is under maintenance mode. What we have seen above, was about how come Osmose Technology was promoting the Kotak Mahindra Bank task!! but what you are about to listen to in this below audio raises some really big questions!!!!! in which Kotak Mahindra Bank might get in trouble, Yes!! there’s a possibility. Just listen to them in the below audio.

OSM Software Scam call recording between Avinash Asabe and Team leader
OSM Software Solutions Scam call recording
between Avinash Asabe and Team leader

“Balle Balle” seems like he is soo happy, this person Avinash Asabe (he was director of this company, then suddenly all three members replaced by two new Directors on 1st Anniversary of this company. In within one year directors were changed 3 times and still, these people are with this company as core members, maybe there is some pratha in their directorship that in every 4 months new Directors are appointed) that everything is going butter smooth, that nobody will be able to catch them with their Scam work, just because now they are covering-up. But the bigger question is who is helping them??

A very basic question first we can raise is that if since the beginning of their business if they were not doing anything wrong why did they changed their plan soo many times, especially now they are trying to come up with some educational platform (there’s already same kind of scams going around in the name of education or some website building they ask people to recruit more people, it also works on MLM model- more recruits more money circulation) so that they can explain that why they are taking subscription amount from people.

In the month of November HDFC and ICICI banks freezed this company’s bank accounts (actually for suspicious activities), that’s what the company said to their users, and that was the real reason they started a new so-called International business (dollars and cryptocurrencies), but wait the question is if the company was doing any suspicious activity did HDFC and ICICI banks reported it to the RBI? Just ask any genuine company owners if they are having any issues with their bank accounts do they just close their bank accounts and open some new International Business? (in dollars and crypto’s).

The biggest question about KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK‘s involvement in this scam comes here is that how come they didn’t question this company over the transactions they were having in International Business? other than AdSense what was their source of income? We had already proved in our previous blogs that it’s impossible to give users everyday payout with just AdSense earnings, it’s not at all feasible. In fact, the tasks they give to users violets Google policy on AdSense (you can read about it in detail in previous blogs). Obviously, they were paying out with the pool of money generated through the subscription amount, these lines are enough to understand that this is a money-circulation scam (Ponzi Pyramid).

But, now when they are trying to cover up if you have clearly listened to the above audio that he is saying at 1:35 minutes that all these users they have will be made as agents or employees, so to increase their transaction limit. Users he is saying are 32 Lakh, so Kotak Mahindra Bank will be having these many news bank accounts!! And at 3:30 minutes listen he has mentioned now they will not do MLM!!! There is a serious need for RBI to look into this matter.

Listen to him carefully at 5:20 minutes he says “jitna aap dekhoge unta he aapko milega”, did you got that? we will leave it to you (Thoda apna b dimag use karo – aur creative bano) there’s a lot of question raises here from this audio of one of their core member (at present) Avinash Asabe (former Director of Osmose Technology). We will leave it to you to understand.

Wow!! now they will be having a new name OSM Software and Solutions!! in international, it was OSM Software Solutions, in National Osmose Technology, why change name every time they come up with something new? And if you don’t know they announced that this OSM Software solution was established in Dubai (there is no such registered entity).

about OSM software solutions
Osmose Technology Scam
OSM Software Solutions

So question is that some company just comes up with a gaming subscription and runs MLM-based business model saying their revenue model is through advertisement later they make users do certain tasks, made to open bank accounts even made immature users come into trading apps like Upstox and Angel broking (share market – wonder why there’s so much volatility nowadays in share market a little reason would be this also), then when they are caught red-handed of doing a money-circulation scam suddenly they start to change the whole business so to prove they are doing business legally?

If this is the case then just Governments, legal authorities must come forward and say this is acceptable you can do some level of scam and cover-up yourself, then we the unemployed engineers in India will show you how the business is done. We will make sure to loot half of the country in a year in the name of MLM- business, how does that sound? Enough is enough we won’t be tolerating any of these marketing tactics of companies just to make some easy money, they target the financially vulnerable people and lure them to make some easy money by having more downlines (recruiting new members) under them.

The government needs to step in and make sure every company follows the guidelines, and here in this case of Kotak Mahindra Bank we are only asking is that, if they don’t have any marketing deal/partnership with this company then they should come forward and make an official statement to clear things out. We are not accusing anything against this bank but there is clearly some connection. Which only they are able to answer.

In the upcoming days if possible we will try to write a separate blog on how Osmose Technology actually used their own user’s money and time to set up their business, and we will also be adding some videos through our YouTube channel as proof that they were working against the Google Adsense policy and manipulating the viewership by paying them the same money they generated through users.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, etc to get new blogs related to this scam, and also make sure to read all the 7 parts we have already written on this scam.

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to share we need to expose this company Osmose Technology soon enough, or else they might just escape with the cover-up as this scam is based on IT Services there’s always a chance of manipulating in it.

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