Devgad Beach: Photo by Darshan Sawardekar

Konkan Diaries: Untouched Beautiful Beaches of Maharashtra

Beach, when we talk about this word our mind starts imagining a picture that includes a blue sea with white ocean waves, untouched sands, coconut trees, beautiful cloudy sky and you are alone or on a less crowded beach.

If you want to see this actual scene, then you have come to the right page. I will introduce you to unexplored or less explored, untouched beaches of Konkan in Maharashtra that you must visit before their beauty went by commercialization. 

Konkan Region

There are many hidden beaches in Konkan that I know, but we can’t cover all hidden beaches in one blog. So I am introducing 5 hidden unexplored beaches of Konkan, Maharashtra.

Before proceeding to beaches, first of all, you need to understand the Konkan region. Konkan is not a single place. It is the division that includes multiple districts. All beaches or any other famous tourist places are so far from each other. The Konkan region has many sides it is not only about beaches. 

konkan map
Maharashtra map – Konkan

Konkan Region is divided into six districts of Maharashtra. Basically, Konkan in Maharashtra is divided into 6 districts namely,

  1. Palghar
  2. Thane
  3. Mumbai
  4. Raigad
  5. Ratnagiri
  6. Sindhudurg

Yes, Mumbai and Thane are also part of Konkan, but the most famous districts for beautiful clean beaches are Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri. You will fall in love with their vibes and beauty. So, let’s see some of the untouched beautiful beaches which exist in the Sindhudurga and Ratnagiri districts.

Devghali Beach, Kasheli Beach Table Point 

Devghali beach
Devghali Beach
An unexplored beach in Maharashtra

Devghali beach also known as Kasheli beach located in the Ratnagiri district. There is a hidden cave that will excite you and make your trip a little adventurous. This beach has clean transparent water and you can see it under the sea across the coastline. The best point where you can enjoy the whole beauty of Devghali beach is Kasheli beach table point (link here).

Devghali beach is 59.4 km & 1 hour 53 minutes from Ganpatipule, 363 km & 9 hours away from Mumbai, 344 km & 7 hours away from Pune by road.

I advise you to avoid swimming here. If you want to soak your feet in the water just make sure you will bring the local person with you. 

Karde Beach, Dapoli

Karde beach
Karde beach
An unexplored beach in Maharashtra
Image Source: Ratnagiri Tourism (

Karde beach is situated in Dapoli, Ratnagiri which is a growing tourism area. It is a very long beach but you will find hardly one or two people here. A lot of water sports activity available only at Murud beach. This is the reason people are crowding at Murud beach. 

Karde beach is beside Murud beach, so that is why you will find lots of resorts and hotels nearby area. You won’t have water sports activity here but you’ll surely find a blue sea, greenery and of course peace here. 

Karde beach is 228 km & 5 hours away from Mumbai and 207 km & 6 hours away from Pune by road.

Tambaldeg Beach, Devgad

Tambaldeg beach
Tambaldeg beach
An unexplored beach in Maharashtra

Tambaldeg beach is located in the Sindhudurg district. The place is surrounded by water. Tambaldeg beach is nearby Devgad city which is a now trending and growing holiday destination across India. Tambaldeg beach is made up of the confluence of the Naringre river and Arabian sea. This means you can enjoy the seashore as well as the river at the same time. You must go to the Sangam point of this beach.

Tambaldeg beach map
Tambaldeg Beach
A confluence of the Naringre river and Arabian sea

You’ll find yourself alone at this beautiful beach. Here you’ll find multiple accommodation options exactly at the beach. Even you can do night camping here. The place is completely safe. I found a few foreigners doing camping here. Tambaldeg beach is 510 km & 11 hours away from Mumbai, 357km & 8 hours away from Pune, and 18km & 37 minutes away from Devgad by road.

Darshan Beach, Devgad

Darshan beach
Darshan beach
A hidden secret beach in Devgad, Sindhudurg

Darshan beach is situated in Devgad and located in a totally unseen, unnoticeable location. You can’t see this beach from anywhere. You’ll feel like you came to an unknown island. 

If you want peace and a little adventure this beach is perfect for you. No one comes here. You’ll find yourself totally alone here. Very few local fishermen come sometimes. Very very few handful people know about Darshan beach (link). Even some people know about this but they don’t know how to reach here. 

First, you have to reach Taramumbri beach which is easily accessible by vehicle. Then you have to walk till the end of Taramumberi beach. further, you have to little climb which is very easy but take little care. Then you have to trek for 10-15 minutes. While trekking you have to go through small trees, shrubs and you’ll see beautiful ocean and waves. It is easy to trek but the route is small so you have to be a little careful. You can see the below image (Google map) that shows the way to reach Darshan beach.

Darshan beach map
How to reach Darshan beach? here is the image that shows the way.

Even being one of the beautiful beaches, it is less known to the people you can see there aren’t many reviews available about this beach (link).

Nivati Beach, Vengurla

Niyati beach
Nivati beach, an unseen beach in Vengurla
Image Source: Google maps link here.

Nivati beach is one of the unseen beaches of Vengurla. There is a point at the one side of the beach called Golden Rock point which is very beautiful and a scene from this point is just amazing and there is a fort called Nivati Fort on another side of the beach. 

If you are come to visit Devbaug or Tarkali, then you can visit this place by boat. There are people who visiting tourists Nivati Fort and Golden Rock point by boat ride. It is part of a tourism activity which you’ll love. If you are going to Nivati beach by boat from Devbag, then it won’t take too much time as it takes by road.

Nivati beach is 483km & 12 hours away from Mumbai and 420km & 8 hours away from Pune and 36km & 1 hour 20 min from Devbag by road.


I told you about some of the hidden beaches in Konkan. But you can’t judge or think about these places just by watching photos, videos or by reading blogs. 

Konkan is not just a beautiful place, it is a vibe that no one can explain to you. You must have to visit these places to feels their vibe. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with these untouched places of Maharashtra. 

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share with some travel and adventure lovers.

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