Manglik/Mangala/Kuja Dosha

A person born under the influence of Mars (Mangala) is said to have Mangala Dosha or Kuja Dosha, such a person is also called as Manglik.

Kuja (Mangala) is one of the Navagraha (Nine Planets) in the Hindu zodiac system. There is no Kundali where Kuja is not present. Kuja is gritty, fierce in nature, and also called the god of war. A person with a strong presence of Kuja in his Kundali is said to be working in Army, Police, Fire brigade, etc where people need to have the courage to work. People with Kuja dosha most often save the lives of others without caring about themselves. Kuja gives fearlessness to a person, but it also creates fear in the opposite person.

Kuja - Dosha in 8th place in Lagna Kundali
Example : Kuja – Dosha in 8th place in Lagna Kundali

Nowadays, you may have noticed people talk about Kuja dosha, when they try to find the perfect match for the marriages. So, what is this Kuja Dosha?

Lagna (Ascendant) also called a rising sign of a person in his/her Kundali, this Lagna represents the sign in the eastern horizon when you were born. Just like twelve Rashi these lagna’s also have twelve signs from Mesha (Aries) to Meena (Pisces). This changes as per time with respect to different time zones. So, when a child is born and the presence of Mangala/Kuja is in 1st place, 2nd place, 4th place, 7th place, 8th place, and 12th place from this Lagna, then a person has Kuja dosha in his Kundali.

Some people try to get the solution by saying Kuja dosha is from Chandra and Shukra place, which is wrong. This is used for papasamya, which is a tool to find out the number of doshas in a horoscope of both boy and girl before their marriage. Kuja dosha is very important in Lagna, for Kuja dosha- Kuja dosha Shanti, Kumbha vivaha, Kadali vivaha by these methods some people try to get the solution. But, in my opinion, it is not a feasible solution.

Kuja doesn’t change its place in a kundali since the birth of a child. Kuja gives different fala (affect) in different places, it depends on the presence of Kuja in a Kundali from Lagna. If a person has Kuja dosha in 1st place in Lagna then anger is his/her prime nature. In the 2nd place harsh talks, anger, and hurting someone’s sentiment unknowingly. In 4th place less happiness. In the 7th place, it affects marital status, creates arguments between spouses. 8th place affects Mangalya stana i.e if Kuja is present in 8th place it affects one’s marital status like the death of husband/wife, and chances of divorce is more. 12th place affects shayana (sleeping), arguments while sleeping.

Arguments between Couple

The above-mentioned 6 places, if it has Kuja then the person has Kuja Dosha. That means out of 12 rashis 6 rashis i.e 50% of people have Kuja Dosha. But, 4th and 12th place Kuja doesn’t have much effect. Therefore, rest 1-2-7-8 place Kuja Dosha must be seen carefully. There is nothing to worry about it. A person having Kuja Dosha in their Kundali must marry a girl/boy having Kuja Dosha, other than that Rashyadipati, Rashi, yoni, Gana, Nadi, etc to be matched before marriage is better. Papasamya is used for checking doshas in boy/girl kundali before marriage.

Breakup in Relationship/ Divorce in Marriage

Nowadays, especially in younger educated generations focus, and patience is less. Most of the people hurry for their marriage without looking into their Kundali matching with the person to be married. Shanti, Homa, and other solutions don’t necessarily give proper solutions to the problem, which leads to divorce or some other problems in marital life. By just matching one’s stars and hurrying for the marriage later gives more problems in marital life. Which then creates stress, arguments in relations, etc. In some Kundali, bonding between two people, i.e intimacy finds to be less. If both bride and groom to be married kundali have this, it must be avoided at any cost. Otherwise, there may be problems.

People having Kuja Dosha must proceed with patience for their marriage life. Subramanya Swamy Pooja (seve), offering toor dal (togari bele) to Subramanya Swamy Temple is good for people having Kuja Dosha. Even if having Kuja Dosha, some 20% of people may not have anger in their nature.

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