Numerological meaning of numbers 7 to 9

In the previous blog post we had seen the numerological meaning of 4 to 6 numbers and today we will see number 7 to 9 numerological traits.


Numerological traits of number 7

For people, who have been born under dates 7, 16, 25 their single-digit number is 7. Ketu is the adhipati for number 7. Ketu is a dark Planet. Ketu is regarded as ‘Gyanakaraka‘. Mental happiness is less. These people may have an annoying family life, but they are very intelligent.


Some of the fields they like to work in are Mechanic, Scientists, and Researchers. These people have good grasping power. They like to do good work, it’s rare they might be involved in some bad works. These people like Travelling and change of places, therefore chances are they may go to foreign countries for work.

They like Astrology. They like to give speeches. As they use their mind very often, there are possibilities they may get addicted to smoking and drinking habits. It may become very hard to lose these habits once they get addicted. Taking early precautionary measures is the only way for these people to not get addicted to some bad habits.

Some of these people may like to become Sanyasi and travel to different parts of the country.


Number 7 is said to be the number of GOD. Ketu is Moksha karaka. In their late-life they may become more prone to be a believer in God.

Number 7, 16 & 25 are lucky for doing new things. Going to Ganapati Temple brings good outcomes.

➤ Direction related to Ketu is Southwest. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Vaidurya Stone. ➤ Colour – Purple.

Numerological traits of number 8

For people born under 8, 17, and 26 their single-digit number is 8. Shani is the adhipati for number 8. Shani represents Karma. It is believed that people born under this number get their Karmic results from the previous life.


To these people, family happiness may be less. They will come to a good position in life with hard work. They don’t give much value to the money and family. They are selfless people. People who earn money by deceiving others, their money won’t last long. They like to live a lonely life.


Anger and Courage is more in these people. They like to live on their own having full freedom. These people have more devotion towards God and do a lot of religious work. Financial problems will be more.

➤ Direction related to Shani is West. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Neelam stone/BLUE SAPPHIRE. ➤ Colour – Blue.

Numerological traits of number 9

For people born under Dates 9, 18, and 27 their single-digit number is 9. Kuja is the adhipati for number 9. Kuja is very cruel in nature. Courage, adventure, and anger are the nature of these people. These people don’t like to listen to other’s opinions.

Angraka_graha kuja

These people are most likely to get Cheated by trusting their friends. They might have health issues like High-Blood pressure, Diabetic, Jaundice, and Cancer. These people will most likely be in Army, Police, Fire-Brigade, Mechanical, or any iron-related work, and also in the medical, Surgical treatment field. The land-related business is also possible. They talk very straightforward, which might hurt other’s feelings. They are always in a hurry, chances are they might get in some accidents.

There might be up-downs in their family life. It is very important to have better kundali / Jataka matching before getting married. Try to avoid getting married in a hurry.


If Kuja is present in 1,2,4,7,8 and 12 from Lagna in someone’s kundali then it is very important to have a proper matching of kundali before marriage. (Don’t forget to read about Kuja / Mangala Dosha)

9,18, and 27 are good numbers for any new work, going to Subramanya Swami Temple gives good results.

➤ Direction related to Kuja is South. ➤ Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral Stone / Hawala/ Munga/Moonga. ➤ Colour – Red.

Thank you for reading.

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