Osmose Scam new updates; people behind this Scam!!

The Osmose Scam. Is Osmose Technology a Scam? Is Osmose Technology Fake or Real? Is Osmose Technology genuine? Is Osmose Technology safe? For every question answer is the first three words.

Part – 5 of “The Osmose Scam“. Please read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 to understand in detail.

Definitely, This is a SCAM. there’s no doubt about it. But, who are the people behind this Scam? That’s what we are going to see in this blog. As this Scam is totally based on IT-Services, there are always chances of manipulating it. These scammers can easily coverup all the IT-related mistakes which we have seen in previous blogs, As no regulatory bodies seem to be interested in investigating or exposing this scam. More the time they get, the more they will coverup this scam.

Osmose Scam Owners

Who is the owner of Osmose Technology? Who are the people involved in this money circulation scam? As we have seen in previous blogs on this Scam, this is not just about Osmose Technology, there’s Mindskill Private Limited which is a so-called Apps developer company also involved in this scam indirectly. Because the people behind both companies are the same. The only reason they made this Osmose Technology is to promote their MLM business (they call this app referral/ affiliate marketing) in the name of IT-services and to promote so-called games/apps developed by Mindskill Pvt Ltd.

Osmose Technology Telegram channel screengrab
Osmose Technology Telegram channel screengrab on Vaibhav Pataskar

Look at this above image, from this above message we can see Vaibhav Pataskar is the Owner of this Osmose Technology.

Who is Vaibhav Pataskar?

Osmose Technology Scam Instagram Details
Screenshot MCA : Vaibhav Pataskar
Screenshot MCA Director Master Data : Vaibhav Pataskar

Seems like this Vaibhav Pataskar has many companies, let’s check one by one.

MCA company details on LPB INFRA
MCA company details on LPB INFRA PRIVATE LTD.
Zaubacorp company details on LPB INFRA
Zaubacorp company details on LPB INFRA PRIVATE LTD.

So, this LPB INFRA Private Ltd. is just 2 months old, and it’s a civil engineering related company. Seems like he made enough money through this scam to build some constructions.

MCA company details on DRAGONFLEET GAMES
MCA company details on DRAGONFLEET GAMES
MCA company details on DRAGONFLEET GAMES
Zaubacorp company details on DRAGONFLEET GAMES

This Dragonfleet games is also a gaming company like Mindskill, but if you search it on google play store there are no games available by this company. Other than that why the same persons are having two different companies on the same work-related?? And don’t forget this name, Sumit Sharma.

MCA company details on Amazing web promotion
MCA company details on Amazing web promotion
Screenshot 2021-01-02 132747 company details on Amazing web promotion
Source: zaubacorp.com Company details on Amazing web promotion

Carefully look at these two images above on Amazing Web Promotion, it’s status is on Strike-off, and don’t forget this name Vijay Baburao Mahajan.

Screenshot MCA Mindskill
MCA company details on Mindskill Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Look at this image above, Vaibhav Pataskar is the Director of this company. So, it is certain that this person Vaibhav Pataskar has a lead role in this Scam. And all the games this Osmose Technology was promoting was developed by this company. Honestly, to me, even that is doubtful, as nowadays you can easily purchase these kinds of apps for 15 to 20 Thousand Rs. But, we can’t be sure about this.

Screenshot (3) SHUBHANGI PATASKAR www.zaubacorp.com
Screenshot SHUBHANGI VAIBHAV PATASKAR www.zaubacorp.com

Who is Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar? Maybe she is his (Vaibhav Pataskar) wife or else his daughter… we can’t be sure of that, but at least we can say they are from the same family for sure. You can see in the above image when Osmose Technology was incorporated on 24th December 2019 these were the first three Directors of this company including Shubhangi Pataskar. But at the moment she isn’t the director of any company, see in the below image.

MCA deteils on Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar
MCA Director’s deteils on Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar
Osmose Technology Registration deatails
MCA Details of company on Osmose Technology

As per the MCA details on 15th October 2020, Avinash Asabe came in place of Shubhangi Pataskar as Director, and the rest of the people were the same. If you have noticed that, this person Vijay Baburao Mahajan was also Director of two companies. Other than Osmose Technology he was the Director of Amazing web Promotion Pvt Ltd. including Vaibhav Pataskar. I hope you got the connection. But, wait here comes the new twist in this Osmose Scam.

MCA company details on Osmose Technology (Osmose Scam)
(3rd Change in a year) Latest MCA company details on Osmose Technology (Osmose Scam)

On the 1st anniversary of this company on 24th December 2020, all three Director’s suddenly stepped down and these two new people are now the directors of this company. You see the coverup game has begun from their side. Maybe these two new directors have got assurance of legal protection some big chunk of money too!!! But, why would all the directors be stepping down?? heen!! doesn’t make any sense, right? And have you ever seen 3 changes in a year of any companies directors? Did they were afraid of something?? After all, these were the masterminds of this Osmose Scam!!!

Arerere, did you thought the suspense is over?? No. This person Avinash Asabe is still in their core members. And why would this person even care about the directorship of a company?? After all, he was getting 2 to 2.5 lakh Rs per day back in September and October month. He still has many people on his downline, just imagine if these people aren’t get caught soon for this Scam, how much they can make per day maybe 1 crore Rs per day. And I seriously doubt that some people would have already got more than 1 crore Rs per month in this scam, Who had more downlines than this Avinash Asabe.

latest YouTube videos on Avinash Asabe audio
latest YouTube videos on Avinash Asabe audio

After watching the above image, at least now you can believe in me, right? This screenshot is taken from one of their users/team leaders YouTube Channel, these people often share core member’s zoom meetings and all in audio. So this confirms that Avinash Asabe is still part of this Osmose Scam. And obviously, all other people are also in this scam, who has stepped down now, just to make sure if this scam gets exposed their name will not come. But, we have all the details now, isn’t it? Don’t you want to listen to Avinash Asabe’s voice?? Are he is the Ambani-Adani of Solapur now!!

Avinash Asabe LinkedIn details
Avinash Asabe LinkedIn details
Instagram snap of Pradip Shevale
Instagram snap of Pradip Shevale

This image above is of Pradip Shevale, he is the part of Osmose Technology (Osmose Scam) core members.

Sumit Sharma LinkedIn details
Sumit Sharma LinkedIn details

Now, look at this image above of Sumit Sharma LinkedIn profile. He is working for Osmose Technology as a Manager. And do I need to remind you about him?? The images of MCA details above remember? Sumit Rajendra Sharma, yes he is the director of Mindskill Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd. and Dragonfleet Games Pvt Ltd. And look at this below image of the YouTube Silver Creator Award received by him. It was given for Osmose Technology, if this award was received by his name that means the Google AdSense is on his name. This image (screenshot) was taken from their YouTube video where he was opening the package.

Sumit Sharma youtube Silver Creator Award
Sumit Sharma YouTube Silver Creator Award
Osmose Technology digital marketer
Osmose Technology digital marketer

This person Ganesh Ingole is working as Digital Marketer at Osmose Technology as per his LinkedIn profile.

Rahul Sharma - Osmose Technology (Osmose Scam)
Rahul Sharma – Osmose Technology (Osmose Scam)

This person Rahul Sharma has often seen explaining Osmose Technology business plans and all other stuff on their official YouTube channel.

Anand Bhagat
YouTube Screengrab: Anand Bhagat at Osmose Technology seminar

This person Mr. Anand Bhagat can’t defend these people in court if it goes to that level, as he is working as a legal advisor for this company. He is also equally accused of this scam. I have explained about this person in Part 4. Look at the below image. Also, read the updated post on this person Anand Devidas Bhagat which is his real name.

Osmose Technology legal advisor
Osmose Technology legal advisor Instagram screengrab
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163641
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163641
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163835
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163835

You know, what I feel in a psychological glance about this scam and their past details? Seems like these are the people who had miserably failed in their previous Businesses and finally came up with this MLM idea and implemented it in the IT work to take a short cut to become rich. At least that’s what it looks like to me. But, who knows the truth!!

For payment details of how much some people were earning you can check this Instagram link. And I had already mentioned some big earnings in previous blogs on this scam. Check their official link here, you can see many people having 100 or more than that downlines have been mentioned in Osmose Technology’s official Instagram page. It’s around only 150 people or maybe some more are there other than these people which we can’t be sure about. Now, just think about it they had more than 20 lakh users back then. That’s how money circulation works.

osmarket product received by the customer
Screengrab from Osmose Technology Telegram channel
osmarket product received by the customer

Look at the above image, one of the products received from the customer had shared this invoice. You can see in the invoice there is no mention of Osmose Technology, it is Corporate Incentive Solutions Pvt Ltd. Check this link on Corporate Incentive Solutions. It’s not an HTTPS secure website, other than that their social media links redirect to the same page. Still, we don’t know what they have to do with this, maybe they provide gifts (products) on behalf of other companies. You can check their company details at Zaubacorp.

Osmose Scam new updates

Osmose Technology latest message
Osmose Technology latest message on crypto wallet

As per the latest notice from this Osmose Scam (in the above image) they have been facing some problems in COINSWITCH and WAZIRX (it’s a cryptocurrency wallet). WOWW!!!! look at their business model nobody is ready to have them. hahahahah itna bada konsa business hai bhaai? First, they had problems in Indian banks (account was frozen as per these scammers, which we can only believe once we see if any notice was given from the bank) and now this. The possibility is that COINSWITCH and WAZIRX may have come to know what these people are doing is a money circulation Scam.

And Osmose used to give tasks to their users to download these two apps through their referral link to earn money (idar b scam). Just like they did in the UPSTOX trading app in the national plan. This is where they could have caught these Osmose scammers, and that’s why they are having problems with these two crypto wallet apps. Then why don’t they make their own crypto wallet? Itna dimaag hoga tab na!! Or who knows they may even come up with their own crypto wallet and may they also make their own Cryptocurrency by the name of OSM coin cryptocurrency.

If you can see properly that link https://dapp.tronlink.org/#invitecode?code… in the above image is osmose technology’s wallet invite code through which they will earn more money for inviting their users. For sure this will also be their one of the daily tasks.

domaintools whois record for tronlink.org
domaintools whois record for tronlink.org

Now, let’s see about the app they are telling to their users to install is TRONlink Pro. You can see the website details in the above image. This is a Hongkong (hk) based website and their Tron wallet app too. Who is the founder of TRON? Ans: JUSTIN SUN, he’s a Chinese person see details on this wiki link. OHHH!!! Made in India / Make in India wale kidar rasta bhatak gaye tum??? hahahahah. Paisa paisa, aisa kaisa chalega heen!!?? (imagine being sarcastic).

With this Tronlink Pro app, no one can withdraw rupees in our country (India) as there are no withdrawal options in it. So they are using it for only transfer purposes. With this app, users can send Tron to any other Indian supported apps like Coinswitch Kuber and WazirX or any other apps.

When they had announced this new OSM Software Solutions (they are saying established in Dubai, there’s no proof of that, besides it is not even a registered entity) in the month of November they didn’t introduced any vouchers like it was in the National plan, but now they have suddenly come up with a 1200rs coupon voucher. Which is just a gimmick to attract more people so that they can cover up their scam. You will only understand it if you read previous parts of this scam. Maybe they were out of money circulation that’s why they came up with this whole new drama of International Business to lure in more people.

Obviously, if these people are not going to exposed soon, they have enough money to hand around now. So, they can easily hire some professional IT-workers to cover up this scam. But still, they can’t get away with the MLM scams (money circulation) they are doing, don’t forget that. As per this person Avinash Asabe’s latest audio they want to make 1 crore users in just 3 months, yes that’s what their target is. Just imagine what amount these core members will get per day if they manage to achieve that many users, Maybe 1 crore per day for sure. And through what?? MONEY CIRCULATION (MLM).

Google policy on Adsense
Google policy on Adsense

Now, read this policy of Google on Adsense in the above image. If you are directly or indirectly paying anyone to use your apps or say to watch your YouTube videos, subscribing YT channel, giving likes, installing apps, giving positive ratings, and all other things which this Osmose Technology is making their users to do by means of daily tasks and getting paid for it (users getting paid), is totally against the Google’s Adsense policy. Ohhh!! if you are still not satisfied with my above explanation, let me give you the best possible example of that.

What is the TRP case is about against Arnab Goswami???? This matter is in court so we should not discuss whether he is guilty or not. But I hope you have now got the best possible answer. Now look at these below images, they have already started coverup in their sense about this scam, but this is what I was waiting for to totally 100% expose them. You can see all the apps below are by Mindskill Gaming Solutions.

You can see in the above right side image, all these apps are now available by the name of Osmose Technology. If you want to confirm just search it on the playstore. And this left-side app PikFlick was removed from Google playstore which is now again available but poutshout is still not available. The total download of 1 million is nothing but all the users of this business plan (MLM). That is why I have been reporting all the apps by them as policy violation by the flag as inappropriate from apps right side corner 3 dots option. I request you to do the same.

Google Play Store_Flagged for policy violations
Google Play Store_app Flagged for policy violations
(Did it in a hurry sorry for the mistakes)

And to people who may have been earning some thousand rupees (which is doubtful, not everyone may have bothered to complete their tasks and refer to other people so they may have only received some 20+ Rs/day), I have some questions. Before joining this so-called business plan why didn’t you bothered to understand how these people are giving out payouts? Did you know this company’s core members were earning some lakhs per day?? some may have been earning more than 1 crore per month. And for whaaaat??? For mere promoting some small 3rd class arcade apps??? Whatever they are doing is a money circulation through MLM. And it’s totally a Scam.

Those people who are earning whatever amount of money through this, and if you call this a part-time job, work from home (this is what some of their users/team leaders calling). Now, if you want to defend this Scam in any manner, then why PACL promoters are in Jail, Why SAHARA chairman Subrata Roy in jail? Why Vijay Mallya is on a flee? Why banks and government are after him?? And all other scammers who may be on a flee or in jail. Why they are the culprits??

You may think why am I referring to these peoples?? is because they had also generated Jobs through their business isn’t it?? A lot of people had earned salaries/money. If you think this is not an (Osmose) scam, then do one thing do a protest and save all other people too whichever names I have mentioned above. It’s not about the JOB, EARNING MONEY. It’s about how a business is making money, and how it is giving out to the people through legal means.

Can Police investigate this Osmose Scam without having any FIR lodged against them? Oh!! YES. They can if they have any intent to do so!!!! Check this news from The New Indian Express. It’s about Morris Coin Cryptocurrency Scam where Malappuram Police is investigating this Scam without any FIR. But what do you expect if there is any political connection in this Osmose scam??

I had approached the Serious Fraud Investigation Office by sending emails to all of the mentioned email-id’s on their website. Nothing happened, even called one person by phone but you know what he said to me, to send hard copies by post then they will read it, make a report on it, then they will proceed, blah blah…

My question is simple why can’t they act on something happening in online fraud? by checking their email, which I had sent to them? Or at least he could have told his superiors that some person called me and informed about a scam. But he insisted he can’t take any complaint by call, so told me to approach MCA. When tried to call MCA telephone no. nobody responded, I had called some 25 times. Every time no response from them.

The problem is not just in Governments, but in government employees, Police, Judiciary, etc. OHHH!! wait forgot to mention especially “We The People”. The problem is in all of us. And the root of all these problems is The TATTI POLITICS IN INDIA. Politics in everything, maybe one-day people will label a dog poop to a Congress or BJP KA TATTI (ITNA LEVEL GIR GAYA HAI KUCH POLITICIANS KA). Just blame games no solutions to the people, and literally, nobody cares. That’s the biggest problem. The reason to mention politics here is, these people may have some political support or connections.

It’s not about what they (Osmose Technology) are talking about, promising, showing dreams to people. It’s about what they are doing in reality a SCAM. This is what I have tried to write in a total of 5 of these blogs. I am gonna repeat again this SCAM can be more or less than 500 Crores, but if they get enough time, for sure they will manage to make more than 1000 crores money circulation SCAM. At the moment we don’t know how many total users they have.

My speculation is National plan + International plan = more than 40 Lakh users. Now count the money by yourself. Nobody cares how much they are giving out as payouts, in any scams the total amount counted is of how much money they have managed to collect through illegal means. So, if they manage to get 1 crore total users, then considering 25 Lakh users in (1200 Rs subscription amount) National Plan = 3,00,00,00,000 Rs and considering 75 Lakh users from (32$ = 2400 Rs subscription amount) International Plan = 18,00,00,00,000 Rs. Do a little maths by yourself now for addition.

New Updates as of 24th January 21: Their new website OSMSUPPORT.COM is not working anymore, which was made for help section (you can check more on this on Part-4).

They have now come up with a new plan for luring more subscribers, by giving “Goa trip” to anyone who makes 15 directs under them, see in the below image. How much do you think a Goa trip costs?? Just ask any friends who have been to Goa before, I guess not more than 5 Thousand. And how much this Osmose Technology will get from 15 directs?? 36,000 INR for 32$ each member subscription.

osm software goa trip (osmose scam)
osm software goa trip (osmose scam)
Google support on policy violation by Osmose Technology
Google support on policy violation by Osmose Technology

You can see in the above image, we have got a reply from the Google team on a complaint made by us on Google Playstore policy violation by Osmose Technology. We hope Google will not just suspend their Adsense account permanently but also remove all the apps from playstore available by Osmose Technology.

We had sent an email complaint on 16th January to every possible police department in Maharashtra and especially one to Maharashtra Chief Minister Office on this money circulation scam, for which we had received a reply on 18th January. The matter has now been sent to Mr. Manu Kumar Srivastava who is the Principal Secretary of Maharashtra State Government. We hope this scam will soon be exposed.

They have one new task now, where they are making their users signup for angel broking, it’s a trading app. We will come up with a YouTube video on the same as soon as possible, As we don’t want to promote any scammers YT videos here. Why are they promoting a trading app?? Just for Money nothing else.

angel broking refer and earn
Angel Broking refer and earn

You may not always like some of my or any other author’s opinions in some blogs on this website, but at least you can share what you liked. So a lot of people can understand small-scale or any kind of issues we have in our societies. Please, I beg you to share this post as much as possible so that any person who has enough authority to take action against these people comes to know about this scam and can expose this scam as early as possible. Otherwise, more people will fall for Osmose Scam (Osmose Technology/OSM Software Solutions), a lucrative money-making scheme.

Thank You for reading, and don’t forget to share.


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