Osmose Scam: Pune Police Working under political pressure?

It’s been near 6 months that we had published the first post on this scam, and now we have come to know that Pune Police already knew about this scam.


Yet they didn’t take any action against them, but why? is it because of Political pressure? Yes, it is.

Bonus: Suspense is at the end of this post. A call recording.

You can read all the details on this near 500 Crores MLM scam here.

Yes, Political pressure we had already told you in our previous blogs that these scammers may have some big political support directly or indirectly. Guess what? it turns out, it was true. And especially if a scam is happening in Pune, everyone knows which political party handles such things there… and even police can’t do anything about it. It’s a 100% fact.


That’s the reason I personally wasn’t able to go to the police station to file an FIR against them. You know how it works here in India when there is a political involvement no matter how good a person you are you will be framed for the things you didn’t even do. That’s what happened to me.

Sorry, this post might feel a bit personal to you but it is not, after all, I was the one who exposed this scam in a different manner with every possible detail. I wasn’t the only person to expose this scam, but I tried to take a different approach than everyone else did, if you want to confirm that you can check other websites & YouTube channels that exposed this scam.

Fake threat to me legally

Something strange happened on the day 27th March, two people came in front of my house saying they have come from Pune on behalf of Osmose Technology and they wanted me to go with them, you can understand there’s possibly two things would have happened: either they would have paid me a huge amount of money to stay quiet or I would have been killed/threatened so that this scam would never come in the open domain. So, obviously, I never went there.

And I have a Video proof of this and eyewitnesses that these people came to my house and they were saying come to Pune with us but I can’t post it here because it is solid proof against them for police investigation (probably their new advocate doesn’t know that, hmm?).

Scammers k 2 doot log

These two people run away when I asked them some questions, especially when I asked how did they find my home address, they had no answer to it, when keep on repeating the question, the person in a white shirt told me that some company in the Pune had given them my home address. When I told them to call that office they were silent, and instantly their face was like they were scared of something.

Kamlakar Kale

Guess what happened? The person on the left side wearing a black mask, he is Kamlakar Kale. Thank god while recording the video I told him to remove his mask, totally busted now, look at this below video. He is the MD that is Managing Director of OSM Software Solutions a So-called international business by Osmose Technology which while launching they had said that this is established in Dubai!! Wow, you should definitely read all the blogs we have written since the beginning of this Scam with every single detail. They are totally busted, that’s why they are trying to scare me in every way possible.

Guess what happened after two days? when I refused to go with them. I got a 1 Crore defamation notice from an Advocate on 30th March, Ohh!! wait, not that fake advocate this time it is a genuine Advocate. I didn’t reply to it nor did I hired any Advocate (you don’t know my condition at all financially). I know how it works, all these games very well. Don’t forget to read fake advocate Anand Bhagat’s notice to one news website here.

1 Crore Defamation Notice
Sent to Scare

You can read the whole 1 Crore defamation notice pdf file on this link (GDrive link). Just look at their confidence level, wow koi award dedo inko by God. They have done so many wrong things which I had already mentioned in every detail possible in all the blogs and they sent me a defamation notice and police complaint like I am some big Criminal. Baapre!! Dhanya hai ye desh hamara, dur dur tak charche hai.

Then I had to leave Mumbai for nearly one month for safety reasons because my mother was scared but somehow I have convinced her of the things I am about to do in the future.

Pune Police sent Notice to Sudarshan Kotian

On 14th April I got an email from Warje Police station by Sr. Police Inspector Sankar Khatake stating in the registered complaint letter that I had blackmailed Vaibhav Pataskar (who is actually the mastermind of this whole scam), I did not reply anything to it. And on the 20th of April, I again received a direct message on our website WhatsApp number with the same complaint letter from the Police inspector himself, and he also called me but I didn’t pick up intentionally.

Pune Police sent Notice to Sudarshan Kotian

On 28th April I returned back to Mumbai and was trying to reach any influential person who might help me to file an FIR in the nearest police station (you know the police don’t entertain common people like me and you especially in the case of these matters, everyone just keeps on saying that “settlement Karlo aur chup baito”/ normally this is what happens in every scam in India with possible political connection, that’s the reality of our country). But I failed to do so.

Pune Police Integrity in question?

Yes, 100% it is. First of all on what basis this police inspector from Warje police station had registered a complaint and mentioned blackmailing?? hm???

You will be hearing a call record in some time now, you will see these police officer’s in Pune are under political pressure not to expose this scam, but the question I am asking here is that, Why do you police officers wear Khaki Wardi?? to serve the country, society or community, to build a better society, to maintain law and order, to stop crimes or to be a puppet of politicians?? hmm? If you people don’t have guts enough to do the right thing, then why do you people join the police forces in the first place?

I want to ask this same question to all the police officers in India whether you are an IAS, IPS, DCP, DGP, ACP, or any other level officers why do you people stay quiet? even when you know since the Independence we still are having the same Police laws in India. Politicians and governments use Police forces like a Puppet. Sirf gore gaye, aur kale (sawle) agaye (like our dear Anna Hazare has said). You know, we have been looted more by our own people (*Politicians) than the Britishers and Mughals. We need Police and Judicial reforms as early as possible to tackle crimes in India.

And to give safety to the people who expose people like in this case (scam). It’s a shame what Pune Police has done, not only they have not taken necessary actions on this scam at the right time even after knowing it, instead they filed a false complaint on me, to stay quiet, to scare me. Just think about it, I didn’t even get any call from my nearest police station where I live.

Osmose Technology Scam: Mediator Call recording

Note: After uploading the above audio, I might be in big trouble. But I stand for justice whatever may come. The person with whom I am talking in this call recording is my childhood close friend, someone from Pune had called him and asked about me and told me about the situation.

If you have listened to the above audio you can now understand that this is indeed some local-level politics. And the question we should ask is, why anyone should approach politicians in a matter like this? for a settlement? When we need justice we should have honest and trustworthy police officers but we don’t see that in our country. why is that? Duniya kharab nai hai!! we have made it like that, I mean only those influential people who are bad are the reason for the increasing crimes in our country. If we have strong laws and if police and Judiciary work transparently why can’t crimes be controlled?

But the question is, do we have the intention to reform Police and Judicial laws? Politicians will never want that. It’s a shame that the people of our country had given up on every right cause, akhir propaganda faila ne se fursat kaha milta hai logon ko aaj kal!! isn’t it? After all, you all might be supporting at least some politician or some political party, right? That’s where we all do the mistake.

We don’t stand for the right thing, but for the person whom we don’t even know personally, for political support you just blindly become a bhakt (not just BJP supporters but all other party supporters are also andh-bhakts), whatever they do you support them. This needs to be stopped if we really want to be a progressive country at all.


Where are the so-called journalists who say they are neutral and unbiased? Why are you silent? Why you can’t expose this scam? Can’t you help me in my current situation? This is not just about a near 500 crore scam but also about Police and Judiciary, Oh!! not to forget about the fake advocate with just some Law degree sending everyone 1 Crore defamation notice.

The problem is not only in Police, Judiciary, Politics but also in the level of journalism we have in our country. Our journalists have lost their cause maybe, right? Or maybe they like to take sides for particular Political parties. Then why do you call yourself a journalist? You people should call yourself party spokesperson, don’t you think?

It’s a shame that people are slowly losing faith not just in Police, Judiciary but also in the journalist!! Bika hua media. This is not just about a single political party, all the parties have somewhat control in the media and newspapers, they only show you what their political aka wants you to see or read. This is the reality.

A Request to everyone

I request to all of you whoever reading this please help me in whatever way you can. I have the guts enough to talk the truth, write the truth, but if you don’t have the guts enough to at least share this post and make it viral or use any hashtags then it’s a shame on you. I have tried my best, now it’s on people of India and media, newspapers to show the truth.

At last, I will leave you with this image below, you might have already know which side I am on. It’s you who have to decide which side you want to be on.


Nothing is permanent to stay here, whether it is our lives, Covid-19, Crimes, or whatever evil things everything has its limits. Like you see in graphs, some way or other people will come forward to fight for justice, fight for the truth. There’s always an up-down in a graph. I am nothing but a normal person like you, trying to make a difference for the better tomorrow.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Mask up and get the vaccination done.

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