Osmose Technology 500 Crore Scam fake Business Plan

Osmose Technology Pvt LTD. a Pune-based IT company had collected more than 500 crore rupees by running an (a SCAM) Ponzi Pyramid subscription plan in their IT services.

Osmose Technology Old Plan
Osmose Technology Old National Plan (scam)

This is a low-level scam not a lot of people aware of this. The majority of the people affected seem to be from the lower-middle class. This is the 4th blog post on this SCAM. Here, we will try to see some of the missing points in previous blogs I have written and some new updates. I have no problems with the MLM, there are so many businesses runs on it, but the way these people are doing it, it’s bad for all the businesses out there. And these people have crossed all the limits, we will see that below in detail.

osm software solutions 32$ plan
32$ for Subscription OSM Plan (Scam)

To see all of their International plan details please click here (Google drive link).

GET RICH QUICK SCHEME: Yes, believe me, they have made some crores per person in just 4 months. I am not sure how many people from the top management made it so, but I can tell at least 5 people would have made it. And other people have definitely made some more or less 50 lakhs just because they had more downlines under them. And what about regular people, who did not refer to other people?? They were just getting 20Rs per day in the old plan and in this new International plan they are getting 33 Rs per day.

Osmose Technology Telegram Channel Screegrab (Scam)

A lot of people make money in these Multi-Level-Marketing business models, and they become the ambassadors of the business. They flaunt the cheques and the money they make and believe me, some of them are real!. They really do make money and we will quickly see more on that, but the point is, that the majority of the people lose a lot of money and struggle in these kinds of getting rich quick pyramid schemes. And that happens, because there is a limit to adding people.

You can’t add more people to your downline after a certain point and when it becomes bigger than its trouble point, it reaches a kind of saturation level when the biggest chunk of people who are at the bottom lose all the money. There’s a very simply explained blog from U.S Securities and exchange commission on frauds related to Pozi Pyramid schemes in this link please read it.

If you are reading about this Osmose SCAM for the first time, you may not understand a lot of things I am going to write here. So, I request you to read the previous three blogs I have written on this SCAM. Believe me, if this scam is not going to exposed soon, they will make some thousand crore scam through this as they have introduced cryptocurrency. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say.

The Osmose Scam 2020 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Honestly, I had no idea about MLM, when I started writing my 1st blog on this scam, but now I realize how they played with everyone. Whatever money they were getting it was obviously circulating with the top management also. They were the people who had so many downlines under them. That’s why they were getting 2 lakhs per day. It’s not just Mr. Avinash Asabe, there are other people too, who were getting this much of amount, but only his details were available on Telegram Channel.

Now, are you wondering why I am saying 500 crores??

In the National plan 1200 Rs was Subscription amount and they claimed they made some 35 lakh subscribers.

So, even if we consider just 25 lakh subscribers that’s : 25 Lakh x 1200 Rs = 300 Crores from the old plan.

And in International Plan they have made some 15 lakh Subscribers and the Subscription amount is 32$ that’s 2400 Rs.

Let’s consider it 12 Lakh that’s : 12 Lakh x 2400 Rs = 288 Crores

TOTAL : 300 + 288 = 588 Crores.

Now, don’t forget that they have renewal subscriptions in every 120 days, i.e in every 4 months, the subscription amount will be deducted from the wallet. In their old plan (national), the subscription amount was 1200Rs and they started their plan somewhere around June-July, which means they have obviously charged some users 1200Rs. Now, for this, we don’t know the exact number of subscribers they had at that time. This surely increases the amount further.

In the first National plan, they were giving 1200 Rs vouchers as free to new joiners, But very few people would have redeemed this, then still if we subtract 88 crores, that’s 500 crores. Only if they have managed to sell that much product from their Amazon rival E-commerce website one & only ‘THE OSMARKET.IN‘. This scam amount can be more or less than 500 Crores which we will only come to know once there would be a proper investigation that takes place against these people. And I am no Tax expert to tell anything about tax-related frauds in what they’re doing if there are any!!

Mr. Avinash Asabe avg. 2 Lakh per day earning (he is one of their Directors)

There are some other images too related to the different persons, for more images check out Part 3.

Marathi Serial Actor Hardik Joshi as user of this company

The above image of Marathi actor Hardik Joshi as a member of their scheme was taken from my friends – Facebook friends feed. Here I am not accusing him for the part of this. If this image is true and he has joined their membership then definitely some of his trustworthy friends would have referred to him. Or there’s another chance that someone would have made his account by himself. There’s an option for promoters that they can generate a sponsor id for someone they know from their own account. Later they can make money from the referred friend. That’s how one of my friends got into this scheme. He didn’t wanted to join, but his friend made his account.

These people have been changing their plans here and there constantly, now again they have changed the renewal subscription of the international plan from 99 days to 120 days.

But one thing I am sure about is, these dumb people have already made enough money through this national plan, and I think the reason to implement cryptocurrency in their plan is to get away with the taxation on personal incomes. And it would also be tough for investigation agencies to curb such kind of activity. Through cryptocurrencies, there would not be direct involvement with new subscribers and this company, as people would obviously use some third-party crypto wallets.

So, some of the calculations if u see in my 1st blog may seem wrong, but the bigger picture is they are totally dependent on money circulation. And they used everyone for their business setup, by taking subscriptions. 1st it was 1200 and now it is 2400 (32$). By means they used is, they started taking subscriptions as 1180 from July at that time there were no tasks, everyone was getting 20rs per day, then they changed it to 1200 Rs and started giving compulsory tasks (Read it in Part 3). The e-commerce website is also the same, they used generated money to buy products. And they started it around October month.

Osmose circular on osmarket.in
Osmose circular on osmarket.in (Scam)
Task mandatory
Task mandatory (Scam)

With the name Osmose and OSM, they have played it smartly, just search it in google or in play store you will see some IT companies with the same name, and there are also some apps with the same name. Please don’t get confused with this website. For more information you can check their website in the link I have provided. And also don’t get confused with OSM Solutions LLC. There’s already an app named pik Flik in playstore which was launched in 2018 by sadboy. PikFlick was their social media app which has been removed. This name Osmose and OSM seem to be famous, don’t know why everyone has obsessed with this name!! Maybe it generates some quick money hahahaha!!!

And why they needed to open an office in Dubai for international business?? Which I don’t believe exists at all. If they started this company as a make in India, then they should operate this international Business from India. Why move to Dubai?? Why no address is available?? Even if they have an office in Dubai, who cares the whole work they are doing is a scam.

about OSM software solutions
Osmose as OSM (Scam)

Osmose Technology in its national plan said what they are doing is referral income. But it is MLM which has more than 2 levels which you will understand in part 3. What they are doing is nothing but Money circulation. Even if they have any rights to run an MLM business, this company doesn’t follow the guidelines of the state and central government. This company nowhere has mentioned that they are doing MLM business, they are registered as IT services. In MLM a person must sell a product to a third person then only they can get a commission derived from the sales of goods. Which doesn’t makes any sense in this companies working pattern.

There are so many websites that are solely dependent on their products, they don’t sell some MLM schemes. You may remember that when Amazon started its presence in India it used to give 200 Rs for successfully referring a person (when he/she buys something). So, why did Osmose used these subscribers as the customers for their E-commerce website? If they offer better service they would have got real customers, why opt for MLM? Just to set-up, their customer base isn’t it?

I am not a credible person to comment on this, but I have a doubt whether there is a chance of Input Tax Credit through this. And there were vouchers given to the customers for shopping, which MLM companies can’t use in their plan as per Maharashtra state Direct selling guidelines 2019.

I had asked several questions in my previous blog where I forgot to mention one question, which is related to their international plan. What is Affiliate Marketing?? The best example of affiliate marketing is Amazon Affiliates. If you register with them as an affiliate marketer, you can place product links in website blogs, through which if a person buys something you get some commission for that particular product. Now, for this registration, you don’t have to pay a single penny. And the important thing is that you get money only for a product that is being purchased by a customer through your link.

So, that’s what affiliate marketing is. And this Osmose Technology is saying they are doing affiliate marketing. Do this company think all the people in India are a fool? As I mentioned before in the national plan they were saying referral program now in the International plan Affiliate marketing. What they are doing is Multi-Level-Marketing or you can say Ponzi Pyramid Scheme, this is a better word for what they are doing. As they are setting a bad impression on other genuine brands that run on MLM based business.

ResellerClub, Flipkart (stopped taking new registrations), VCommision, BigRock, GoDaddy, Hostgator, TripAdvisor, Optimise, and Cuelinks, etc are also examples of affiliate marketing. And some websites do take subscriptions but for a reason, they offer articles without ads so readers can comfortably read without disturbing ads. And thus subscription amount helps these websites. Then here in this case why they are taking subscription money?? Why they are running a pyramid scheme??

This eagerness to earn more money in less time makes some people forget about right and wrong. Because of money, their minds became clouded. They take shortcuts, enter the fast lane. Greed begets greed. And this is what going to haunt these people once they get exposed. Because at one point this pyramid scheme eventually runs out of money.

Do you know, if Google finds out that all the users are coming to use their apps are paid in any way, then they will suspend their Google AdSense account right away? And we have already seen that some of their apps have been removed from the playstore (mentioned in blog part 3). If they really wanted to promote their app, they could have done that by placing ads, simple as that. Maybe while making this plan they would have thought ‘Sab k sab gadhe hai, paisa dekh k sab ajayenge’.

Another problem some of their members are facing is they were not getting payouts from the month of October (not all but some people). Now, the question arises, Why did Bank freeze Osmose Technology accounts? Looks like this company has become sooo bigger that none of our banks are helpful to them. Even ICICI, HDFC two biggest private banks in India aren’t able to give services to this company??

There are so many companies in India that have transactions in crores, If any company is working legally why will the bank freeze their business account? For example, in Dream11 there may be so many people who take withdrawals every day, who knows how much is their daily transactions still they don’t face any issues with banks. Then why this Osmose Technology is facing issues?? Why their 2-3 accounts were frozen?? As I have mentioned in my previous blogs they used to provide legal documents and all, then why they haven’t given a copy of the notice to anyone(Promoters)??

So, this 1-year-old company is going international because none of the Indian banks can handle their transactions?? That’s why they have introduced Dollars and Cryptocurrency in their plan now?? Please listen to this audio below (Sorry I haven’t edited this audio, this is taken from a YouTube video). We don’t want to promote anyone’s work here on this website.

See he contradicts himself, he is saying they are doing affiliate marketing and also the bank has frozen the accounts because of MLM transactions!!! Now, why does the bank freeze some business accounts?? There can be various reasons like Tax Dues, Suspicious activities in the account, use of account for illegal activities, and money laundering. So we don’t know the real reason, and most importantly who knows if it really happened or these people are making it up!!

Osmose Technology is forcing everyone to migrate to the new website osmtechno.com from their old website osmosetech.com, do you want to see the reality, see this image below.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 123319
Whois record for osmosetech.com from domaintools.com

Surprise!!!!!!!!!!! this old domain is going to expire on 4th January…… Now, if this company wanted to be a global leader (as per their Vision) when they launched their website, why did they bought the domain for only one year??? After all these dumb people compare themselves with corporate companies then don’t they have some thousand rupees to spend more on the domain to have it for more years??? Or they already knew there would be a banking issue in the future, they will have to go for a new website, why waste money on the domain extension. hahahahahah or some baba told them so!!! about the future.

This website- viewsnews.in also bought for only one year, as we don’t know if this blogging website will be successful or not!! we are not rich people to buy it for some 5 years.

There are so many suspicions in their work, like in this new website osmsupport.com they have made only for the help section. Now tell me if this company works for other firms (that’s what they have mentioned in their work profile see previous blogs) then don’t they know how to build a help section within the same domain, in which they are doing their international business that is osmtechno.com and these people have such a cheap mentality that they have placed some vulgar ads in their help section. WOW!!! They want to generate money in every way possible.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 113118

Look at the above image, it’s their FAQ section for that also they have made a sub-domain. These simple problems I am pointing out is because I want you to understand these bunch of people are not at all professionals.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 124828
OSM TECHNO domainrtools domain details

Now, this above image exposes them to a whole next level. Look this new website is also been bought for only one year, and the biggest point to note is that the registrant country!! you can clearly see that is pa. The point I am raising is, Why they are in such a hurry? Did they have built any spaceship?? Are they going to Mars? I hope you understood my point. If this Osmose Technology is doing any legal thing or if say they are trying to be a global leader in anything they are doing, then why this domain is also bought for only one year?

Maybe their future telling baba has told them, by the next year Elon Musk is going to successfully make a spaceship and everyone will be on Mars by 2040. So the money these people have earned will be spending on the new spaceship and they are going to the Mars Planet. WOW!!! What a story it would be!! hahahahahah Maybe that’s the reason they haven’t bought this new domain for more years. And another domain osmsupprt.com is also bought for only one year.

If this Osmose Technology is really serious about their work then why didn’t they bought this domain?? osmsoftwaresolutions.com for international business purpose. Which is still available in GoDaddy. This screenshot was taken 1 week ago, it is available for 499 Rs now.

godaddy domain details osm techno
godaddy domain details OSM Software Solutions
osmsupport.com domain webarchive details
osmsupport.com domain webarchive details (Scam)

Look at this image above, it’s a web archive of the domain OSMSUPPORT.COM this website was used from 2003. That means someone else has already used this website before and that company also seemed to be IT related, what a coincidence it is. Or who knows these people may have Time-Traveled to 2003 and made this website.

osmsupport.com domain webarchive details2
osmsupport.com domain webarchive details (Scam)

The point I am trying to make is, why they are trying to use old domains that were owned by someone else before. Even the website OSMTECHNO.COM was owned by someone from Chennai, you can find the details in Part 3.

The question is, why they are targeting old domains? Most people who write articles or blogs on their website try to get old domains so that their website can be ranked on Google, because of higher Domain Authority and page authority. Then what is the necessity of old domains for these people who are going to conquer the world with their Business plan??

UPDATED ON 24th Jan 21: This website OSMSUPPORT.COM has been taken down by them on 23rd January 2021. If you search for that website now, it will show you an error page. Seems like their users are informing them about loopholes we have mentioned in these blogs on this website. For the sole reason, I had taken a screenshot of the website osmsupport.com on 2nd January as proof, you can see that below.

osmsupport.com Screenshot 2021-01-02 145822
osmsupport.com Screenshot 2021-01-02 145822

If you have read till here and starting to believe in me that what they are doing is nothing but a scam, After watching this video below of their achievements ceremony please don’t be scared. If you want an example for that then PACL, SAHARA, etc are perfect examples just because they are wearing a suit-boot with a tie and have an advocate by their side doesn’t mean that what they are doing is legal in any way. After all, they are earning money in crores then it’s not a big deal for them to hold a ceremony in this big hotel.

OSM software solution International conference overview | osmose international conference

So, in my previous blog I had mentioned about an advocate, his name is Advocate Anand Bhagat.

As per one of their YouTube video, this advocate was taking a seminar where he has mentioned till October they sent some 100 Legal notices to people who has written articles against Osmose Technology and to YouTube channels for saying against this company. Now, do you want to see what this notice is about??? Watch this video below, one of the YouTubers had the guts to talk against these people, he has received this notice. (skip to 4:00 minutes)

osmose technology की धमकी | osmose Scam | osmosetech real or fake | osmose Bahut Bda Scam Hai |

1 Crore Defamation Notice. Yes, you heard it right this is what these people are doing to the people who talk against them. And a lot of people had already deleted, one of the famous incidents was a person named Nandu Patil, is a Marathi YouTuber. You can listen to the audio (in Marathi) below which is also available on YouTube.

Advocate Anand Bhagat threatening YouTuber to remove video against Osmose Technology
Advocate Anand Bhagat threatening YouTuber to remove video against Osmose Technology

He is saying that why people are spreading fake news and -ve news about this company through social media, I have an answer for that, you know what, have you ever heard about this company?? anywhere else?? they are spreading their fake business plan through social media. If what they are doing is genuine at all then why don’t this company shows ads on Television, why take social media as a medium to spread this MLM business?? YouTube, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

And this advocate is saying people earn through YouTube videos likes and dislikes whaa!!! I don’t know what to say about that. And he also mentions that Oscmose Technology is a Corporate company. WOW!! And did we Indians exported Basmati Rice through any MLM scheme to any country?? My God, I don’t have any words now. hhahahahahahah And about the gaming part I have already mentioned in my previous blogs. There’s another video watch it below, he is also from their legal team.

Osmose Technology Scam Legal Team Member

“Agar Tumne Maka Dudh Piya hai? to Osmose Technology pe FIR kar k dikhao”. This is what one team leader is saying in the audio below. And this kind of confidence is only because of this legal team and especially this person Anand Bhagat. Their promoters call him Advocate Anand Bhagat Sir. Maybe for information, I am giving out here they will send me a 10 crore Defamation notice.

Team leader challenging to file FIR against Osmose Technology

If you search Osmose on YouTube you will see most of the videos have +ve, and -ve videos have been taken out. He(Advocate) is also the trigger/boost point to increase the company’s user base, as people trust blindly once they see the company is protected by an advocate don’t you think?? Advocate is equally accountable for the mess they have created. He is not standing in a court to Defend his clients he is working as a legal advisor for this trap. He is also equally punishable for this scam, as he is the person who is threatening people who talk against this company by giving a 1 crore defamation notice.

As he is an advocate, and working as a legal advisor for this company. Obviously, he must have got some crores. He says (advocate) those who are writing or making videos against this company, should reach him and he will clear every doubt. Who is he, to decide what’s wrong or right?? Is he the only advocate in this country? Or is he the chief Justice of India?

There are so many small scale companies that may have went bankrupt during this lockdown, even these companies haven’t gone for such a shortcut. Then who the hell these people are, lecturing on Business Plan?? Just check out some of the audios on YouTube from team leaders and promoters you will understand what I am trying to say.

If this is how every company going to work, then what message do we as responsible citizens are going to give to the younger generations?? That you don’t have to study, just sit at home make some calls refer them(people) to subscribe to some plan and he/she will get thousand daily???? This kind of business is really harmful and if these people aren’t punished for what they are doing, then someone else also start the same schemes isn’t it?

What if Tomorrow some Jalebi the Fafdawala, Wada Pav wala, Pani puri wala and every single thela walas will also come up with this kind of schemes that you have to refer this many people you will get free Jalebi, Wada PAV, Panipuri etc etc. more the people you refer more you will get. Will that make any sense??

Every government whether it’s State or Central Government spends so much money on advertisements then why don’t they can spend money on spreading awareness amongst people about Ponzi Pyramid Scams?? Why would any non-technical person check RBI Twitter handle for that kind of information?

I can’t mention my name because of family concerns (mentioned my surname) as there seem to be chances of a political angle to this scam (i don’t know). I believe that’s how some scams start in the first place. Without the support of influencing people, it’s impossible to do such a level of scam. Who knows if banks are also helping them!! (Not sure). I am not accusing banks for anything. And about the government!!! Nobody cares until they get taxes.

Government or regulatory bodies only comes to action when scam gets some bigger amount like 1000 crores. And especially when people come to the streets protesting about the Scam. And in this case, even people who are subscribing to their plans not seem to be serious to talk against this company. A lot of people are like ‘ohh!! It’s a small amount let’s subscribe and see, ‘Mila to mila gaya to Gaya‘. This kind of carelessness is what makes this kind of scam bigger in nature. Just think about it, if 10 lakh people will think like this, what’s the amount it generates…

And another issue in our country is the Judiciary, wow!!!! As they have already Advocate by their side, who will ensure every possible way to get away with this kind of fraud. And you know when ‘THE MONEY ??’ is there anyone can change. Aaaree!!! even laws can be changed, don’t you know that. That’s how some rich people get away with their crimes (Tarik pe Tarik – I hope you got that). The sad reality of our country.

Another big problem in our country is we as an individual, even after knowing there is some scam going on nobody cares. People be like ‘why should I talk about it, there might be big influencing people behind this’, some people be like ‘ muje kya Karna hai’ police dek legi, government dek legi’. And then when scam gets bigger and people start to protest over it, then they will blame the government.

Don’t we, as an individual in this society have any responsibility?? This is just like when an accident happens or a fight between two people on a road, people will start shooting it in Mobiles so they can share it with people. Nobody cares until they are in some trouble, that’s the problem. THE MENTALITY.

This is the main reason I have not approached the police station for an FIR. You know how it works here in India. I have no support for this work. I am doing this for people, not for myself. I haven’t invested any single penny in this company. So I kindly request you all to spread these four blogs as proof against this Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Pune.

And there must be a fair investigation against each member of this company. For collecting money in an illegal way. I will only disclose my name if I get support from any legal advisor against these people ( if it comes to that extent), As I don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer.

Nothing will change if we keep avoiding these kinds of challenges. Truth is always bitter in taste, but once you accept it, you will also get the sweetness of it. Just like the Indian gooseberry ( amla/awla). That’s why not just education, but proper education is necessary. Some people forget the difference between right and wrong when greed takes over their minds.

Every information I have mentioned here is available in the open Domain, including Osmose Technology. I have tried my best to explain it in a simpler way. There might be somethings that I may have not been able to explain properly, as I am just a mechanical engineer (jobless) trying to inform people about this scam. For your better understanding of anything related to IT, MLM, Banking, Tax related information, etc which I have mentioned here you can ask respective professionals.

The Osmose SCAM 2020

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