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Osmose Technology manipulating MLM & IT Services

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. which was incorporated as an IT Services company in Dec 2019 located in Pune, manipulated innocent people by spreading an MLM scam.

In This Digital World, nowadays it has become really tough to say what is legit and what is a fake company. Especially after Lockdown being implemented because of the Pandemic, everyone wanted to make some easy money. Osmose Technology took advantage of this opportunity to gain more subscribers and also ATMANIRBHAR Bharat which was introduced by GOI after a border clash with China triggered this kind of scams, where some people promoted their android apps in the name of Made in India or Make In India.

Promoting Android/iOS apps is not at all wrong in any way, but Osmose Technology has used MLM as a way to do it. And if you have read my first two blog posts (link1, link2) on Osmose Technology, you may have already understood by now what kind of IT services they provide. By the nature of their work, they don’t seem to be focused on IT work. Instead, they are more focused on a money circulation plan that is Multi-Level-Marketing. Basically, this works on-chain mechanism, where the more members you get onboard more the money you get. Now, let’s see some questions below.

Some basic questions!!

  1. What is MLM? Multi-level-marketing schemes are generally network-based marketing schemes, in which a person has to add more people under him. The people obviously pay some money to “Join” the business and then they add more people under them. In almost all the schemes, the person is incentivized for adding more people under them. See these below images carefully you will understand them in a better way.
`Pyramid Scheme Structure

2. What is the definition of a Scam? A scam is a deceptive trick or scheme used to cheat someone out of money. The fraudulent way of money-making.

3. What is an app Referral program? You may have already using Phonepe, Google Pay, etc apps. Right? You get some 50 or 100 Rupees, As they often change their referral plans, but still, you only get amount to sharing the app with one person at a time. Right? Now, this is an app referral program where you are not involved in more than one person at a time for any profit.

4. Have you played PUBG, Call of Duty, FreeFire, etc games? If you haven’t played, at least you may know someone who has played it right? have any of you paid for playing these games?? Do you get anything for playing these games? Other than Entertainment nothing. Right!!!

5. Do you have played any free games from the Google play store? You must have seen some ads in the game, mostly in free games like the small arcade category, you may have definitely seen some ads. These app developers have every right to show ads through AdSense as they provide free games and you don’t have to pay for any games. But again, the question is do they give you any payout for watching ads? No.

6. Have you played any Fantasy games like Dream 11, MyTeam 11, My11Circle, Fanfight, Gamezy, MPL Pro, etc ?? If not, let me tell you don’t have to pay anything, and even if you share the app you only get a bonus amount, not real money for sharing the app. This bonus amount can only be used in playing games within the app. Especially games like MPL Pro have soo many small games, even they don’t take any subscriptions!!

7. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc social media apps?? Obviously, everyone uses it, or at least Facebook, right? Do you have to pay for using any of the social media apps?? Do they pay you for using their services?? NOO!!! AGAIN

8. Do you watch TV? ohhhh!! come on everyone watches it… What do you watch Movies, News, etc right? You must have seen some ads? right. How much have you got from these channels? I am talking about “THE MONEY“. Now, why would any channels pay you for watching ads? Obviously, these channels make money from showing ads, because they are showing the content you want to watch. And the DTH amount you pay monthly goes to service providers, Right?

9. Do you watch YouTube? Everyone watches it… Whatever you watch you may have seen some ads right? Every single Youtube channel which makes money out of Google AdSense has the right to do so because they also provide some information or maybe some entertainment you want to watch. But, the question is, does YouTube takes any subscription amount from you? Do you get money for watching any ads on YouTube videos? No.

10. Where do you work?? Private or Government organization? How much do you earn daily? Whatever you do, I am not interested in it. But, let’s say you get some 1 lakh per month, that’s 3,333 per day. Right? Let’s say you earn 30,000 per month, that’s 1000 per day. Let’s say you earn 15,000 per month, that’s 500 per day.

You might have been wondering, why am I asking these kinds of silly questions to you, right? Don’t worry, you will understand it below. But keep in mind all these questions which I have mentioned above.

Now, let’s come to the point. So this company Osmose Technology says they pay money out of Google Adsense. Money generated through ads shown in their apps. So people who use their apps are getting money because they are using apps offered by this Osmose Technology. And they work on the referral-based model. Yes, this is what the company says to their promoters and other people to whom they offer this scheme.

Here, they are clearly exposed to their intention of this business. I hope you still remember the question and answer I have raised above.

  • First of all, nobody gives payment for you to watch any ads.
  • As I have mentioned in my 3rd question, this business plan from Osmose Technology can’t come under the referral program. It is clearly Multi-Level-Marketing, where there is more than 1 person is involved.
  • Osmose Technology says, they give tasks to their users, and I think they have fooled everyone by their tasks. Which we will see below.

So, now arises two more new questions!! If Osmose Technology says they are paying to their promoters from Adsense money where does the subscription amount goes? And more important question is that, do they generate enough money to pay everyone from just Adsense?? hahaha, we will see those details below, don’t you worry about it.

So, this company has registered by the name Osmose Technology, right? (For these details, please read my previous blogs on this company). Then why they are promoting games developed by Mindskill gaming solutions? And I seriously doubt that these games are not even developed by Mindskill, it may have been purchased. These days you can easily buy this kind of game for 10 to 20 thousand rupees. So, let’s see some details on MINDSKILL GAMING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED below.



Thank god I had taken this screenshot before has updated their website. Don’t you recognize this name??? I have mentioned her in my first blog. She is not a part of any company as of now, but this is a big link to the whole scam they are doing. See the below image.

MCA deteils on Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar
MCA deteils on Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar
Screenshot MCA Mindskill
Screenshot MCA Mindskill
Screenshot MCA Vaibhav Pataskar
Screenshot MCA Vaibhav Pataskar

The above images clearly state that these two people are from the same family, now we should not be interested in what relations they have. The real reason to show this link between them is that one of their Legal advisors… Yes, you heard it right, LEGAL ADVISOR I will not take his name here in this blog as he deserves some respect, because he is an advocate so we will give him a special appearance in a separate blog. So, this legal advisor says, they are promoting apps made by some youths who are jobless because of the pandemic, and this Osmose Technology is doing that work.

I hope you have understood what I have to say from the above details. I don’t want to explain each and everything as this blog is already taking longer to explain in detail. If they wanted to promote games then why opt for MLM???????? What it has to do with promoting apps? And this Osmose Technology representatives/promoter/team leaders or their core members circulating audio messages to their members stating they are not doing MLM, DOES THAT MEAN, THEY ARE NOT DOING IT IN REALITY??

You can clearly see that they are doing MLM business in the name of IT Services, don’t you? Once the thief is caught by POLICE, does that mean he will accept it directly that he is a thief? That’s how they are brainwashing the innocent people to join their MLM plan in the name of Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, and all. It’s not over we will see some other aspects of this MINDSKILL company below.

WARNING: Keep in mind the registered date of this company MINDSKILL GAMINGSOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is 23/04/2018.

Osmose Technology Osm apps
Osmose Technology Osm Software solutions apps

So, in the above images, you can see these are the apps Osmose Technology is promoting. All of these apps come under the arcade mode of gaming. Where they can easily place ads to generate income. If you can search on the Google play store about Boo’s Adventure, Asteroid attack, Space Shooter, you can see these three apps are offered by Mindskill. Now, if you can observe launch dates of these apps are 21st October, 17th September, 9th October respectively. Are you getting it?? Why did it take them 2 years to develop this game? This is what I was talking about, these kinds of games can be purchased easily.

Ludo Champ 2020 This app was launched in August 2018 and it is offered by Top Ludo Games For Free.

Ludo Champ 2020 Screenshot_20201224-163700_Google Play Store
Ludo Champ 2020 Screenshot_20201224-163700_Google Play Store

If you carefully watch the above image, you can see this app is actually developed by Aaryavarta. You can check it at this link. This company also seems from Pune, Maharashtra. Who knows if they are registered or not!! And Ludo Skill app has been removed from the play store, you can check it by yourself. The reason behind that is, there is money involved in that game. Therefore Google has removed it from the play store. You can check it from the link to their website.

Poutshout app, and more importantly the app PikFlick which they were creating so much Hype for comparing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc apps also been removed from the play store. We don’t know the reasons, but definitely, they may have violated some privacy policy of Google.

So, by above details of Mindskill Pvt Ltd.’s involvement, shows that they have mostly launched apps in September, October, November of this year. And even if they are generating money through AdSense they are not distributing this money to the Osmose Technology promoters. I don’t think they are even getting more than 1 lakh per month through Adsense, then how can they pay this much amount to more than 10 lakh people?? This is actually their additional income other than the Subscription amount they are collecting through new members. And thanks to their promoter’s effort Osmose Technology has received their 1,00,000 Youtube Subscribers Silver Creator Award last week. They are also earning from YouTube videos.

Osmose Technology Tasks

You know, what kind of tasks they used to give in the previous plan? Subscribing to YouTube Channel, Like and follow on Facebook, Instagram. Installing the above-mentioned apps. Giving ratings on Play store on their apps. My god, can you believe this?? And about Upstox, I have already mentioned it in my 1st blog. They are just using these people to set up a base for their social media, YouTube channel, and especially for apps to have more users so that they can get AdSense and generate money from it. And obviously, they got Adsense and getting extra money from it. And that’s the reason I have shown that link between two people (PATASKAR), I hope you got it.

Osmose Technology Payout Proofs

So, this person Mr. Avinash Asabe who is one of their Directors, do you know how much he earns??? I am really sorry I can’t type it, you have to see it in the images below.

Did you had a small heart attack??? after seeing the above image. Yes, he used to get 2 Lakh per day. And this proof is of August and September months. Imagine how much he might be getting now especially in the international plan? I think it will be more than 3 lakh per day. This is why I was asking about your salary per day. TA-DA!!!!!!!!!! Tell me, which IT company gives you 60 lakhs per month for this kind of work?? Wait there are more images see them below.

To see all other payment proof details please click here.

All the images above about their payouts are taken from the Telegram app, I have not edited any of the images except one, where UPI id was mentioned. If you don’t believe me you can check their Telegram channel through this link. Even if these people in the future are going to delete any of these, I have downloaded everything about them including all the YouTube videos every other detail in screenshots. If required for investigation purposes.

Wait!! Are you becoming jealous now? Hey, are you thinking about resigning from your present job over these earnings? HAHAHAHAHAH Please don’t do that, and I know you are smarter than these dumb people who opt for short cuts to earn money. Do your hard work as usual. All the money they are giving as a payout is only circulating from the pool of money created by the MLM plan.

Did Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Flipkart, Pubg, and all the other platforms took this kind of approach?? The way Osmose Technology is taking. In fact, the app Dream11 which is now the IPL Sponsor started its services as fantasy cricket in 2011. It took them 10 years to where they are now. And none of the companies I have mentioned above became successful overnight. They had worked day and night, and not by introducing some MLM schemes.

Maybe, these people from Osmose Technology have some competitions with Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Mukesh Ambani, etc richest people in the world. That’s why they are in a hurry to earn this much amount of money in a short-cut. And here, just by getting bald, I am dreaming of becoming like Jeff Bezos. HAHAHAHAHA look at the image below.


You can clearly see how they are trying to manipulate everything with IT Services and MLM. I think this scam is more than 500 CRORES, and you know what, maybe regulatory bodies are waiting for it to become some thousand crore scam. Why I am telling like this is because I had already sent emails to SEBI, RBI, Investor Education, and Protection Fund Authority still no reply from their side. You can imagine this is also the reason even if people like me try to approach the authority for complaints no solution is provided.

I have tried my best to cover this SCAM for over a month now, that’s all I can do from my side by writing the TRUTH. But if you don’t share it with more people this scam may not come under the scanner of regulatory bodies.

So, I request you all please share this with everyone let them know the truth. And one more thing I want from you is to share this on Twitter and run a #tag campaign on Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. #exposeosmosetechnology and #investigateosmosetechnology. This is the day last year they registered their company on 24th December 2019, it’s their 1st Anniversary let them get famous by running this campaign, and let this the gift they deserve.


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