Osmose Technology MLM Scam Busted 20rs Daily for Lifetime

Our Country had seen many Multi-Level-Marketing Schemes in the past, and most of them at last, have been found out to be a SCAM. After thoroughly researching about this OSMOSE TECHNOLOGY Pvt Ltd. We have found that this also a SCAM. Read more below.

pyramid scheme
Pyramid Schemes

MLM– I call these kinds of schemes are nothing but Multi-Level Madness, where people are falling into this trap by means of earning easy money. So how I came to know about this Scam?? I get a call from one of my friends in the month of July 2020 about this so-called SCHEME, by which one can earn a minimum of daily 20 Rupees by Subscribing to their premium plan of 1180 rupees. But not just that, you will earn money for a lifetime!!! Now, it sounds so exciting, right? To earn money for a lifetime with just 1180 Rupees investment!!!!!

Why I call these kinds of SCAMS a Multi-Level Madness (MLM) is that you will never come to know about this scheme from the Company (PROMOTER) but from your friends or some family members/distant relatives. About Madness, ohhh!!! Yes, Madness is that they will somewhat force you to become a member by saying ” You only have to pay 1180 Rupees then you will earn for a lifetime!! Look how simple it is!! ” WOW sounds soo easy-peasy right? That’s the madness to earn money in an easy way and by emotionally driving people to come into this scheme.

How does Osmose Technology work?

As there are many MLM schemes have come and gone and some still are in the open domain, but here we will totally focus on the OSMOSE TECHNOLOGY.

It’s just another MLM based business model, where they try to subscribe as much as new members into their scheme. This works just like a Pyramid Scheme structure where a Promoter sits at the top level. In the beginning, it will be less number of people, but then comes the part of normal people who are at the bottom level. These people will try to come up with as much as new members into their team and it makes a perfect team building for the promoters without even doing any hard work.

But here comes the plot twist they don’t call themselves an MLM based business model, they have specified as an Information Technology Company, which primarily deals with the development and maintenance of various software/applications and website maintenance.

The reason why this scheme has spread like a wildfire is they are showing their Legal Documents to gain customer’s trust. You can see the company is sharing their CIN, PAN, TAN details by spreading it through social media and especially WhatsApp in PDF formats. This is the main reason most people are getting into their platform. Now tell me which Genuine organizations do something like that?? By sharing legal documents through social media?? And the irony is that they compare themselves to Amazon and Flipkart kind of E-commerce websites. We will come to the E-commerce part later.

Legal Documents & Registrations

You can check with the following details (I have not attached the images because most of them are blurred, maybe they don’t have a scanner or their mobiles don’t have a good MP camera to scan a clear image and add their Logo into it :p)

  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs website: by entering CIN – U72900PN2019PTC188640
  • PAN Card details- AADCO0903A
  • Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) – PNEO05073F
  • GST Certificate Registration No: 27AADCO0903A1Z5

Osmose technology has nowhere mentioned that they are doing MLM business or even an E-commerce shopping website in any of the registered government entities.

When I Looked into their GST details, though they have been filing their Taxes regularly, you can see below in the screenshot from GST what they have mentioned about the services they offer is,

  • Information technology (IT)design and development services
  • Information technology (IT)consulting and support services
  • Other information technology services n.e.c
GST details
Osmose Technology GST details

You can see even on Facebook and Instagram they have mentioned about Information technology services.

osmose fb page
Osmose Technology Facebook Page
osmose insta page
Osmose Technology Instagram Page

So basically this Osmose Technology is all about Information Technology Services that’s what we can conclude up to here right?? Now here comes another twist, you know how professional they are with their IT work?? They don’t even know how to properly place a website Title and description on their website. You can see that in the below images.

Any person with a little knowledge about IT can’t do these kinds of silly mistakes if you still don’t believe me show it to any first-year IT student. Now why I am highlighting this, is because Osmose Technology has mentioned several times and in most of the social media networks that they offer professional IT services. To me, it doesn’t look like professionalism at all. Keep in mind we still haven’t started about this SCHEME or SCAM whatever you may want to call it.

Promoters of Osmose Technology

Osmose Technology was registered on 24 Dec 2019. Currently they have three Directors as,

  1. Prashant Ramchandra Roundale
  2. Vijay Baburao Mahajan
  3. Avinash Shankar Asabe

This information has been taken from Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Osmose Technology Registration deatails
Source-MCA : Osmose Technology Company Master Data

After digging into more details I got this information from zaubacorp, which mentions Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar also as Director of this Osmose Technology. Which is missing on the MCA website (this below image is of zaubacorp, these 3 people were the first Director’s when the company was registered).

Screenshot (3) SHUBHANGI PATASKAR www.zaubacorp.com
Screenshot SHUBHANGI VAIBHAV PATASKAR www.zaubacorp.com

Location of the Osmose Technology

Now, most of the legal documents we have seen till now mention their office address as S. No. 17/1 Devgiri Cooperative Society, Behind Samyak Architects – Kothrud Industrial Area, Pune, Maharashtra 411038. But I have followed this since the month of August when I first came to know about this and I was quite sure that this is a Ponzi Scheme. So I tried to get as many proofs as screenshots. In the beginning, they had their office location on Google Maps at the same address mentioned above, but then for sometimes it was in Gujarat, then Siliguri, West Bengal, and at present, if you can search it in google maps you will see the address as Ambernath, Maharashtra.

So why does their address keep on changing in google maps?? You can see that in below images.

osmose osmose siliguri 2

Look at the above images properly in the last one Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar is named which I had already mentioned before. This Osmose Technology is so professional to change their address again and again in google maps. Till now I can’t see any professionalism in their work here.

Business Plan

As we have seen all the legal documents till now we never came across a word called MLM right? Lets, dig into the real GAME here. When this scheme was first introduced, people were told that they had to pay an 1180 Rs premium subscription to get the membership to their plan (so-called MLM), and then they told members will be getting 20 rupees daily for the rest of their lives. In the beginning, they did give money to users for just having a premium subscription, but later they started forcing people to complete tasks you can see that below.

WhatsApp Image osmose
WhatsApp Notification Circulated by Osmose Technology

So, I guess by now you must have understood where this is going. We will try to bust the 1180 subscription plan, in the CALCULATION part where I will show you in detail how they are making money and how much.

After registering for the 1180 premium subscription one gets a Sponsor Id by which he/she can refer to the friends or family members into this trap. That’s how it spreads like a branch of the tree. You can see below the plan introduced by them in the month of July in an Instagram post.

Osmose technology national plan Instagram post Screenshot 2021-04-24 115638
Osmose Technology National Plan Instagram post

But later they changed this plan to 1200 Rs well, I know it’s just 20 Rs different, but this is where they started to force their members to do tasks, otherwise, they won’t get anything as you must have read this above mentioned WhatsApp circular. And you can also see the Level plans introduced by them too, by which if a person makes 10 new members under his sponsor id he will get extra 10 Rs per day that’s 300 Rs per month and it goes on. But do you think it is practically possible so everyone can have more than 100 people under their team?? I don’t think so. And let me remind you once again that this is nothing but Multi-Level-Marketing.

Hold on, it’s not over you get more surprises for having more people under your team in less time see it in the image below.

Osmose More Benefits
Do you still have a doubt that this is not a Multi-Level-Madness (MLM)? Let me know in the comment section
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With the new updated 1200 Rs plan they have said, it is compulsory to use daily one of their own app called PIKFLIK. If a person doesn’t use that he will not get 20 Rs. It’s just like the TikTok app. You can check the app in Google playstore.

Osmarket E-Commerce

Now comes the fun part where we will see some so-called Professional IT work from Osmose Technology. When a person registers for their premium plan one gets 3 coupon vouchers worth 400 Rs that’s a total of 1200 Rs, which can be redeemed on Osmarket.in. One thing you should know that they are rivaling with Amazon and Flipkart here (soo funny isn’t it?).

If you want to see their professional work by yourself, then click here (their website isn’t working anymore). You can see this kind of E-Commerce website nowadays can be made by even 5th standard students by watching YouTube tutorials. Osmose Technology is so professional in their work that they have forgotten to mention the customer care number, you can see it in the top right corner of their website. And at the bottom left corner if you click on social media links which redirects you to the same page. And maybe they don’t know that Google has stopped Google+ services now. Maybe professionals have forgotten this too or they might be busy counting collected money through this scam.

Another thing I have noticed is they haven’t mentioned any payment gateway for their E-Commerce website. Which is a must for any E-Commerce website. And all the products they have on their website seems to be photoshopped images and some of the products are from Myntra and Flipkart which are only available on their websites then how come this is available in osmarket.in?

One person had ordered a Toaster (sandwich maker) last month, which is still not received by him. He has complained multiple times through their email-id, initially he got a response for 2-3 emails then no response at all. Imagine how many products they must have sold and made money out of it. Even when you try to redeem the 1200 Rs vouchers one has to pay some tax amount to them as per the product and they also take some admin charges. Now, what are Admin charges?? I really don’t know what kind of IT Professionals they are, phew!!

Regulators Guidelines

You can see RBI has clearly mentioned on 1st January 2015 about MLM guidelines in their press release not to get involved in such Pyramid schemes.

MAHA Gov on Direct selling
Maharashtra Government notification on Direct selling
You can see this on the 5th page in the below pdf file

For the Pdf file please clicke the Google drive link here.

Government of India also in 2016 stated guidelines for direct selling, you can see it in the pdf file here.


Now comes the real story behind this MLM, I have not mentioned some of the important points above which I will cover here.

One of the main things we have come to know is that Osmose Technology changes their plans frequently. As I have mentioned earlier, it was 1180 Rs then they made it 1200 with compulsory app usage and some tasks to complete, and now they have completely moved their user’s information to a totally new website osmtechno.com, don’t you see that what are they up to? They are just trying to get away with some of the users. And this new website is a part of their so-called INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS!!! I am already reviewing their new scheme which I will be posting in my next blog post.

Let’s begin with some basic Mathematics. If your mathematics is weak, then you should ask your children’s about this (just kidding) because I know after reading this post a lot of their members will comment some abusive words and all that. So I don’t care if these people don’t understand anything I have written here.

Calculations (money made by Osmose Technology)
Calculations (money made by Osmose Technology)

Some of their members who are my friends have told me that they have made some more than 5 lakh members till now in this Pyramid Scheme. I have not gone by those numbers. Let’s consider (as you can see that in this image above) they have made some 3 lakh users how much money will they get directly?? 35.5 Crore Rs. If you are still not convinced let’s say they made 2 lakh members still they get some 23.5 Crore Rs. And the money these members are getting is only from this collected pool of money. Osmose Technology is not paying anything out of their hand.

Let’s consider some 10 crore Rs may have been given to all these users in total. Still, they have more than 10 crore Rs in their hand. And what about the bank interest?? They might be getting for say 1 year this gives them nearly 82.50 Lakh Rs. with the lowest 3.5% interest rate. At least they may have made some 50 Lakh Rs just from bank interest.

And another thing is that users have to pay 1200 Rs every 4 months, not just at the beginning. So when you pay for the first month you get 20 Rs daily, but how many days it takes 2 months isn’t it?? And the minimum withdrawal limit is 500 Rs to withdraw it they take a 10% charge. So you get charged for withdrawing your own money. People who are involved with this SCHEME are the same people who would have created a ruckus over some bank charges. Wow, what a business model this is. Osmose Technology should get some Business awards for their work.

From the above paragraphs, one should conclude that how much money a person can really make out of it. And you have already seen how much Osmose Technology is really made out of common man by fooling them. Now let’s see one of their Task below.

Upstox Referral Calculations
Upstox Referral Calculations (Osmose Technology)

Let’s consider they have referred some 10,000 people into this upstox trading platform. See how much money that is 40 Lakh Rs. Above calculations are just rough estimates, will update in my new blog.

And one more proof I have received by one of their members, I can’t reveal the source they might get into trouble for sharing this detail.

Osmose Technology Tax information
Osmose Technology Tax information

Can you see the amount clearly? That’s 64,38,637 Rs. Tax paid by Osmose Technology. Then think about it how much money they are making out of the common man. See some members may have been earning in thousands, but the bigger picture is that Osmose Technology is earning in crores.


Thieves acting like Businessman

After writing this long post, I can only say is that Osmose Technology is nothing but a SCAM. I have tried to cover everything in this post related to Osmose Technology from their business model to promoters and some basic calculations on their earnings. One thing I really felt ashamed of that even in 2020 where people are more advanced and alert about such scams, still some people get involved in a scheme like this. The irony is that some of my engineering classmates also got involved in this scheme.

You can read more about their so-called new International Business by the name OSM Software Solutions.

If by any means I have hurt anyone’s sentiments I am really sorry for that. If you feel what I have written is the truth then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members. If you feel any information is missing or is incorrect in this blog post, let me know in the comment section below.

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