Osmose Technology Scam in brief

Is Osmose Technology Scam? Is Osmose Technology Fake or Real? Is Osmose Technology genuine? Is Osmose Technology safe? For your every question, the answer is the title of this post.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. a Pune-based IT company that was incorporated on 24th December 2019 in ROC-Pune, has collected illegally up to 500 Crore (300 to 500 Cr) by running a Ponzi Pyramid scheme (MLM). This company was registered as an IT-company, yet they were running an MLM-based Business model. In the beginning, they were collecting 1180 Rs from people as a subscription amount to become their user, and whoever purchased these subscriptions were promised to get a 20Rs daily payout for a lifetime. This Subscription amount was renewable every 4 months i.e 120 days.

Osmose Technology Old Plan
Osmose Technology Scam (National Plan)

This was their National Business plan, which you can read in the more detailed blog in Part-1 of this Scam. You can clearly see this is a Money Circulation Scam. They changed the plan to 1200 Rs and users now made to do compulsory daily tasks for getting daily income. And they also gave 1200Rs coupon vouchers to users, (which is nothing but a gimmick) to purchase the products from their Amazon rivalry E-commerce website osmarket.in most of the products are so expensive from other websites out there, you can read more on this in Part-1.

This company used the user’s subscription amount to purchase products to sell in the name of e-commerce and that’s why they were delivering the products in one-month duration. Most of the users were getting delayed delivery in one month. And we believe most of the users didn’t even redeem the vouchers they were getting, because most of them were thinking about daily payouts and all that. We can only come to know how they used the subscription amount to purchase goods if there will be a fair investigation takes place. The invoice of the delivered products had no mention of Osmose Technology but Corporate Incentive Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Google policy on Adsense
Google policy on Adsense

So, what were the daily tasks they were giving to their users?? To like and subscribe to their YouTube channels, Facebook page, Telegram channel, etc. And most importantly they made their users play games offered by Mindskill Pvt Ltd. which was actually owned by the same people behind this scam, later they changed names from Mindskill to Osmose Technologies. You can read in detailed blog on this Scam Part-3, Part-4, Part-5. So, indirectly this Osmose Technology is paying their users to play their games as a daily task, which is against the Google Adsense policy (or any other ad network platforms).

So, we have made a complaint about this scam to the Google play team, you can see in the below image. We hope Google will not just permanently suspend their Adsense account but also remove all the games from playstore.

Google support on policy violation by Osmose Technology
Google support on policy violation by Osmose Technology Scam

Other than that we have also sent a complaint to every possible police department in Maharashtra, and Maharashtra Chief Minister Office too about this money circulation scam.

By the time you are reading this blog this company is trying to get rid of their old National plan website i.e osmosetech.com, from one of their latest videos we have seen, they were saying their users to switch into (till 26th January) a new website OSMTECHNO.COM. On this website, they are running an International Business (this is what they have named it where they are taking 32$ as a subscription amount), in this they are using dollars and cryptocurrencies to run this money circulation scam. You can read in detailed blog on this international business of their’s in Part-2.

Most importantly, the so-called International plan of this company which they are running on the website osmtechno.com if you see the registration details below in the images of their website domain name, it shows PA (country) stands for Panama. Question is, Why they have registered their website under that country name? when every other website of this company is registered under India? and after all, it should be India isn’t it, these people are from India (Pune, Maharashtra). Do you still have any doubt that this is not a SCAM??

Screenshot 2021-02-26 211514 (1)
Osomose Technology Scam
Screenshot 2021-02-26 211445 (1)
Viewsnews.in domain details
(Our website- Registrant Country India)

(You can see our website viewsnews.in domain details in the above image, it is registered in India)

In some of their tasks, they also made their users use UPSTOX which is a trading app, for successfully referring you get 400Rs from UPSTOX, and in this new international business, they are now giving Angel broking as a task to their users. Now question is that how can a company give tasks to their users for getting onto the share market without giving proper knowledge to the users? and what authority do they have to make their subscribers get into the share market without having proper knowledge? You can see they are doing this just to earn more money.

In the month of September, October this company’s Director was getting up to 2.5 lakhs per day as a payout, we can guess some of them may have got 1 crore per month as a payout. You can see this in the below image. Avinash Asabe is their former Director, and he is still working for them as a core member. And not to mention that this company has changed their Director’s three times in a year, and all the people are still working with them.

(One of their Director) Avinash Asabe 2.5 lakh Indian Rupees per day
Payouts from Osmose Technology Scam
osmsupport.com Screenshot 2021-01-02 145822
osmsupport.com Screenshot (Osmose Technology Scam)

The above image is of OSMSUPPORT.COM which was created by them for the help section, which is not available now (this is an old domain look at the above image properly, it was from 2003 year). See, if you read all the 5-Parts on this scam you will understand they have no knowledge of even properly build a website, apart from their MLM business plan. All the websites they have created seems like just a template.

Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163641
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163641 (Osmose Technology Scam)

This person Anand Bhagat is a so-called Advocate of theirs was sending legal notices worth 1 crore Rs (defamation notice) to everyone who writes or says anything against this Osmose Technology. This person is also equally accountable for this scam. His LinkedIn profile is hidden now (we had already taken screenshots). We request you to read all the five parts of this scam, then only you will understand the level of a scam they are up to.

(Also read : Anand Bhagat a Fake Advocate?)

Simple questions we want to ask is if these people really wanted to promote their games can’t they focus on the quality of the games and promote their games through ads or any other promotions, why to use MLM as a way?? And this also applies to an e-commerce website, if they wanted to sell products, why can’t they promote their website in a legal way, why introduce MLM in this?? From the beginning of their work, all we have seen is they are only focusing on money nothing else. A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share with people so that we can reach to authoritative persons who can legally take action against these scammers.

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