Things You Must Avoid When You Travel

Travel is about Adventure, activities, exploring the unexplored, making memories, experiencing different cultures, discovering nature. Traveling gives us a pleasurable experience, getting us out of our regular routine life, meeting people with different cultures and languages.

People will tell you about what to do when you travel. But I am going to tell you about what you should not do when you travel. Maybe, it sounds unusual but it is very important to understand. It will lead you to become a smarter, friendly, cheaper, and responsible traveler. So let me explain to you one by one.

1. Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

plastic bottle

Water is necessary to keep ourselves hydrated. But buying a water bottle every time is not necessary. This is quite expensive and harmful to the environment. Problem is that people are drinking water from a bottle and throwing it on the road, beaches, gardens, etc. If we create trash of plastic, it will take many years to decompose. As per reports, 90% of plastics come from the land and enters the ocean that is harmful to birdlife and sea life that will lead us to an unhealthy environment.

Some eco-friendly & user-friendly options:

1. Carry a reusable water bottle.

2. Water re-filling at airport or stations

3. Use a copper water bottle which is healthier and easily available in the market.

2. Don’t Take Photos Without consent

taking pictures

Every traveler loves to click the pictures to save memories. Taking pictures of the crowded place, scenery, the viewpoint is ok but taking pictures of strangers without their consent is not okay, and it is unusual in a public or private place. It is illegal if you are not a public authoritative person. It is a public offense and the person who has done this can be prosecuted and punished.

3. Don’t Litter

We travel for a change in routine, to see nature’s beauty, to explore, and for adventure. Nature is beautiful, we wouldn’t like to visit the places whose beauty has gone. While traveling on a train, bus, or car, we see people throw plastic wrappers, newspaper, trash bags, peels of fruits, teacups, etc. from the window.

excited tourists travelling

Many people have a bad habit to spit on the road and peeing on the roadside this can cause a heavy epidemic.

I have seen people who do parties on the beach & garden they threw chips wrappers, alcohol bottles, juice can. Everybody loves to enjoy but be a responsible human being & don’t litter on the surrounding areas and places you visit.

4. Try To Avoid The Personal Vehicle

taking cab

It is easy to travel by own vehicle or on rented one while touring. It saves our time and we can cover maximum spots.

But wherever public transport frequency and connectivity are good and easy to pick up, then use public transport and avoid personal petrol, diesel-based vehicles.

It will put a huge positive impact on nature.

5. Don’t Be An Irresponsible Human

  • When you travel to tourist destinations, please do not write anything on heritage and historical places.
  • Take care of your valuable things such as an ID card, passport, jewelry, luggage, etc.
  • Whenever you visit any museum or historical place do follow their rules and regulations.
  • Don’t be too crazy about clicking photos. while visiting hill stations, waterside areas, or any riskier place, do not climb or stand anywhere for just photos, and don’t risk your valuable life.
  • If you have kids with you, stay close to them. hold their hands tightly.
  • Before going to tourist places, do research well. Make sure the places you will visit and the routes you’ll take are safe. 
  • And if you are traveling frequently then don’t skip travel insurance.


I hope the things I have mentioned above you understood clearly and you are following or you’ll follow them. Whenever you travel anywhere be kind and respectful to the people, their culture, tradition, and especially the environment.

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