Cryptocurrency Scam

A Tron-based cryptocurrency website has runaway with a crypto+MLM Scam. The working nature of their business plan is same as some of the MLM scams happening nowadays.

For pdf file of this business plan details please click here (Google drive link).

You can see their business plan in the above pdf file. If you notice carefully there are some spelling mistakes even though this file has some attractive images or animations. What is PLAVORM? you can see it on page numbers 4,5, and 6 even I was confused about plavorm. Obviously, it’s a spelling mistake, it has to be PLATFORM. On page no.7 SAMOSPALENIE, when googled it we found that it is a Polish word read it in this wiki. Another mistake on page no. 9 i.e EXPONANTION.

The joining amount in this plan was 800 Tron. 1 TRON = 2.47 INR (on 5-2-21 link) therefor 800 TRX = 1976 INR. There’s no use in explaining this plan in detail because we are not interested in their plan. But what we have to see is that everyone is coming up with some random business plan and introducing cryptocurrency in it. Smart contracts, Business plan, decentralized, blockchain these are common words used in every business plan we have seen till now.

For your kind information, cryptocurrency-based scams all over the world are at an all-time high. With the Indian Supreme Court judgment in March on the ban on cryptocurrency by RBI was lifted, it has led to a massive spike in scams in India too. Some of the scams working out of India are still active, we will try to write blogs on that in the coming weeks.

Most of the cryptocurrency scams are introducing Multi-level-marketing in their business plan so that they can generate money in less time and once this scam gets to a tipping point that when they are not able to recruit new members, they get out of money and run-away with whatever they had made. Because whoever starts these plans are obviously sitting at the top level and they are the one who earns more money.

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This scam also seems to be the same as Osmose Technology scam, the only difference is that Osmose started it in Indian Rupees then it changed to cryptocurrency, and Osmose technology is also trying to earn money from other means by giving tasks to their users. Every scam we have come across since the pandemic (lockdown in India- March 2020) are using same kind of business plan (pyramid structure) with few changes here and there. website Screenshot 2021-02-04 134403

You can see in the above image, it’s a screenshot of their website this domain is now has been put for sale. And interesting thing is that this website is registered based in Great Britain you can see that in the below image (screenshot of whois record from domaintools). Another thing to notice is that their domain is not expired yet, the expiry date is on 29th June 2021. website whois record Screenshot 2021-02-04 134930 WHOIS details from

There are not many details available on this scam other than their website details and business plan. We don’t know who were the people behind this scam and how many user bases they may have made and how much worth of scam this is. Only one video on this plan was available on Youtube from an Indian user (he was promoting it) and this pdf file of their business plan is taken from an MLM group on the Telegram channel.

As you can see in the above image of the website, it was made on 29th June 2018. It was active for more than 2 and a half years that means definitely they would have made some profit out of this scam, and now they are on the run. The funny thing is that we don’t even know who were the people behind this scam. scam is just an example, we will expose some more scams running in the same pattern in the upcoming days. We request you not to fall for these kinds of easy money-making scams, especially based on cryptocurrencies.

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