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Top Places To Visit Near Devgad

Devgad, a place called God’s Fort. The name is made from two Marathi words Dev (God) and Gad (Fort). Which means Devancha Gad (God’s Fort). When you come here you’ll find why it is called god’s fort. 

Devgad village is famous for its Alphonso Mangoes (Hapus Mango) and It is heavily exported in other states of India and also internationally. Now Devgad is going popular for its tourism also.

Top places to visit in Devgad

Devgad has many places you must visit. When you are going to travel around Devgad, I can promise you one thing that won’t go away from your eyes is the ‘Sea’. You’ll find the sea wherever you go. You travel through the coastal road of Devgad. Here we will see places you must visit in Devgad.

Devgad Windmill Garden

Devgad Windmill Garden
Devgad Windmill Garden
Image Credit: Google Map

Devgad windmill garden is the most famous attraction in Devgad. It is situated at a hill point near the Devgad windmill. The best part of this place is its location itself. The Devgad Windmill Garden has a hill view, beach view, ocean view, sunrise-sunset view, and unique thing that is amazing windmill’s view. What more you want in one place?

Sea side view
Image Credit: Bharat Rane Photographer

While hanging around here soft wind blow and the ocean sound would make your mind fresh. The place spreads happiness vibes and you become part of it. You can see the smile on everyone’s face. 

Sea side Devgad
Photo by Darshan Sawardekar

Multiple amazingly decorated seating arrangements are available here. You can park your vehicle outsides the garden and you can directly go to Devgad beach from here by walking through the steps. 

Sea side Devgad beach
Photo by Darshan Sawardekar

I can say that this location is great for a pre-wedding, post-wedding shoot. The best time to visit this place in the morning and the evening to watch the sunrise and sunset. There is India’s first beachside zipline activity available outside the garden. We will talk about it further in this blog. 

Devgad Lighthouse and Devgad Fort

Devgad Lighthouse and Devgad fort both are one of the major attractions of Devgad tourism. 

Devgad lighthouse
Photo by Darshan Sawardekar

Most people think that the Konkan region has no forts. But it is a myth, Konkan has many Sea Forts and Devgad Fort is one of them. Devgad Fort’s north side is surrounded by sea from three sides and its entrance is on the south side. Dattajirao Angre built this Fort in 1729 and Kanhoji Angre was controlling this Fort for a longer time. 

It is spread over 120 Acres and has great Maratha and later British history. Devgad Lighthouse is situated in Devgad Fort. You can grab a ticket at Rs. 10/ person and go upstairs and walk 360° of the lighthouse. The ocean view from the upside of the lighthouse is just amazing.

Devgad Beach

Devgad beach is the most popular beach among tourists and located just 1.4km away from the Devgad ST bus stand. It is spread over 2km and its picture represents Devgad tourism. 

Devgad Beach: Photo by Darshan Sawardekar
Devgad Beach: Photo by Darshan Sawardekar

Beach is very silent and has no crowd and has no local screaming around here. It is filled with Casuarina trees. You can play here outdoor games. The beach is especially good for a family trip. 

Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum, Devgad

Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum, Devgad
Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum, Devgad

Sunil Kandalloor, a well-known Wax Sculpture artist across India built another wax museum in Devgad. It is the first Wax Museum in Sindhudurg.

The museum at Devgad has a total of 22 sculptures of celebrities such as Marathi celebrities, Tollywood celebrities, freedom fighters, sports players etcetera. 

Sunil’s sculptures are unbelievable, amazing, and beautifully designed. The wax museum at Devgad opens in the morning at 10:00 am and closed in the evening at 8:00 pm. The ticket price for the museum is Rs.100/person. 

Kunkeshwar Temple

Kunkeshwar Temple Devgad
Kunkeshwar Temple, Devgad
Photo by Darshan Sawardekar

Kunkeshwar Temple is one of my favorites places in Devgad. Kunkeshwar is the land of Shambhumadeva who has been living in dough’s mustard seed since ancient times. The God in the form of dough is called Kunkeshwar.

Kunkeshwar temple is also known as Konkankashi which means Kashi of Konkan and Dakshinkashi which means Kashi of South. The God in the form of dough is Kunkeshwar.

There are 21 Shivlings are carved on the sea rocks at the Kunkeshwar beach and we can see all of them while low tide. There are many fables of the Kunkeshwar Mandir. There is a boating service available especially for children at the small artificial lake build beside the temple.

Taramumbari Aquarium

Taramumbari Aquarium
Taramumbari Aquarium
Photo by Darshan Sawardekar

Taramumbri Aquarium is located at Taramumbri beach. This project is started by a local fisherman’s community organization and they eager to expand this project. It is a small aquarium but has many varieties of fishes. The place is very new and still unpopular. Fish foot massage is also started here.

The Taramumbri aquarium timings are morning from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and evening from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The ticket price for under 12 years old is Rs. 10/person only and for over 12 years old is Rs.30/person only. They kept their price Rs.10/student for any school picnic. 

Vijaydurg Fort

Vijaydurg Fort
Vijaydurg Fort
Image Credit:

Vijaydurg Fort known as the oldest fort on the Sindhudurg coast constructed in the year 1139 by Bhoja II (Shilahara dynasty) and later reconstructed by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The Vijaydurg Fort is surrounded by the Arabian sea from three sides and it is located at the confluence of the Arabian sea and the Vaghotan river. The Vaghotan river’s source is Mudagad Fort, Kolhapur. which means the Vaghotan river is started from the fort and ended at the fort. isn’t it interesting?

The fort is constructed using laterite rock. There is a two hundred meter underground tunnel up to the Dhulap Wada (palatial house) which was used to escape and emergency evacuation.

The Vijaydurg Fort is 2km away from the Devgad ST bus stand and it takes 40 min to reach Vijaydurg fort from Devgad. 

Gajbadevi Temple

Gajbadevi Temple Malvan
Gajbadevi Temple
Image Credit: Nisargramyakonkan

Gajbadevi Temple is one of the beautiful attractions near Devgad. This temple is less crowded, hence it is peaceful. 

It is the perfect cool rest stop in the afternoon when you are traveling and the sun is on top. The scenic ocean view from the Gajbadevi temple is mesmerizing. You’ll love to spend time just seating here.

Gajbadevi temple is 1km away from the Devgad ST stand and it takes 30 min to reach Gajbadevi temple from Devgad.

In the next blog, we will see what things to do in Devgad and where to eat. If you like this post don’t forget to share it with your friends, you may end up in this beautiful place for your next trip with your friends or family if you haven’t visited yet.

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