UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Predictions

After a dramatic Group Stage results for this edition of UEFA Champions league that experienced a series of shocking last game turnaround, the stage is all set for the knockout stage for the Round of 16 as Europe’s Top clubs and the dark horses decide their fate in this elite tournament in the classic knockout phase.

A still from UEFA Champions League 20-21 Round of 16 Draw in Nyon

The Draws took place on December in UEFA Headquarter in Nyon, Switzerland featuring 16 clubs across Europe’s top leagues and based on the seedings as per their finish in the group stage fixtures.

A quick look below for the complete list of ties for the Round of 16 draws for UEFA Champions league 2021.

Champions League Predictions:

This is just a high-level prediction based on the current scenario, form and fixture congestion as these top clubs face each other in the classic round of 16 knockout battle to get one step closer on their journey to Istanbul to clinch the most decorated title in Europe.

F.C Barcelona vs Paris Saint- Germain

This is the game to look out for in this edition of the Round of 16 battle. The Runners Ups from last season PSG face the mighty Barcelona. A battle between 2 European giants and the point to feature out from this game was the return of the Brazilian star Neymar to face his former club Barcelona who might not feature the first leg due to injury.

This will be a high-scoring game for sure, In fact, this is personal from PSG’s point of view as they will try everything to get revenge out from the dramatic comeback by Barcelona to knock out PSG the last time they faced each other in this tie. With Neymar out from the first clash, this game looks to favor Barcelona’s side. But with Neymar hopefully back for the 2nd leg could see a twist in the tale and this edition of the Champions League until now has been all about the twist and turns. My money is on PSG to win on aggregate.

Prediction: Barcelona 2 – Paris Saint- Germain 4 (Aggregate)

Atlético Madrid vs Chelsea

This is another game to look forward to!! Both Chelsea and Atlético Madrid had what some might call a great start to their league campaign beyond their expectations. However, Chelsea’s poor run of form ultimately led to Lampard being sacked and replaced by Thomas Tuchel who’s having a great start with this Chelsea side. Atletico on other hand has been consistent to maintain the form and likely to be crowned the La Liga Winners this season.

Both the clubs have faced each other numerous amount of times in the European campaign, 7 times to be precise. The last time they faced Chelsea held an upper hand with a victory and a draw in group stage fixtures. This is a tricky one to predict but I would go for a hard-fought win for Atletico Madrid here because they have been impressive enough to be considered favorites for this fixture.

Prediction: Atlético Madrid 3 – Chelsea 1 (Aggregate)

Leipzig vs Liverpool

Yet another head-to-head game so as to speak. Liverpool’s current run of form has shown a massive dip in not just performance but also in morale and this could be the major boost for Leipzig to steal away the win against the Premier League Champions. Leipzig has been impressive in the group stage where they managed to knock Manchester United out from the Knockout stage and claim the victory in a do-or-die game.

Liverpool looks vulnerable mostly with the absence of Fabinho and the way the defense has been struggling in the last few games, So it seems Leipzig will get the upper hand in the first leg. However, you cannot change the fact that Liverpool FC always turns up on a European night no matter the circumstances and this could lead to a high-scoring nail-biting fixture to look out for. Liverpool can edge this one because of the fact that the second leg can be crucial enough for them to make a comeback if they manage to not concede more in the first leg.

Prediction: Leipzig 3 – Liverpool 5 (Aggregate)

Sevilla vs Dortmund

This game has so much to offer for neutral fans as the recent form of Sevilla has been phenomenal. Winning their last 9 games with conceding just 1 goal at that time, Sevilla would look forward to this game with a lot of positivity and hence might seem favorite to grasp the place into the Quarterfinals. Dortmund is completely under transition phase and with things going on for the german club all they could hope for is to see some of their highly skilled players turn up and get a win out of this game. Haaland can cause some serious trouble but the fact that Sevilla has been rock solid in defense just makes it too much to expect from Dortmund.

Prediction: Sevilla 3 – Dortmund 1 (Aggregate)

Atalanta vs Real Madrid

Another high attacking intensity game to look out for. Atalanta managed to get their place booked into knockout after getting 3 straight wins against all the other teams in the group stage including a famous win at Anfield. Real Madrid on other hand had to struggle initially but Zizou and their boys managed to finish the Group stage as leaders which shows why they are the elite club and always the ones to look out for in this tournament. Atalanta will cause some serious threat and I think they can manage to get a win the European giant.

Prediction: Atalanta 6 – Real Madrid 4 (Aggregate)

Lazio vs Bayern

Lets all agree on the fact that Bayern Munich are yet again the favourites to win the Champions League. Hansi Flick and his team have managed to achieve Sextuple last season with their team recently managing to clinch The Club World Cup. This should be an easy way to the quarters for Bayern and I’m honestly not expecting anything much from Lazio but a good fight atleast

Prediction: Lazio 1 – Bayern 5 (Aggregate)

Porto vs Juventus

Some would say this would be an easy one for Juventus to go through towards the Quarters finals and it looks like that. However The Old Lady have not won last of their 2 games and this might put some pressure on them. Nothing positive on Porto’s side either where they drew last 4 games. Porto will try to hold and get the best out of it but seems a win for Juventus.

Prediction: Porto 1 – Juventus 4 (Aggregate)

Mönchengladbach vs Man City

Despite having a slow start to the season Manchester City have managed to settle quickly and make sure they possess the same domination that they usually are known for. The biggest difference in Manchester City this season is that despite the absence of De Bruyne and Aguero, They are still managing to grab crucial victories. Manchester City for me is another team that are favorites to win the Champions League and they can get a good start in knockout phase by having a huge margin victory over Mönchengladbach. This should be an one-sided game and nothing much to be expected from Mönchengladbach.

Prediction: Mönchengladbach 0 – Man City 5 (Aggregate)

This edition of UEFA Champions League Round of 16 draws are very well balanced in most of the aspects and we can expect a series of drama. With European Nights back which team are you supporting? Let us know your predictions in the comments below.

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