What is Vedic Astrology?

Astrology (Jyotishya) is an ancient way of understanding the future based on a person’s birth details. Jyotishya is also known as Vedic astrology in Hinduism, as it is being practiced since the Vedic period.

Astrology in Hinduism is a part of Veda. In ancient times Kings used to get guidelines from Rishi Muni on astrology for the King’s goodwill, people’s welfare, and in the time of war on other kings. If you have noticed, nowadays in politics nobody uses astrology for the sake of people’s welfare, instead, politicians use it for their own purposes. As per Hindu believes, Humans take birth on earth to face their previous life karma at a specific time.

12 Zodiac Signs

Kundali is made on the basis of Nine Planets, 12 Rashis, and 27 Stars of the newborn baby. For this Panchaanga is necessary. Day, Tithi, Star, Yoga, and Karana these five elements make a panchaanga. At the time of birth, there is Lagna (Ascendant) also called a rising sign of a person in his/her Kundali is used to determine different aspects of a person. Just like twelve Rashis, Lagna also divided into 12 places.

From 1st place body, health. 2nd place money, family, vakstana (communication). 3rd place courage, brothers. 4th place mother’s love, education. 5th place about previous life, mind, and children. 6th place health, the enemy. 7th place husband/wife, marital happiness. 8th place lifetime, accidents. 9th place previous life part, ancestor (Pitrus). 10th place job, authority, father. 11th place profit, elder brother. 12th place vyaya (expenditure), shayana(sleep) like many other things can be known from 12 rashis.

When Humans take birth on the Earth, he/she comes with some previous life Karma fala. As per this karma fala rich-poor, inactive-hardworking, happiness-sadness felt by a person. Some people without hardworking can be rich and others even after being hardworking don’t get much success in life. We can say these are nothing but previous life doings (karma fala).

Jyotishya means light (Jyoti), It can guide a person about his/her future. A person doesn’t know when he/she will face problems, diseases and when he/she can do auspicious things or when a person can be successful, what career to choose, etc can be known from a person’s Kundali or by Jyotishya. It is better to show light to a person walking in darkness. Otherwise, even if he/she comes in touch with a string, it will feel like a snake. For that, if a person faces any difficulties in life one can know from his/her kundali Grahchara dosha, Dasha bhukti, Shatru badhe, and evil forces.

By taking precautions in difficult times one can minimize bad effects, losses, etc by his/her good deeds, by prayers, Graha pooja related to the person’s Kundali. In some cases a person necessarily has to go through difficult times, none of the pooja, puraskara can minimize the effects. In all cases, it’s important that a person must work hard, to get good karma. And it’s up to God (Time) if we deserve it or not.

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