WhatsApp Messages on Italy, Coronavirus, 5G is a False News

Its been almost a year now since the Coronavirus started from Wuhan, China. But still, some people are spreading misinformation about this Pandemic.

There is a message being circulated by some people on WhatsApp stating that people are dying because of ”Amplified Global 5G Electromagnetic Radiation ” rather than Coronavirus. You can see it in the image below. Let’s check all the facts one by one.

whatsapp msg fake news
Screenshot of Whatsapp : fake message on coronavirus

As per this message, Italy has become the 1st Country to conduct a post-mortem on a Covid-19 patient, and the report suggests that there’s no coronavirus is present in the body instead, People are dying because of the 5G Electromagnetic Radiation and it’s all Global Scam.


Italy was not the 1st Country to perform an autopsy report on a covid-19 patient. Here is the link, you can see that it was the Cleveland Clinic in the US who did 1st post mortem on the covid-19 patient. And there’s a detailed autopsy report of Oxford University on Patients in China. Even though Italy has also done an autopsy, but there’s no official statement from the Ministry of Health, Italy on such claims made by some messages spreading around the Social media.

Amplified Global 5G Electromagnetic Radiation” in Italy is cause for all deaths is false. Claim about Covid-19 is a Bacteria amplified by 5G not a virus is also False. As patients can get secondary infections from bacteria. Hypoxia and types of inflammation can be symptoms of Covid-19. As Covid-19 is caused by a Virus called SARS-Cov-2, There is no such report on 5G that is causing any kind of disease in any country. 5G Technology is still not started in many countries and it is also in developing stages, then how can 5G be the reason for any diseases? So there is no proof of Covid-19 is related to 5G. Information for 5G in Italy can be found here.

5G is the next-generation wireless network technology that transmits over radio waves, a small port of the whole electromagnetic spectrum which includes microwaves visible light, and x-rays. These radio waves are non-ionizing, which means they can’t damage the DNA inside cells in any way.

WHO has never said post-mortem can not take place in any country. But it has given some clear instructions on how to follow guidelines to every country as Covid-19 Protocol. There is no such order by the Italian Government on Covid-19 bodies to be incinerated without an autopsy. There is a claim that Covid-19 is actually Thrombosis. Actually, Thrombosis is seen as common in most of the Covid-19 patients, you can read this in the European Respiratory Society Article. Severe Covid-19 can cause blood clotting but this is not the only reason for the fatality.

The way to cure this by Antibiotics, Anti-Inflammatories, and Aspirin. This is used in most early Covid-19 symptoms, None of these are specific medicines for Covid-19. Otherwise, why would all the Governments, Labs across the world would be spending crores of money on Vaccine development? If everyone would have cured by these medicines why still lakhs of people are in hospitals?

About the Ministry of Health sending 14,000 people home in a single day is also false news, as there is no mention of it from the Italy MOH.

Mostly all of the claims made by this Whatsapp forwarded message are false. One should note that before spreading any false news they should be aware of the facts before sending the message to the group of people.

One thing is clear that we can hope for the Vaccine to cure the Covid-19 but misinformations can not be stopped until people are educated enough.

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