Fake Advocate, Who is the so-called Advocate Anand Bhagat?

Anand Bhagat urf ANANDA DEVIDAS BHAGAT a so-called Advocate from Pune has been sending One-Crore legal defamation notice against every blogger, YouTuber who called Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd a Scam.

What this Osmose Technology Scam is all about? don’t forget to read all these blog parts we have written against this company Osmose Technology Scam. This scam might be more or less than 500 Crore (300 to 500) Indian rupees. And we have explained everything in detail over six parts, that how this company just fooled the common people of India in the name of an IT company by running an MLM scheme/Ponzi Pyramid (money circulation scam).

Here in this blog, we will totally focus on this fake advocate Anand Bhagat.

If you are wondering whether it’s possible that an Advocate can be fake!! then you should read this article from The Freepress Journal, Indian National Bar Association, (as per Indian National Bar Association 30% of lawyers in India are fake). And also read this news from latestlaw.com. You can listen to the audio below it’s a call record between this advocate and a YouTuber. Don’t just fall for his words, before you read all of the 6 parts we have written against this company.

Call record between Anand Bhagat and Marathi YouTuber (audio language Marathi)

This person Anand Bhagat has an underdeveloped brain, that’s what it looks like with his work tactics, or maybe he has some big political support with the level of scam he and this company has been doing. Forget about the degree he has from any law college, this person just talks rubbish and even asks people who complain against this company to call him and tell them how they can improve if they are doing any mistakes. The question is if he has any knowledge of direct selling Laws then why this so-called IT company has been doing MLM business without following any of the below norms by the Maharashtra state government or Indian Government direct selling Act 2016.

MAHA Gov on Direct selling
Maharashtra state Government Direct-selling Act 2019

In short, this company at the beginning of 2020 took advantage of pandemic followed by lockdown, where a lot of people lost their jobs (especially lower-middle-class) and looking for some money earning ways online or some other way, these economically vulnerable people don’t see how a company works all they care about is whether they get money or not, of course, everyone was getting it, BUT, how? this is where we researched about this company and wrote all parts about it as blog posts.

About this OSM Software Solution Scam

A “GET RICH QUICK SCHEME”, ever heard about that meme? “25 din me paisa double”, this scam is on a whole another level, “din me lakhon kamao” and yes indeed only this company’s directors and core members were earning in 2.5 to 5 lakh per day Indian rupees or maybe more than that per day. We have proof of one of their director Avinash Asabe was getting 2.5 lakhs per day see in the below image. The question is what this company was doing so they were getting this much amount per day? Taking subscriptions from people in the name of games and apps, and circulating the same money within the pyramid structure.

Avinash Asabe daily payouts from Osmsoe Technology scam
Osmose More Benefits
Osmose Technology National Plan extra benefits
Osmose Technology Old Plan
Osmose Technology National Plan (scam)
osm software solutions 32$ plan
Osmose Technology International Plan (OSM Software Solutions Scam)

The above plan is of a so-called International business plan which was running in dollars and cryptocurrencies, for a more detailed plan of this you can see it in this link. And more interesting thing is that this OSM Software Solution is not a registered entity in India nighter in Dubai!!!! Are you wondering why to mention Dubai here?? Well, this company said in November 2020 that they want to run this business (so-called MLM) at the International level and this company OSM Software Solution is established in Dubai!!! WOW!! you can see it in the below image, in reality, there was never a company in Dubai they just fooled everyone.

about OSM software solutions
so-called International business of Osmose Technology (scam)

As per Google AdSense policy, nobody can pay a person to watch or make him/her click for ads and all that but this company did exactly against google’s policy, they were giving their users mandatory tasks to complete every day so that this company can earn through Adsense, we will be uploading all the necessary proofs in this week in our YouTube channel. You can see the AdSense policy below the image.

Google policy on Adsense
Google policy on Adsense
Osmose Technology Osm apps
These are some cheap level gaming tactics of this company to run an MLM scheme

As per one of the videos of this so-called advocate Anand Bhagat, he has said they have sent legal defamation notice worth 1 crore to more than 100 people who have written (blogs) or said (YouTube videos) anything against this company. You can see that in the below video. If you just go by his words maybe you also get fooled that’s why we are saying to read all the 6 parts of our blogs. Just because he has some degree in law, and wearing some suits he doesn’t become Advocate. And interestingly this person Anand Bhagat is been doing MLM for the last 20 years, he has mentioned that in the below video.

If you have listened to every word he is saying, he also mentions that if anyone sees any wrongdoings in this company people should approach him and tell him what mistakes they are doing!! If he has any knowledge of the law at all why does he need people to tell him in understanding the law or any illegality? So if this person has joined this company as a legal advisor in October month and if he is at all a real Advocate or any law practitioner how they managed to just fool everyone with the fake name of OSM Software Solutions (not a registered entity) in Dubai?

And why introduce cryptocurrencies with MLM? And what relation does advertisement and MLM plan has to do? Yes!! an advertisement that’s what these people were saying is their companies business revenue model. And we have exposed in every way possible in previous blogs.

And the biggest question is why they purchased the new website osmtechno.com with registrant country Panama?? No real, genuine businesses do that at all, especially if the company itself is from India, and the list of questions goes on… Can you just trust a person with having a background in MLM and suddenly he becomes an advocate in 2018?? God knows how many scams he himself has done through MLM and helped other scams after becoming Advocate. Obviously for money!! see the bigger picture.

Screenshot 2021-02-26 211514 (1)
Registrant Country of osmtechno.com pa i.e Panama

Anand Bhagat contacted us

This person Anand Bhagat has not really sent any legal notice to us till now, but he approached us through the Facebook messenger on our Facebook page and asking for our address!! and said that he has sent us a notice (which he never did). You can see the images below of our conversation. and for all the screenshots click here. In this link don’t forget to see his Facebook profile posts also. We also ask to send his Maharashtra and Goa Bar Association registration details and all you can see in screenshots (pdf file). He later blocked our page.

Anand Bhagat fb chat with viewsnews informative blogs
Anand Bhagat Facebook chat
with Viewsnews Informative Blogs

In the beginning, we thought this might be a fake account, but no we confirmed it through his Facebook profile which also can be seen from the above-provided pdf file. If you are wondering how did we come to know about his real name Ananda Devidas Bhagat (not Anand), his mobile numbers were available everywhere and in his Fb profile you can see three posts where also he has mentioned that same mobile number, then we finally tried to confirm the name through UPI app Phonepe (you can know a person’s full name through mobile number registered with a bank account). which you can see in the below image.

Anand Bhagat full name Ananda Devidas Bhagat
Anand Bhagat full name Ananda Devidas Bhagat

Anand Bhagat Past

In the above-provided link of the pdf file of screenshots from his Facebook profile, you can see a website link www.rainbowindiagroup.com. Then we finally came to know all of his past work.

MCA details on Anand Bhagat
MCA details on Anand Bhagat

As per MCA details, this person Anand Bhagat is the Director of this company Rainbow Infraspace India and Multi Services Private Limited registered in ROC-Pune in the year 2011 21st December. When we tried to find the nature of the work of this company from zaubacorp.com we got these details, you can see in the below image.

Zaubacorp company details on rainbow infraspace india
Zaubacorp details on Rainbow Infraspace India & Multi Services Private Limited

You can see this company was registered for building constructions i/e Civil engineering works!! then how come this company was dealing with multi-services? Like Smart Shopee Mart, Care Pharma, National Cellular, Bharat Nirman, Lifecare Insurance, Suraj Energy, Nirman Credit co-op society, Agro Business, Bhoomi real estate you can see all this in the below image which has been taken from their website archives back to the year 2015. There is a mention of Anand Bhagat as the founder of Bhoomi Real Estate. You can see all the detailed screenshots of this company on the Gdrive link.

And the status of this company is strike-off, this company is no longer in the work. If this person Anand Bhagat is a so-successful businessman + an advocate then why this company failed? or did they run an MLM business here too? and just closed it after some benefits?? Answers for all these questions can be only come to know if there any fair investigation takes place against this person Anand Bhagat and this company Osmose Technology, and there is definitely some political backings to these people.

After all, that’s how our country runs right? “Scam Karo fir cover-up Karo” and who knows how many advocates like this Anand Bhagat in this country have been helping some scammer companies running on MLM model!!! Just imagine if this scam was done by any regular person he might have been in Jail right now. But NO!!! This doesn’t apply to rich people, for people who have political contacts, for people who have legal backings, for people who have advocates by their side.

Law and rules are only for middle-class and poor people we common people are biological products, but some political and all others come from Devlok, there’s no law for these people. Now hold on for a second!!!! What we want to ask is that, if what this company Osmose Technology did was not a scam then government and all the people related law, Judiciary must come forward and say this is legal, then we Engineers of this country who are unemployed even after spending Lakhs of money and all these years of struggle in engineering college will show you how business is done!!! the way this company Osmose did.

Demo of this Scam

Let’s see this in a simple example, what if we say we have a company named XINPONG PRIVATE LIMITED (DEMO), and this website we have built is for the common people so that we can raise certain issues in our country, and we will say our business revenue model is advertisement and we will pay you for completing the daily task. You would have to pay for our subscription amount 2400Rs which will be renewed every 120 days and if you make new members under you downline you will get more money eventually you will get lakhs per day, not month just to recruiting new members and don’t forget that our revenue model will be Ads.

So you have to click every advertisement you see on this website, and the daily tasks would be you have to share with every WhatsApp group, every social media handles and then you have to send us the screenshots as proof that you have completed the task. And you also would have to like our every social media platform’s pages and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you have to watch our videos too so that we can earn money from them.

Don’t you dare to complain about this we would be having a world-class advocate by our side. So these tasks basically increase our website user base and revenue. And then we will become successful Businessmen, Entrepreneurs. How do the above paragraphs sound to you? Yes, disgusting right? or do you have any other words, that would be welcome too. This is what they did, this company Osmsoe Technology, the only difference is that they had some 4 to 6 games and one useless social media app.

And please don’t get it wrong, what we explained above was only an example so you can understand this in a very simple way. We don’t encourage any users to click any ads and not even follow us anywhere for the sake of money.

Do you think we engineers can’t build a gaming app? or any other interesting app and just run some Multi-Level-Marketing model in it and make some crores? You will understand our frustration with this scam, that even after we revealed soo many details about this company once you read it till the end police did nothing but to be silent spectators.. but why? because of politics. (You can read it here about Pune Police)

Anand Bhagat Profile

Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163641
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163641
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163835
Anand Bhagat LinkedIn Profile Screenshot 2021-01-13 163835

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has completed his Law in 2018, and he has also got his Maharashtra and Goa Bar Council License in 2018. He has completed a degree from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

If this person Anand Bhagat thinks that this company was not doing anything wrong then why suddenly they had stopped payouts to the users in February 2nd week? Why in the National plan their four bank accounts were freezed by the Banks? especially HDFC and ICICI Bank? Why their cryptocurrency wallets were blocked? And why they are now implementing educational courses?? So that they can get away with the near 500 crore scam? Yes, they are now planning to come up with a new plan, some educational courses will be there as per some of their users.

This company has changed plans soo many times.

viewsnews informative blogs facebook page comment section on osmsoe technology
Viewsnews Informative Blogs Facebook Page
comment section on Osmose Technology Scam

You can see some people’s frustration against this company on our Fb page above and some other people’s who were earning a good amount of money from them were saying we had written fake news, these kinds of people don’t like to accept the truth instead run-around making some easy money and blame people like us for fake news.

Ahhh!!! Gotcha!!!! look at this above image. This photo was posted on June 23 2020 on Instagram. On the right side of the table is the mastermind of this scam Vaibhav Pataskar and that standing person (marked in red) is Anand Bhagat aka Ananda Devidas Bhagat a so-called advocate. Now, if you remember in the first video above he was talking in one of their seminars, he said he approached this company in the month of October, Right?

Then in this above photo who is that (marked it in red) person? (Uska bhoot hai kya?) hmm!!? Ohh!! sorry forgot to tell you, we had mentioned in one of the previous blogs, actually, these people have a Time machine!! they can go to any time anywhere whenever they want, that’s how they had a website which was actually belonged to some IT-Company in 2003 osmsupport.com, which we had exposed totally!! and somehow they come to know about that and got rid of that website. (You should really read that blog it’s FUNNY). So this so-called advocate was already part of this scam since the beginning.

Below is the video of Karta Dharta of this scam the one and only VAIBHAV PATASKAR. He was also seen with former cabinet minister Mr.Prakash Javdekar.

Why no Investigation?

Don’t blame us that we didn’t reach against this scam!! towards any authority, we had complained Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (useless) no action is taken neither did they contacted us for more information, MCA Delhi – call not received (tried more than 20 times), even reached the Serious fraud Investigation Office through call no use. And if you are wondering why we didn’t reach to the police station about this scam!!

We think these people are not just regular scammers, they have some political backings, maybe big political support who knows!! Then, do you think it is safe to go police station? You know how it works in India (exactly one of the reasons to make this website, to raise common people’s issues).

At least you can see the above images right? all the police departments including the Chief Minister Office of Maharashtra we sent everyone the same email, what happened? NOTHING!! And we had received an email from the Chief Minister Office of Maharashtra stating that this is being forwarded to Mister Manu Kumar Srivastava (secretary in the Maharashtra state government – IAS Officer) no action is taken!!

This is our lazyass system, even after we have talented people in this country they are unemployed, and in the system, government these people who may or may not be able to find scams like these are working ?? why are they even getting salaries for?

Now, It’s up to you. We did every possible work from our side to expose this person Anand Bhagat and this so-called company Osmose Technology, imagine the level of confidence these people have even after such an amount of money circulation scam that now they are coming up with a name “OSM Software & Solutions” before it was OSM Software solutions established in Dubai (which was never there, they fooled everyone).

Osmose Technology legal team

We don’t know exactly how many people are there in this company’s legal team but other than Anand Bhagat there is some other person named Sadashiv Jhinde. We don’t know whether he is also some advocate or not but he is from their legal team.

Osmose Technology legal advisor
Osmose Technology legal advisor Instagram screengrab

You can see this is Osmose Technology’s official Instagram account mentioning Anand Bhagat as a legal advisor. And below is the video of this person Sadashiv Jhinde.

We request you to please share this blog post as much as possible so that soon the authorities must take action against these people. Thank you for reading.

Update 10th March 2021: We have found an Instagram post of karta dharta of this Scam Vaibhav Pataskar with Shri Mr. Prakash Javdekar, you can look at the below tweet on our handle.

There’s always a way… do watch this movie Dark Waters based on a real story featuring Mark Ruffalo.

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